Artefacts With Extraterrestrial Carvings And Engravings Found In A Mexican Cave

Mysterious artefacts with engravings of "extraterrestrials" and "Nacelle" unearthed in a Mexican cave  is just mind blowing stuff and is next to incredible if you was to ask my opinion based on the evidence, the story and the actual statues themselves I can't help but get a little excited.

The prospects that this could literally change our history as we know it, but for the better and for a clean out of the lies, contradictions and other shady recognition from dubious sources?

Aliens found on ancient artefacts in a Mexican cave.

A group of explorers discovered in a Mexican cave evidence of what they boast to be the best evidence of extraterrestrial contact on Earth. The group of explorers recently visited the cave and explored it in detail. In two cases, the researchers made unexpected discoveries, including several stones sculpted with images depicting etchings related to extraterrestrials. On the surface of the stones, the group of researchers found evidence of what many people interpret as "extraterrestrial spacecraft" and "humanoid beings"; One of the stones, apparently fractured in the past, evidently shows the top of a spaceship with a being that some people believe is not of this world.

Mexico has Alien artefacts.

The painting shown here contains an alleged alien who is next to a former leader of a prehispanic culture who receives a corn seed, as well as some other symbols that have not yet been deciphered; these artifacts have been nicknamed "stones of the first encounter".

Strange Alien artefacts found in Mexico.

It is said that local legends speak of a mysterious "ship" that has been hidden somewhere near the caves since time immemorial. This is the main reason why the group of explorers searched the area three months ago.

His research yielded totally unexpected results. They found what they believe is the ultimate proof that the aliens visited the Earth thousands of years ago and that they had direct contact with the ancient cultures that inhabited Mexico at that time. What the discovery suggests or what implications the group of explorers will have to see. José Aguayo explained how the INAH - National Institute of Anthropology and History - can not say anything about the discovery because it is not a typical archaeology for a main reason; the artifacts describe things that contradict the dominant story and differentiate everything we have been told about our history and origins.

If, at some point, the National Institute of Anthropology and History decided to collect the artefacts, it would have enormous implications for both parties since INAH, an official government agency, would essentially accept one of the most important "facts": the existence of beings. not earthly, they have directly influenced the ancient cultures of the whole world.

The story can be found in two places here in Spanish and here in English.

Here is another bit of research that I found online and guys it get's even more stranger and stranger because of the look of these incredible statues? I must admit that I wasn't them mini statues having the look of an Alien grey? That absolutely threw me for six! The classic look of the big tear shaped eyes and the big head with a small mouth, that is the look these mini sculptures, statues have. I mean, they even have a mini baby Alien grey in the arms of the "mother Alien".

Here is a quote from the Daily Star.
Other sculptures appear to show spaceships flying through the air. The mystery objects are reportedly popular among locals who live near the caves in an unspecified area of Mexico.

Mexican cave has statues and sculptures of the classic looking Alien grey inside of the cave in Mexico.

Very old statues could be up to 7,000 years old some top researchers have claimed?

In this next stone is a really, odd looking and very, very bizarre engraving of what can only be described and called a UFO? You just have to look at it in full, take it in and you can see exactly what the person who engraved this stone was trying to tell us? That Aliens are real and we've been contacted by Alien in our ancestors past? It is up for grabs and up for debate but here is a tangible, physical proof of the legend, story so that for me is as good as any evidence which quite literally proves it.

Mexican cave rewrites history literally.

UFO MANIA - The Truth Is Out There YouTube Video link can be found here:

This next stone statue is exactly how I would carve an Alien in stone. This is what it is, if you take it for what it is and don't put any long winded spin on to it, then it is just a statue of an Alien. If you put spin on to it, then it becomes anything you want it to be?

I've found some amazing images from the actual cave in Mexico and there is overwhelming evidence of Aliens who (at one time) visited Earth and who knows, they may of even influenced the concepts of ships, trade and the exchange of ideas among each other knowing the route humanity would take.

Alien looking stone engraving from Mexican cave.

So yeah, everything since the first contact could all of been known in advance because of the Aliens known information that once a species is enlightened to trade, travel and intelligence of inventions and numbers then the route taken is pretty much mapped out already? Who knows, the Roswell crash might of been the time when sophisticated and extremely small technology was introduced to keep us on track and stop us from killing each other in more wars like world war one and world war two?

It's pure speculation but my opinions could of happened and they might of been slightly different but not a lot because all I need to do is take away the Alien element and the rest of what I said pretty much happened like I said! So don't be quick to shrug it off because just because I said the Alien word that doesn't mean it is all rubbish from then on wards?

The supposedly ancient sculptures have sparked claims that aliens visited earth thousands of years ago. Maybe they did because if this was to represent a human at that time, this would be rejected as not looking anything like a human? So it begs the question, is this really depicting a real Alien visitor because maybe these people never depicted other humans in their artwork and only their Gods and them being the visiting Aliens.

This is not a human holding a bowl but an Alien.

That looks uncannily similar to an Alien as we would say they look in today world? Maybe they look like this and it's an innate thought that we all have inside of what they look like?

Are Alien's Visiting Earth And Come Here To Do Harm (Video)

Some Alien species come right here to Earth and are said to be really doing harm to humans? Humans have been targeted by these Aliens for a long time and abducted by them and had some pretty nasty things done to them? We all know what I'm talking about and it is very wrong! Here is a list so-to-speak of these species?

If you ever wondered if Aliens exist then this video is for you? Here is a deeply fascinating video of them Alien species that mean no good to us! Some Aliens have been visiting Earth for many years, decades and even for millennia. Some are good whilst others mean to really get in there and not be noticed but leave a trail of destruction. The ones you need to watch out for are the ones that literally see humans as meat!
Alien Races Part 4 the really best part as far as I'm concerned!

4 species of Aliens that want to harm us humans.

Our Two Video Set Of The Nazca Peru Alien Mummies (Videos)

The first video in a two video set are about the very real and tangible Alien bodies recovered in Peru. The first video was obviously the one that set us off on this great adventure to find out the missing information on this Alien anomaly and just what was this amazing looking creature type "thing"? So we decided to do a video about this.

Unfortunately both videos have been taken down by YouTube in 2017 because another UFO channel put 8 bogus copyright claims in all because his watchers became my watchers. He did the usual thing that a lot of disgruntled people do and put bogus copyright claims in, hoping that they can take the channel down.

YouTube gives people vengeful tool's to help them (not the victim) to take down channels. 3 copyright claims and the channels taken down without any looking into it whatsoever. Just 3 copyright claims will take down any channel, he knew that and did what he thought was right to protect his viewership ie money from ads. It was overkill but that's what happens when snot snivelling rats are given the tools to carry out their rotten deeds. Rat!


5 (FIVE) Alien mummified bodies have been found in Peru. It's out of this world. Carbon dating tests have shown that the bones inside the "beings" to be around 1,700 years old. They have claimed carbon-dating samples of the body dates them between 245 to 410 AD, however, the results have not been independently verified as true.

If confirmed, the discovery would change world history and support a popular conspiracy theory that "ancient aliens" visited our ancestors and helped them build major historic sites such as the ancient pyramids, and Stonehenge. Talk about exciting times that we are living in, that's an understatement indeed of epic proportions.

Then we did an update to the first video and that seem's to of taken off more than the actual first video which is very strange in itself?

This is an update of the Nazca, Peru Alien family that was found earlier on in this year 2017. This is an epic update because it validates the early news report that we did on this and guess what, we was right! This is an DNA proven real Alien type family. The chemical analysis has proven this to be real and not a hoax which we are pumped about because all the work put in by the scientists has been validated so we take our hat's off to them and their diligent works, well done guys.

Not only did we want it to be real but we also wanted it to be identified and this has done just that! This is a piece from the online news article we quoted; DNA testing on a body that was discovered has revealed that the body is a species that is unlike anything to have been found so far. In June 2017 a mummy was found in Nazca in Peru that showed signs of it being a species that have never been seen before. Now new bodies have been revealed and they are just as interesting.

Just look at this image below? It is so strange and very unusual looking!

Nazca in Peru has a lot of Alien mummies.

The Secret Mars Defence Force And The Secret Colony Program (with video)


I'm serious about this one guy's, this has to be one of them times where everything makes complete sense? I admit they're rare, lol but they do happen. Mars has always been a topic for NASA one way or another but not the same way as the Moon?

It's like the Mars missions are always seemingly happening one month or another? Like what is going to the planet Mars this time? It would not surprise me one bit if this is a real program?

Here's the research I have gathered from various sources throughout the internet which I think you'll like and even share it with your friends because guys I really believe that this is going on? If it is or not I just can't say for exacting definite?

It would be cool to know that we have military forces out there on Mars fighting and winning battles with other species on the planet Mars! that would be a brilliant thing wouldn't it?

Captain K’s testimony reveals that the main human colony on Mars is called Aries Prime which is located inside a crater. Aries Prime serves as the headquarters for the Mars Colony Corporation. Yes you heard right!

A secret Mars military base called Aries Prime. It's part of the Mars Colony Corporation. It could be true and it could be interesting to know the official stance on this by the government?

The real Mars defence force.

According to Captain K, the air is breathable on the surface of Mars, and the temperature could be warm at times. He claims that there are two indigenous species on Mars, both of which are highly intelligent. One of these was a Reptilian species that was very aggressive in defending its territory. The other was an Insectoid species that was equally capable of protecting its territory.

He said that indigenous Martians are not particularly interested in expanding their territory, only maintaining it. Captain Kaye said that as long as the Mars Defence Force and Mars Colony Corporation did not encroach on the territory of the indigenous Martians, there would be stable relations. So did he serve 17 years in a secret Mars military base? Guys this is as an incredible story like I've never heard before in my entire life? It is stunning of a story. If true, well then that is incredible isn't it.

Here is a mushroom cloud on the planet Mars.

Mars is a strange place with many anomalies.

I've researched this a lot and guys, it is eye opening and really big! There is enough evidence as far as i'm concerned to say that this is real (Mars anomaly images, look it up) and to say that this is still going on to this day. If you want more evidence or reserve your judgement I can understand that? But, some people need less or more information before they make decisions, right.
That's their prerogative?
I'm one of those that like to go with what my common sense feelings and what my gut feeling is telling me? So for me, this is very real and it is why i'm now looking in to this and sharing my thoughts and opinions with you? Guys I've over 1,200 videos on conspiracies this isn't my first Rodeo as they say? I've gathered and learned a wealth, no actually I've gained a whole stack of knowledge from doing these videos (if some of it's true or some of it's just a hoax - perhaps I'll never know?) You don't have to believe the story and you don't need to understand it totally to appreciate the implications and complexities of having such a space force "as Donald Trump" keep's talking about and mentioning in recent days as of 7th May 2018?

One thing though is that it's very interesting a story.
I found a bit more information for you guys:

The ex-naval infantryman, who uses the pseudonym Captain Kaye, says he was posted to the Red Planet to protect five human colonies from indigenous Martian life forms. He claims he then spent nearly three years serving in a secret ‘space fleet’ run by a multinational organisation called the Earth Defence Force, which recruits military personnel from countries including the US, Russia and China. Captain Kaye’s testimony reveals that the main human colony on Mars is called Aries Prime which is located inside a crater. Aries Prime serves as the headquarters for the Mars Colony Corporation. According to Captain Kaye, the air is breathable on the surface of Mars, and the temperature could be warm at times.

(That just blew my mind because I believe it's correct?)

In testimony released to ExoNews TV, Captain Kaye said he was trained to fly three different types of space fighters and three bombers. He added that training took place on a secret moon base called Lunar Operations Command, Saturn’s moon Titan, and in deep space.

Here's more information from here that I found on this subject:

In the 1960’s there was a plan devised by the U.S. Government to have in place a conspiracy of denial with regards to the possibility that a new space program would discover the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe.

This plan, provided by the Brookings Institute, was completed in December of 1960 and pointed out the very real fear of social disintegration if humanity discovered in its cosmic sojourn proof of extra-terrestrial life. The Brookings report was very clear when it suggested that “Anthropological files contain many examples of societies sure of their place in the universe which have disintegrated when they had to associate with previously unfamiliar societies espousing different societies in different ways.”

Creation Genesis And Origins And The Sumerian Kings List (Video)

Creation, Genesis and Origins.

The Sumerian King List.
More than a dozen copies of a mysterious text referred to as the Sumerian King Lists have been uncovered over the years by archaeologists in regions as disparate as ancient Babylon, Susa, and Assyria. They are all believed to be copies of a single original manuscript which is thought to have been written during the Third Dynasty of Ur by most historians, although some believe it might have been written even earlier.

The best-preserved example of this ancient text is called the Weld-Blundell Prism and is on public display in the Ashmolean Museum. The Sumerian King Lists have baffled historians ever since they were uncovered by modern human beings. The text describes a fascinating period in history when beings referred to as gods ruled over humankind of tens of thousands of years. The manuscript makes reference to eight kings who ‘descended from heaven’ who ruled for an astonishingly long period of 241,200 years.

Each of these deified kings met their end during the Great Flood which devastated the population of the world. After the flood, the text claims that another ‘kingship was lowered from heaven’ and that these beings took up control of the people of Earth once again.

To say that these are amazing archaeology finds is an understatement! Everyone believes that 8 kings descended from the Heavens which is another direct reference to Aliens if you ask me? It just goes to show that one man's interpretation is another mans fun factor or however he/she feels on that day?

But what you can't argue with is the facts of the archaeological finds! So there you go, the truth is in the eye of the beholder i.e however you interpret this and to be honest, it is a brilliant and beautiful thing. The ancient Sumerians where so far advanced that they invented the writing system (out of thin air) and that's a great achievement.

The Last Great Train Graveyard Of Bolivia

It's a shame but they still exist so I have mixed emotions about this? I saw them and wondered straight away how can this happen, how can they let this part of history just waste away and more to the point, can they be restored because it look's like all the parts are there albeit scattered about but there non the less? I understand if money runs out this happens but surely not to old classics of the steam era, surely not? But yet here we are and here they are! Or rather here they was?

The great train graveyard in the sky.

It’s a cemetery for trains, for locomotives. And it’s so big that it looks as though all of the trains in South America were moved to Uyuni, Bolivia, to chug their last chug.

Train restoration.

Filled with hollowed out bodies that have completely rusted over and other remains, the “Great Train Graveyard” can be found on the otherwise deserted outskirts of Uyuni, a small trading region high in the Andean plain. Uyuni has long been known as an important transportation hub in South America and it connects several major cities. In the early 19th century, big plans were made to build an even bigger network of trains out of Uyuni, but the project was abandoned because of a combination of technical difficulties and tension with neighbouring countries.

The trains and other equipment were left to rust and fade out of memory. Most of the trains that can be found in the Graveyard date back to the early 20th century and were imported from Britain. In other places in the world, the mighty steel trains would have held up better. The salt winds that blow over Uyuni, which hosts the world’s largest salt plain, have corroded all of the metal. Without guards or even a fence, these pieces were picked over and vandalised long ago.

Uyuni, Bolivia has a big train yard where trains go to die.

Trains need a lot of loving here.

These trains need saving.

Leaving trains to rot is wrong.

Rusted trains in Bolivia.

Rusted trains in Bolivia need a lot of love and attention.

After looking at these for what seem's like 24 hours now, these trains need a lot of tender love by some enthusiast? I've decided that there's nothing I can do but cross my fingers that someone in the train community which I know is huge in the UK alone and they step up to the plate (excuse the pun) and try to take a restoration job on? I know they could cost as much as 3 million pounds and even more depending on which train your actually restoring? But it's definitely worth the time and efforts because it's history coming to life and to bring this back from the great train heaven in the sky would be amazing!

Researchers Find A 250 Million Year Old Microchip Embedded In Stone

Microchip that's 250 million years old found in stone.

So after finding a whole plethora of ancient artifacts in recent times dating back millions of years, people have been finding weird and wonderful things, stuff or do-dad's and there seem's to be more to this "never ending story" of really odd, bizarre and even outlandish artifacts that keep on popping up! Here is another example of what I am talking about, a 250 million years old petrified microchip has been found inside of a rock.

This is not a crinoid and can't really be a slice of a crinoid because as you can clearly see, this is a microchip, it's a slice of regular and obvious looking circuitry if you we're to ask me? But, basing our understanding of what we call technology might not be what was used a million years ago? It has regular intervals were connections would be? I mean, look at it? It doesn't get anymore better than this and let's not forget that this is 250 million years old - its possible that it could be circuitry? Because its been dated, its been analysed and determined to be a micro hip. 

It is not going to look like a microchip that we are used to seeing right now, it was don't forget what the ancient humans or ancient Aliens (whichever species or intelligent life existed back then) used in the very distant past? They could of had similar but fundamentally different computers or PC's and maybe even went down another evolution route, that's if they evolved at all? They might not have put so much effort in to making them so small like we try to micro-size everything or shrink the size from huge to the size of a pin head which is part of the technology race to make everything for some unknown reason very small either wearable or so it can in places that no one can see?

When I see this I can't help but think of Star Trek and just how everything seems to be going along a similar route in real life, a kind of mirror image of sorts i.e the flip phone, 3D printing of food etc. This could even be something from the future that in 5,000 years was on a time travel trip and was lost way back? I'm speculating just how a microchip has come to be found inside a 250 million years old piece of stone? Is it us from the future going back in time or was there a real civilization more or less as advanced as us way off in the past?

Here's what a few online post's have had to say about this:

A Russian fisherman discovered an artifact containing a 250 million-year-old microchip proving that ancient advanced civilization exist. A fisherman named Victor Morozov from Labinsk, Russia found an artifact containing a microchip, which is estimated ageing 225-250 million-year-old, according to the result of carbon dating conducted by Russian paleontologists. Some of the researchers believe that the blade-shaped microchip could expose the advanced or extraterrestrial origin.

The microchip embedded on a rock, which allegedly exists when the Earth faced its worst extinction event during the last periods of Permian period. The experts were also looking at the possibility that the strange fossil could change the way how people see the history. The blade-shape microchip also stirred some speculations from the researchers that it has been created even before the age of dinosaurs.

While there are some skeptics believing that the object might just be a fossil of an animal or plant during the Permian phase. However, there are numerous questions regarding the object that needs answers such as who created this microchip and what was its purpose?

So there you go guys, what do you think about this amazing looking and certainly strange anomaly? Is it just a weird coincidence that this natural thing looks like a microchip or does this need to be looked in to further for answers? You decide?

One more thing, check this other strange find out...

Ancient machine with gears.

Rock with a screw embedded inside of it.

Weird stuff going on in the world.

Ancient Hammer Found Embedded Inside A 400 Million Year Old Rock

The London Hammer could be a hoax and it could also be real.

The London Hammer (also known as the "London Artefact") is a name given to a hammer made of iron and wood that was found in London, Texas in 1936.

Part of the hammer is embedded in a limy rock concretion, leading to it being regarded by some as an anomalous artefact, asking how an obviously man-made tool could come to be encased in a 400 million year old rock.

The hammer found in stone.

The hammer was purportedly found by a local couple, Max Hahn and his wife, while out walking along the course of the Red Creek near the town of London. They spotted a curious piece of loose rock with a bit of wood apparently embedded in it and took it home with them. A decade later, their son Max broke open the rock to find the concealed hammer head within.

The metal hammerhead is approximately 6 inches (15 centimetres) long and has a diameter of 1 in (25 mm), leading some to suggest that this hammer was not used for large projects, but rather for fine work or soft metal. The metal of the hammerhead has been confirmed to consist of 96.6% iron, 2.6% chlorine, and 0.74% sulphur. The hammerhead has not rusted since its discovery in the mid-1930's.

The ancient human knew about iron work.

Other observers have noted that the hammer is stylistically consistent with typical American tools manufactured in the region in the late 1800's. One possible explanation for the artefact is that the highly soluble minerals in the ancient limestone may have formed a concretion around the object, via a common process (like that of a petrifying well) which often creates similar encrustations around fossils and other nuclei.

J.R. Cole states: "The stone is real, and it looks impressive to someone unfamiliar with geological processes. How could a modern artefact be stuck in Ordovician rock? The answer is that the concretion itself is not Ordovician. Minerals in solution can harden around an intrusive object dropped in a crack or simply left on the ground if the source rock (in this case, reportedly Ordovician) is chemically soluble.

The Hammer began to attract wider attention after it was bought by Creationist Carl Baugh in 1983, who claimed the artefact was a "monumental 'pre-Flood' discovery." He has used it as the basis of speculation of how the atmospheric quality of a pre-flood earth could have encouraged the growth of giants. The hammer is now an exhibit in Baugh's Creation Evidence Museum, which sells replicas of it to visitors.

Link to our source.

Here's what two people have said about this:

Hiddleston, Jim (20 July 2011).
First of all, there are conflicting reports as to where the object was actually located in the surrounding rocks. And there is no photographic evidence of the object prior to being disturbed. One report states that the hammer was embedded in a rock formation dating from the Cretaceous Period (65-135 million years ago). But other accounts state that Mr. Hahn found the hammer bearing nodule “near” these surrounding rocks.

Sceptics argue that minerals could have cemented the hammer around the Cretaceous rock after it was dropped or left behind. This could easily lead novice geologists to believe that the hammer and the rock formation are from the same time period. The only true method of determining the age of the hammer is through Carbon 14 dating of the wooden handle, but Baugh has yet to authorise this procedure.

The handle appears to be partially fossilized, so this certainly adds to the argument that this a very ancient tool. But fossilisation can occur prematurely through various natural methods. To sceptics, the hammer appears to be a tool that was abandoned or lost some 200 years ago, but to it’s supporters, this is a clear indication that man has been on this Earth much longer than previously thought.

Others have said about this.

Kuban, Glen J. (14 July 2006).
An iron and wooden hammer, sometimes called the "London Artefact" or "London Hammer," found by local hikers in a creek bed near London, Texas in 1936, has been promoted by Carl Baugh and other strict creationists as an out-of place artefact. They maintain that the hammer, which was partially embedded in a small, limy rock concretion, originated in a Cretaceous rock formation (or an Ordovician or Silurian one, depending on the account), thus contradicting the standard geologic timetable. However, the hammer was not documented in situ, and has not been reliably associated with any specific host formation.

Other relatively recent implements have been found encased in by similar nodules, and can form within centuries or even decades under proper conditions (Stromberg, 2004). The hammer in question was probably dropped or discarded by a local miner or craftsman within the last few hundred years, after which dissolved limy sediment hardened into a nodule around it. Although a brief rebuttal to Baugh's hammer claims was made by Cole (1985), Baugh and a few other creationists continue to promote it. This review provides further analysis of the hammer and creationist claims about it.

More ancient stuff.
Ancient mummy unearthed in Mongolia: 6th century Turkic woman was buried in beautifully stitched clothes 1,500 years ago alongside her sacrificed horse. Follow this link to see this really amazing story.


Adidas trainers on a Mummy.

Go check out this amazing story.
Archaeologists in Mongolia are slowly unwrapping the mummy of a suspected ancient woman found preserved in the Altai Mountains. So far only one hand and her feet in modern-looking boots are visible, but experts believe the find dates to around 1,500 years ago. It also appears to be the first complete Turkic burial in Central Asia and the remains were found at an altitude of 9,200ft (2,803 metres).

Floating Nuclear Power Plant (FNPP) Is A Step Forward In Coming Off Fossil Fuels I Believe!

The worlds first nuclear power plant ship.
The world's first ship-born nuclear power plant sets sail from St Petersburg heading for the frozen far east as environmentalists rain down thunder and lightning and the wrath of God! They've slammed it as a 'floating Chernobyl' just waiting to happen. This is a first for the world and for the environmentalists so they've never seen anything like this (since) and it's bound to spook them big time what with the failures of the past but admittedly that was technically under the old management of the USSR?

Chernobyl was a disaster on the scale that nobody could of imagined and the evacuation of a full city was a shocking prospect to the western world! Abandoning a full city is pretty rare but the thought of it happening was a scary thing especially for the people living near western nuclear power plants? For instance, living near a power plant especially a nuclear power plant "still" to this day gives one a certain feeling of not helplessness but a feeling of unease, but then it quickly abates and the thoughts of a disaster quickly go because we know that the chances of that happening are slim to not at all?

You see, writing this I can't help but think that I've jinxed myself but knowing just how safe they are helps a lot! They are the safest they've ever been what with the disaster which unfolded in 2011 at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant every single other nuclear power plant simply went in to overdrive and health and safety was the real buzz word and to this day it still has the feel that they're probably getting even safer? But with time comes the normal and with the normal comes complacency so let's hope that time isn't the killer of a city wide peoples that only wanted to live in safety?

Nuclear power plant ship weighs 21,000 tonnes.

The world's first floating nuclear reactor set sail on its maiden voyage from Russia bound for the Arctic far east. Akademik Lomonosov was on Saturday towed out of St Petersburg harbour where it was built, equipped with two nuclear reactors. The 21,500-tonne ship will be pulled through the Baltic sea and around the tip of Norway to Murmansk, a city of 300,000, to be loaded with fuel.

From there it will continue on to Chukotka, over the straight from Alaska, to power the port town of Pevek and oil rigs when their reactor shuts down in 2019.

Will provide power for oil rigs and a nearby city.

The £70 million behemoth is 144m long 30m wide and 10m high, needs a crew of 69 to operate it, and provides 70 megawatts of electricity or 300 of heat.

About 45,000 tons of fuel or diesel oil will not have to be used as a result of the plant, according to its manufacturer OKBM Afrikantov. The project is controversial for its potential environmental impacts with Greenpeace denouncing it as a 'floating Chernobyl' and 'nuclear Titanic'.

The world’s first FNPP will be put into operation in the city of Pevek in Chukotka in 2019.
Its main rated characteristics per reactor unit (RU) are: Thermal power:

  • 150 MW Vapor capacity: 240 t/h
  • Primary circuit pressure: 12,7 Mpa
  • Vapor pressure downstream: VG 3,72
  • Mpa primary circuit temperature: 290ºС

'Nuclear reactors bobbing around the Arctic Ocean will pose a shockingly obvious threat to a fragile environment which is already under enormous pressure from climate change,' nuclear expert Jan Haverkamp said. "The flat-bottomed hull and the floating nuclear power plant's lack of self-propulsion makes it particularly vulnerable to tsunamis and cyclones." However, the ship's owner Rosatom hit back, accusing Greenpeace of not having any evidence to back up its claims. 'Greenpeace hasn't presented any meaningful scientific evidence of any unaddressed risks or any shortcomings of the design which is based on a tried and tested technology with an impeccable track-record,' it said.

'Their attitude towards nuclear power has been widely criticised by independent scientists as patently biased and hardly scientific.' 'FNPP features the most cutting edge safety and security systems and is expected to be one of the safest nuclear installations in the world.' Russia has at least another seven floating nuclear reactors planned and China is working on building its own to launch in 2020. Other countries like Algeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Argentina have shown interest in hiring ships that could become available as more are built. They are considered very effective for generating electricity in remote areas and can be moved on if not required, or be used to power desalination plants.

Russia has come under fire from Greenpeace.

So, is this sea going ship (without propulsion) and capable of producing vast amounts of power capable of surviving a Tsunami or a mega storm? I suppose but with a lot of hesitation that "we'll have to wait and see"? And guy's that's not an "I told you so" but a let's take the word of the scientists! When they say it's safe, then it's safe right? I mean even the Russian government don't want a disaster and they definitely don't want to just waste money by cutting corners do they?

That's in nobodies interests and it goes against making profits so I say, give this one a chance to prove itself because anyone can claim anything and say anything but without anything to go on and to just say these things out of nothing but feeling scared and hesitation and the feeling of helplessness because of the unknowns, well we should take a leap of faith and trust them!

That's my thoughts and opinions right. Give them a bit of credit for pushing the envelope in what is possible and the unknowns? They have taken a risk I admit to that but it is one worth taking because when one thinks of the possibilities and the potentials of where this can bring power to and for long periods of time if not replace fossil fuels and help in situations where all else fails then this can be used for good and to help people either build or rebuild?

Give it a go.


The FPU provides accommodation for 70 people (crew) in comfortable single-bed compartments. For meals, recreation, sports and everyday services there is a dining room for 60 people, lounge, conference room and information center, library, smoking room, sports complex (gym, fitness room, swimming pool, sauna and steam bath), lounge with bar, hairdresser, shop, laundry and everyday services room.
There are also galley and food premises for cooking and food storage, and and on-board first aid clinic. Thus, if necessary, the FPU can work far from any populated settlements. The FPU is designed to work as a part of the nuclear and thermal power plant, and provides a rated power supply to coastal networks of 60 MW, and 50 Gcal/h of thermal energy to warm up the heating water.

In various modes of operation, the FNPP can transfer to the consumer from 44 to 70 MW of electric power and from 50 to 146 Gcal of heat.

The advantage of a FNPP is that it can be factory built, and then delivered around world to the point of use by sea. The FNPP is also particularly suitable for locations where there are no other sources of electricity and thermal power. Housing the nuclear and radiation components on the FPU, which is the major part of a FNPP, allows the realisation of the “green lawn principle” i.e. other FNPP components such as on-shore and hydraulic structures that provide mooring and heat and power transfer to the consumers are not contaminated during operation. The FPU is built at the manufacturer’s shipyard, which allows a significant reduction in the construction time of the the nuclear power and thermal plant, and also provides quality control and compliance with the technology requirements. The main advantages of a FNPP compared to the construction of an onshore nuclear power plant of the same capacity are:

  • The investment cycle and construction costs are reduced due to minimal on-site construction and installation works (CIW)
  • The FPU is produced by qualified personnel at the manufacturer’s shipyard, and supplied “turnkey”
  • The FNPP can be situated as close to the consumer as necessary
  • The PFU can be operated on a rotational basis
  • The FPU is easy to decommission, and can be towed to a specialised facility for recycling

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