Flying Saucer Looks Like It's Changing Shape And Colour Close Up

One of the best UFOs seen this side of the universe.

Here's a really good UFO caught on camera and what set's this aside from the others is that this is a UFO that is changing shape and colours? I'm not one hundred percent sure about it changing but it's definitely a UFO or Flying Saucer whichever way you say it is entirely up to you?

It's amazing though, it's the UFO footage that we love seeing and that we really enjoy sharing with you guys. Your an amazing group of guys with an excellent insight in to Ufology even if your not long in to Ufology (like us really) that's OK because everyone has to start somewhere and there's no way we can know everything.

The dome on the UFO (Flying Saucer) is more deeper and just totally different now? But it's still the exact same one. What's your thought's on this unusual anomaly. There was no time, date or place where this caught on camera, so all we have to go on is the video itself. if it's real or not is entirely up to you to decide and our opinion is this is real.

UFO Flying Saucer with a Jet in the background.

Learning about UFOs is what drives us but more specifically is learning about new UFOs never seen before like this one and why I say that is that this possibly changes shape and it's colour which is pretty cool and different. Have you heard of that before?

Oh and plus as an added extra benefit, there's a Jet in the background passing by and it gives the UFO (Flying Saucer) in the video another extra look that is out of this world, it's fast becoming one of my favourite UFO videos.

Shape shifting UFO and colour changing UFO.

Here's the video of the amazing UFO or Flying Saucer. I really think and believe that you'll enjoy this as it looks fantastic. My first impression on seeing this was omg, that's impressive.

The two UFOs below in the image are actually one and the same and that's my reasoning for saying that this UFO is changing shape and colour? But it could be the light, it could be the way it changes direction and as the sun is very bright well anything is possible. But what else makes me think this could be a shape shifting UFO is the "hump" or "dome" in the middle of the UFO?

Is it on the top or the bottom? Because with these well, quite frankly what looks like it's the top could well be their bottom? But from our perspective it's a dome on the top of the Flying Saucer.

Has the UFO actually changed it's shape and colour.

Source Sestelares Instagram.


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  1. Its the sun reflextion... not shape changing.

  2. i have never seen a ufo or a bigfoot but tens of thousnds of people say thet have. i don't believe everyone is a liar. after anybody sees something you have never seen i don't call them liars. i call them lucky that they saw it.

  3. Around 50% of ufos shape shift ...some change so slowly its hard to tell especially when they rotate. Some craft are part "alive" and the pilot becomes a part of it..

  4. i belive on ufo, we are not alone in this mega univers---- i hobe they welcome in me house :-))))

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