Police Helicopter Checking Out A UFO For Real

The best Police helicopter UFO incident on record check this out.

Here's a UFO with a Police helicopter passing it by. The UFO Sphere definitely looks at the Police helicopter for sure. Check these images out then watch the video it's amazing.

There's another Police helicopter and UFO video which everyone knows about but this one is relatively unknown so I thought i'd bring this one to your attention as this is just fantastic.

The best Police helicopter UFO incident on record check this out.

UFO Captured over Los Angeles California San Gabriel Valley 08/28/2017. It was a UFO caught on camera last year and seems of faded from memory but everyone should know about this as it's stunning. This is very clear evidence that humans are been studied by Aliens.

I put two images of the same UFO in one image to show you that it is moving, looking observing and to show that there's no form of energy propulsion visible so this is legit, it's a real UFO in my book.

The best Police helicopter UFO incident on record check this out.

Now I've seen some amazing UFOs in my time and that's a lot but this one is the most convincing for me because it's turning slightly keeping an eye on the Police helicopter and there's no form of propulsion, nothing to propel it and it's just there. This is epic, how lucky to spot this and I do think it is Alien in origins and that we're been watched, studied and observed but for what who knows.

The best Police helicopter UFO incident on record check this out.

Here's the other Police helicopter and UFO post link so you can check that out aswell. In fact both of these UFO encounters happened in California which is unusual. Someone has posted a comment on the YouTube video saying that someone needs to get the video footage from the Police helicopter because it must exist?

That's a really good point, don't Police helicopters constantly record like the Police cars?

A Police helicopter checks out another UFO but this one is very different in shape.

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Source Julian Lopez youTube.


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  1. After seeing the video and checking out the images, I can say for sure that something was definitely there and the police helicopter was circling around a UFO but was it Aliens or a drone kind of UFO? I'd love to know what you guys think about this. Cheers for taking the time to comment.

  2. I saw the same ufo sphere In Newark, Ca in the summer of 2011, right over the Dumbarton Bridge. I saw it close up, like 60 yards away in the sky. Hovering, not moving. And then it took off.

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