Lots And Lots Of UFOs Videoed Crossing The Moon - Many

We counted at least 30 UFOs crossing the Moon.

This has got to be the most UFOs ever seen crossing the Moon (30 is what we counted)? There's lots and lots of the Unidentified Flying Objects and it makes me wonder how these wasn't picked up on by any agencies, or was they?

I reckon somebody somewhere had these on some sort of monitoring system what with all the massive telescopes around the world supposedly watching out for near Earth objects and what not?

We counted at least 30 UFOs crossing the Moon.

I've not seen this in any news outlets? Nobody has covered this and I only found this by chance on Instagram. But i'm glad I found it as it's one of the best Moon UFO videos I've seen in quite a while if not ever?

Some people on the Instagram post reckon that this is simply a flock of birds and the Moon is in the backdrop? I'm not so sure about that as the "birds" are just to graceful, there's a constant between the "UFOs" and i don't think birds can achieve this but I could be wrong?

We counted at least 30 UFOs crossing the Moon.

Seriously what's your thoughts on this guys lets share this and let's try to figure this out. What could this be other than UFOs or birds? Is this a group of satellites or is this space junk? I'm running out of things that this could be other than UFOs. It's still got to be a really good anomaly because I don't think we'll ever get to the bottom of this, do you.

We counted at least 30 UFOs crossing the Moon in the video, how many can you count in the UFO video below.


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  1. They're too big to be birds,they're casting shadows on the moons surface,and they're way too fast

  2. they're birds - you can see the wings flapping - and they don't CURVE AROUND the surface as they go off the edge of the lit moon - and they're going to FAST to be near the moon - they are near the telescope lens

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