UFO Mothership Releasing A Metallic Sphere Drone

Flying Saucer Mothership releases a UFO sphere.

This is one for the books as a UFO Mothership is filmed releasing what looks like a metallic sphere or drone over the sea. There are many amazing things going on with this and it looks like it could be the real deal?

As far as information goes, there is hardly any other than the UFO video itself. But let's face it the most important part of this story is there. It's like having a book without the cover.

One day we will have more interesting information about this so stay tuned.

I will continue to update this story as and when the information becomes available. I really expect that we'll come across some more information about this as it's just so good.

It's now the end of 2020 and nothing else has been discovered about this UFO video. Im inclined to say that we never will get any solid proof regarding it's origins or purpose? It's a shame, but the mystery continues! Read on for more information and please share your thoughts on this really bizarre looking UFO video, thanks.

The metallic sphere or drone that's being released by the UFO Mothership is definitely spinning as it drops so why is that? It seems like it is not under any control at the point of it been dropped so that would suggest it is remotely controlled?

Strange UFO Mothership and UFO drone sphere.

It's videoed actually releasing a metallic drone or in my opinion a capsule to maybe gather some sort of information which ties in with common beliefs that these UFOs are here to spy on us or to just observe and send information back to the Aliens planet. Why not, why else are UFOs here in the first place? It makes sense to me that there's a UFO here but not of this world and so from that, I've gathered from it (it's possible purpose) and I believe it's gathering information on the public of this planet and sending it back to where it came from - the home planet, spaceship or wherever it comes from?

For what reason do you think it's here for? Is it to spy, take samples, plant spying devices, take people, infect people, warn us, ask us questions, give us help? Who knows what the intention of the UFO is because whoever does think they do are probably wrong?

Well that's just pure speculation (also this video is speculation). Is this real or is this just another Hollywood style CGI video released to make people think this is a real Mothership? If it is, why are we being bombarded with fake UFO videos and UFO photos?

Is it for the apparent fake Alien Invasion prophecy actually proposed by some modern day people, conspiracy theorists? We may never know what the purpose is but we do have the video so take it in because if it is real, at least you'll be up to speed...

Overall it might be part of a bigger picture of getting the public ready for disclosure so by releasing fakes "still" could be part of the disclosure?

The Mothership UFO looks like a Flying Saucer.

There could be people out there tasked with getting people ready or used to the idea that Aliens are here and UFOs are real? So these could be so real looking and it's part of the disclosure project.

Again we have to evaluate every scenario, we have to look at every possible answer and no matter how silly it sounds. This is because sometimes the more crazy it is, well that demands a crazy answer.

The Mothership UFO looks like an Alien Flying Saucer.

Believing in Aliens is considered crazy!

Believing you saw a UFO is considered crazy!

So to get an answer, we need to go there - otherwise we wont get an answer and it's as simple as that. So there is no such thing as a crazy answer unless one is intentionally made up.

Source ufolovers Instagram.

UFO And Alien Depicted In Cave Painting In India

UFO depicted in a cave painting in Charama, Chhattisgarh in India.

Here is an ancient cave painting or cave mural in India depicting what can only be described as a UFO. It looks like one, as soon as you see it it's the first thing that comes to mind and the crucial point to all of this - is this:

It looks "like nothing from the ancient world". It couldn't be mistaken for anything else other than a UFO or Unidentified Flying Object as this is what we would call a UFO today.

The Spaceman Of Chhattisgarh, India. Ancient humans depicting Aliens, what a load of rubbish - I hear you say? Well, for those ney sayers out there. This isn't a gallery, it's not a teen caveman tagging a fresh wall with a tin of spray paint. It's not a lesson in imagination and creativity. They used different colours of clay possibly plants and even bugs to get different colours. They depicted what they saw and they painted it to their ability probably after meeting with the Aliens.

The Spaceman Of Chhattisgarh, India.

If you saw something like this in the ancient world, you would't call it an Alien or a UFO or an Alien craft because there wasn't any words (or grunts, shunts or mutters) for a UFO - so you'd have to "literally" refer to it in a painting or a mural, because that's just literal common sense...

Did ancient people have literal common sense though?

Ancient cave paintings of Aliens and UFO in Indian cave.

This Alien is tall compared to the smaller being beside it. 

Right way up ? - above.

The craft above has 3 (possibly 4) antennas.

The craft above has 3 antennas or tripods depending on which way you look at the image upside down it's tripods and right way up is antennas. It has what looks like a "thing" or entity inside of the interstellar spaceship. There are two circular windows or portholes and what also looks like a ramp coming down from the craft's main section.

It is a quick drawing (painting) or it looks like it's a quick impression of as I said earlier, a UFO. If this was an Alien craft then this is life changing! I say life changing because every single piece of history or what we know as history would all have to be changed.

Degrees would change, timelines would change and of course the "origins of mankind" would all have to be reevaluated and examined as a maybe and considered that we could of been influenced by this visitor but to what degree is un known and speculation.

As long as we're speculating we could even ask if this was a documented encounter of Aliens with mankind because it was when mankind sent a human with the Aliens or did an Alien visitor come to stay with us?

There's a million and one answers to why this drawing or painting or mural (whatever you want to refer to it as) and only one answer is right, that is the only fact about this. That and the other fact that this exists.

This bizarre looking painting found in a cave in India has baffled scientists for its supposed depiction of an alien UFO beaming in the sky.

The puzzling mural from Charama, Chhattisgarh, dates back some 10,000 years to a time before humans have invited the wheel. Archaeologist JR Bhagat who studied the cave paintings in 2014 argued they were concrete evidence Aliens have walked among us in the past. He said: “The findings suggest that humans in prehistoric times may have seen or imagined beings from other planets which still create curiosity among people and researchers. “Extensive research is needed for further findings. Chhattisgarh presently doesn't have any such expert who could give clarity on the subject.” He added: “The fan-like antenna and the three legs of the vehicle's stand clearly show a similarity to UFO type craft.”

The fan-like antenna and the three legs of the vehicle's stand clearly show a similarity to UFO type craft JR Bhagat, Archaeologist

So there's a lot more to this story than meets the eye guys, it's loaded with intriguing and very, very mysterious cave paintings, stories or legends, myths and local knowledge backs up the theory that "sky people" came down from space and took people away who was never seen ever again!

It's a basic modern story of an Alien abduction case but seen as though there wasn't anyone to really stop the Aliens it continued.

The evidence is lots of cave paintings which is equivalent to a eye witness testimony and then we have the local knowledge passed down from generation to generation.

This is a primitive way of keeping records which I'm inclined to believe as I don't doubt whole cultures or peoples way of life which dates back thousands of years.

Ancient cave art depicting Aliens and a UFO in India.

Chhattisgarh state department of archaeology and culture plans to seek help from ISRO for research on 10,000-year-old rock paintings depicting aliens and UFOs in Charama region in Kanker district in tribal Bastar region of India. It is located about 130km from Raipur, the caves come under village Chandeli and Gotitola. In the local villages, few worship the paintings, while others narrate stories they have heard from ancestors about "rohela people", who were said to land from sky in a round shaped flying object and take away people who never returned.

Ancient cave art depicting Aliens and a UFO in India discovered by chance.

According to Times of India, Dr. JR Bhagat found remarkable similarities to recent UFO and Alien Sightings in 10000 years old cave paintings. So much that he asked for research assistance from NASA and ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization). The paintings are located in caves near the town of Charama in Chhattisgarh, a state in central India. Most of the paintings are the usual drawings of humans, animals and everyday life in 8,000 BCE. But it also stunned many because some depict kangaroos and giraffes (not native to India at all) and fish-like-creatures. Now an archaeologist recently found new paintings of even stranger beings.

“The findings suggest that humans in prehistoric times may have seen or imagined beings from other planets which still create curiosity among people and researchers. Extensive research is needed for further findings. Chhattisgarh presently doesn’t have any such expert who could give clarity on the subject,” Bhagat told to the Indian journal. The nose and mouth are missing. In few pictures, they are even shown wearing space suits. We can’t refute possibility of imagination by prehistoric men but humans usually fancy such things,” the archaeologist said.

There are several beliefs among locals in these villages. While few worship the paintings, others narrate stories they have heard from ancestors about “rohela people” — the small sized ones — who used to land from sky in a round shaped flying object and take away one or two persons of village who never returned. It is not the first time we found cave paintings like this, but never until now with such detail. Flying Saucers, Equipment, Space Suits, depictions of abduction are some of the images one can find in Charama.

Times Of India E Paper covered the story of UFO and Aliens in cave paintings in Indian cave.

Source The Time Of India.
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