This is not the top conspiracy theory in the world IN MY OWN OPINION!

I'm sorry but I don't know where people get off just calling someone out like that? It's not good or clever it's actually quite disgusting! If you give some thought to this, can you imagine what he must of been going through? That is absolutely terrible FOR ANYONE to go through? I typed in Google the top conspiracy theories of the world or the best conspiracy theory in the world and for me this one came up at the first? Is this really the biggest conspiracy theory of the world? Is this it? Well it's terrible and need's changing, now! C'mon guys it's not cool shouting this at someone, anyone? Challenging a mans right, his rights as a man! NOT COOL! I say this to this, the guy that did this need's to know his shame. It was a shameful and hurtful challenge. I'm not saying he doesn't have the right to question certain people or certain politicians but to publicly go out like this in the way that he did with a massive targeting advertisement like the one he did - was just awful? What about sending in a freedom of information request? Or would that not be grand enough? Is that just to quite for you? Was you asking it but scanning the room to see who's looking then sit back with a silly grin on your face because that's exactly how a child would get someone's attention? Again, NOT COOL! It doesn't matter whichever way you look at this, it is simply a sad, disgraceful and dishonourable thing to do? Way to go you - for bringing ANY humans down to that level, way to go.

Extremely Aggressive GIANT BUGS All Over The World 2018 - Unimaginable - Unprecedented - Change

However you look at this, giant sized Wasps and other giant sized insects is pretty scary, because it's telling us humans that these insects can adapt to any situation and evolve to meet that change with nasty results? Imagine if a Lizard evolves into a man sized terrifying wrecking machine? These huge bugs are adapting to live!

They want to live! They want to meet the "thing" that is changing their world, that's what this tells me? I could be wrong but gearing up for an evolutionary change is telling me just that very thing? What do you reckon guys? I think we can all agree on one thing about this, it is strange behaviour from the insect world?

Here's a little quote for you from a wise man "“If you get anywhere near them, they will try to grab you with their powerful forelegs and pull your finger toward their mandibles to give you a nasty bite, I haven’t seen that defensive behaviour in any other katydids." Here's the name of just one of the new species of Katydids that have been found - Oncodopus brongniarti? I know, finding all these new specie is highly suspicious if you ask me? Just like when Scientists at CERN the LHC found 5 (FIVE) new Earth like planets in one experiment? Highly suspicious behaviour from OUR SO CALLED Scientists don't you think? It's a seemingly increasingly strange and even stranger place and time's we're living in - if you ask me?

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