Black Ring Appeared Above A Busy Highway

The black smoke rings are appearing in all weathers (just remember that) and it's immediately got people divided on just what this is, it looks like a black ring for sure but what's caused it and why it's there, is the mystery.

Half of the people are convinced that it's a sky portal and the other half are convinced it's a black smoke ring from the lightning...


What's your thoughts and opinions on this one guys?

  • Is it a black smoke ring caused by a portal opening.
  • Is it a lightning strike leaving a black smoke ring.
  • Is it neither of them and it's Alien in origins.
  • Is it a lorry backfiring and it's exhaust fumes.

To help you guess along with the millions of people who've seen this, I've also remembered that there's been a few of these "rings" sighted and reported and indeed filmed around the world!

When I typed the words black smoke rings there was loads of results and in all weather situations.

This was filmed in Warwick Castle UK;


This was taken over Denmark - in the sun:


The guy in this video below is also asking if these black smoke rings are connected somehow to CERN?

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The unusual place called CERN (look it up it's mind boggling) is experimenting on some futuristic and also weird, insane technology.

Lot's of strange events have been attributed to CERN scientists including that they have thrown us all into another reality.

What are your thoughts on that as well?

Plus here a short video from Instagram on the above Black Smoke Ring above the highway:

But guys,

  1. The black smoke rings around the world could very well be the tell tale sign of a portal.
  2. Are we seeing a trend in portals opening up and then closing rapidly like they're testing it.
  3. Who knows what it leaves in its wake, after opening up and closing.
  4. But, all that is based on if you actually believe in CERNs ability to create a portal.

You need to know what CERN has "really" been up to.

You need to know why CERN has got such a really, really bad personality problem with how the world sees it?

They have been doing experiments that include the Big Bang, but recreating one!

They did an experiment that could of swallowed up the whole world and that's why some people say we was thrown into another dimension, reality or a parallel world.

Here's the video I found regarding these portal like black, smoke rings appearing out of nowhere around the world:

It's exceptionally complicated, but once you "start understand" just the basics of CERN - OMG, it's not even funny.

It's not the slightest bit funny or right for that matter what they did, do and are going to continue doing.

But that's a different post!

The black smoke rings as you can see by the video are everywhere so the lightning theory falls at the wayside as some places it's sunny.

Source TheScariestMovieEver YouTube.
Source Ufolovers Instagram.

NASA Has No Answer For These Anomalies On Mars

Mars Flying Saucer buzzing the Rover, flying past flipping the bird as they say. It seems that's what is happening as I'm pretty confident that this UFO has got some sort of "Rover detector lol".

Why is it there on Mars in front of the Rover like it's a freeway and they're just passing by?

I'll tell you why I think this is happening, because the Mars Rover and the Flying Saucer might be working together maybe?

OK, that's a little far fetched but please, explain to me why this obvious looking metallic object on Mars? I don't think as far as I can tell that it's part of the landing apparatus.

Anyways, enough of my back chat, check this bad ass out:


If you're looking for something strange in the Mars Rover images - believe me, your guaranteed to find it.

But some things are more explainable than others, right!

Like this obvious "UFO" or is it a bird (for real) which we all know that - any of the two things I've just typed out should not now, or ever exist on Mars.

But yet here we are very, very early on in our space exploration of the Stars and the planets and we instantly come across things like this these on which we have no answers for...

Speechless in other words.

OK, that was expected but only in scientific terms, not blooming Alien terms! Like the content of a sample taken from such and such crater or a rock sample with interesting characteristics.

Not this!


Or this Monolith on Phobos (Moon of Mars)!


Guys, I could literally, and I mean literally pluck from the NASA Raw Image Archives all day long - some of the weirdest and wildest stuff that you've ever seen or could imagine and that's a fact!

But for some reason, I feel that just a few awesome images is just enough for this post.

It's not a race, I ain't gonna bombard you with tons of UFOs and Alien sightings on Mars.

Just a few images will do as to much is like "UFO overload".

Here's a video of Mars which has had 45 Million views on YouTube:

45 Million views guys, that's an insane amount of views for what is effectively something that NASA doesn't acknowledge.  Does it prove Aliens or "Martians" as it where?

It definitely shows you what the people are really and truly, wanting to know about...

And that's if Aliens and UFOs really exist and also does NASA really know about it but are saying nothing?

My answer to that is this "go with your gut feeling".
Source ODE YouTube.
Source NASA Mars Rover Image.
Source NASA Mars Multimedia Archive.

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