Strange Triangular Shaped UFO Spotted On The Moon

There is nothing more amazing than NASA when it comes to space travel. Space investigation and space age technology is definitely a NASA passion. NASA are a very secretive agency and a very focused agency so trying to get them to open up about their information on Alien and UFO knowledge is like trying to find Fairies at the bottom of the garden? And that's because they largely don't let anyone in to see what they're up to. Let's not forget that NASA was born from the need for an answer to Sputnik and a need for the Americans to come up with an answer to what the Russians where doing? NASA is a cold war era agency, NASA is a secret agency that doesn't conform to normal agencies which have a control from the government directly. They have a very different way of doing business so-to-speak because the "company" was born from a defensive and an offensive answer to Russians futuristic looking satellites orbiting the Earth taking photos of everything the Americans where doing and the Americans couldn't do a thing about it because of how high up they was.

There's never been so much information and a vast online archive of "go-to-anytime" evidence about Aliens and UFOs on the Moon. This online archive (dotted everywhere) is updated every single time that a UFO is spotted flying across the Moon.

If you want to, you can put together a 30 minuet video showing 3 second video clips of UFOs everyday for a week if you want to.


That's how much stuff is been captured on film just showing strange Moon anomalies alone!

This triangle shape UFO though absolutely looks very good because it's the following:

  1. Strange triangular shape spotted on the MOON sends conspiracy theorists into a spin as they speculate the Moon is a base for UFOs.
  2. Footage of a triangular shaped UFO is proof of an air base on the moon, say conspiracy theorists.
  3. Videoed with a high-powered telescope, the shots appear to show a gigantic, black, triangular shape UFO.
  4. UFO truthers were sent into a happy - frenzy, with some claiming that this is proof of a base on the Moon.

But, I always have this strange feeling that NASA are deliberately holding back information and calculatingly and deliberately ignoring the "in your face evidence of UFOs" for some nefarious reasons?

I honestly can't get my head around the fact that this is all flying under the radar of the "big wigs" at NASA so-to-speak?

Why can't the scientists investigate any of these UFO encounters seen flying across the Moon?

I thought that there mission (or their ethos) let's not forget their driving force was to go into space, travel to different places throughout space and look for Alien life, right?

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I thought that NASA and SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) was a coming together of like - minded agencies to go further into the unknown and search for Aliens and to try to contact them:

Because NASA keeps (as far as I can tell) deliberately ignoring the glaring evidence, I'm going to ask "what the hell are they doing with all the money that they get"?

So here's a little bit about the agency that has never fulfilled it's main promise or target!


What is NASA's main mission?

NASA opened for business on October 1st, 1958. The agency was created to oversee U.S. space exploration and aeronautics research.

Even if one, just one UFO is real, then Aliens are real and that's my own opinion based on nothing more that common sense.

What is NASA and what is NASA's current purpose in today's world:

NASA is a U.S. government agency that is responsible for science and technology which is related to air and space.

How is NASA funded?

Practically every major program within NASA will receive a boost.

The agency's science programs, which cover planetary missions and Earth science, will receive a total $6.9 billion, up from $6.2 billion from last year.

The human exploration program will get $5 billion, while it got $4.79 billion in 2018.

So, what is SET (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and where is SETI located:

The instrument, called the Allen Telescope Array, is situated at the Hat Creek Observatory, located in the Cascade Mountains just north of Lassen Peak, in California.

Radio SETI experiments have historically relied on existing radio astronomy telescopes.

The footage was captured with a high-powered telescope, the shots appear to show a gigantic, black, triangular shape against the backdrop of the moon’s rocky surface, reports the Daily Mail (all source links provided at bottom of page).

The video of the mystery craft was posted on YouTube by Secure Team 10, a YouTube account that explores mysterious occurrences on the moon, as well as UFO footage:

"You can tell that this is a shadow because you can see the shadow wrapping around the craters’, the narrator of the footage said.

Here's the Secureteam10 video:

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