Soviet Era Declassified Material Shows 2 UFOs Joining Together

Amazing video which is showing us two black UFOs coming together and this is from declassified Soviet era materials. Narrated by Sir roger Moore it's called UFOs - Russian Connection. The two black UFOs have been considered by many experts (as featured in the documentary) as to be the real deal.

This is the real deal in my opinion and the UFO documentary is awesome.


Back then in the Soviet era times, there really wasn't any sophisticated or good enough to pass any scrutiny in today's world of "computer software generated graphics" especially this good, it would stand out as bad graphics, right.

UFO renderings where absolutely rubbish in the time period of the Cold War, there "was green screen special effects - but it was actually blue screens" that they used. Here is a few questions I have about this UFO video:

  • How was the Soviet plane able to get so close to the two UFOs.
  • How did the classified UFO video become declassified.
  • I've focused on only one UFO event from the documentary.
  • But there's lots mentioned of UFO incidents in the documentary.

Green screens were invented way back in 1940 "would you believe it" by Larry Butler who then went on to win an Academy Award for his special effects in the famous movie called "The Thief of Baghdad".


The camera's way back in the Soviet era was not high definition enough back then (or so we were led to believe) and so this doesn't look like it was faked at all to me.

The video is part of a documentary which is narrated by Sir Roger Moore who became famous by playing the legendary MI5 London based spy code named 007.

The Ufology and conspiracy theory documentary called UFOs: Russian Connection, is considered one of the most credible documentaries on the complex and mysterious Ufology genre of the old Iron Curtain.

If this turns out to be two real UFOs coming together as one UFO and a real video, then what now:

  1. Where does the evidence go to that is gathered.
  2. What is done with this evidence?
  3. Who takes over the reins now.
  4. Who is contacted and told of the news if anyone?

It's frustrating because lots of UFO sightings are been ruled as real, but then what...

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Lets just imagine for a second, with the inevitable evolution of technology and how fast the world moves, there's no telling where this technology is right now?

There's really no telling if the technology is on other planets by now and that's for real.

This is mind blowing if we're looking at top secret technology. Because we're looking at a video of two black UFOs might have all the answers to Ufology.

The two black UFOs are shown at 1:25 seconds in this particular trailer of the UFO documentary video:

I'll leave you with conundrum for now, if a UFO turns out to be a real one and the evidence all points to it been real - then what? I've looked it up as best as I could in all the places I know to look it up and there's nothing!

What do you think...


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  1. Even Sir Roger Moore narrated this amazing UFO documentary about Soviet era UFOs in a documentary called UFOs: Russian Connection. It's a Ufology prize in it's own right and the UFOs that I've highlighted are only just two which the documentary covers. This though for me, is the highlight as there was no good graphics back then so this is what it is, real UFO footage at it's best.

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