Flying Saucer Photographed Following A Military Plane

A Canadian witness at Ontario reported videotaping a low flying military airplane making unusual moves in a report where a still image taken at the same time shows a disc-shaped object near the plane, according to testimony in Case #58504 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.


Here is an image from the MUFON archives submitted by eye witnesses showing "probably" for the first time in clarity and near high definition.

In Ufology terms this image would be considered the highest of definition, believe me.


One of the witnesses snapped this still image which shows the military plane and a disc-shaped object in tow. What does this actually mean, does the airforce know about it...
  • Is the military aware of the UFO following them.
  • Is the military conducting an experiment "with" the UFO.
  • Do they know about the cameraman on the ground photographing away.

There's lots of questions here in this post which we are trying to answer, we would like to answer all the questions in Ufology but we'll settle with one bit at a time - slowly, slowly wins the day.

One of the witnesses snapped this still image which shows the military plane and a disc-shaped Unidentified Flying Object just below the plane.

The event occurred about 3:30 p.m. on July 29th, 2014 when the witness was outside with friends.

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Canadian MUFON Field Investigator Bob Mitchell investigated and closed the case as an Unknown (link to his Openminds profile is below).

"No description of the object was provided except a video which absolutely shows nothing at all, just a plane and no UFO and a still photo, Mitchell wrote in his report"

The video was too small for this Field Investigator to see any object but the military plane. This is also our (UFO Sightings Footage) findings also as the video is totally irrelevant and adds absolutely nothing.

You need to understand though that the video supplied by the eye witness was "only" so the people at MUFON could get an understanding of how big the plane was.

There's no UFO in the video supplied by the eye witness - please remember that when checking out the video. There's only UFOs in the photographs.


Cropped and enlarged portion of the eye witness image which was submitted showing only the disc-shaped object - clearly not a natural object.
Upon speaking with the witness, it was learned that the video was simply provided to show the strange maneuvers of the plane.

The object wasn’t actually visible in the video, people are not happy about that, which is obvious by the remarks on YouTube in the comments section.

So we will provide a link to the video which is a MUFON video hosted on YouTube (below). Then there was a silver, disc-shaped object visible in the photograph.

In our interview, the witness said the object didn’t make any sound and didn’t appear to have any wings, lights or propulsion.

  • It was a massive, chrome-reflective "giant flying saucer" that was the size of two, four-store houses.
  • According to the witness, the military aircraft was the size of a city block, a massive plane.
  • He believes the object was about half the size of the military plane.
  • The object also appeared to be flying sporadically.

The witness said the friend that thought he had seen the object with his naked eye described it as "fired out of the sky like nothing else" until it disappeared.

The witness and his friends believe the strange craft was also reflecting light because it was very hard to see with the naked eye.

They believe the photograph just happened to capture it under the right light conditions."

Source Openminds.
Source Roger Marsh Profile Openminds.
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Source Reference MUFON Video On YouTube.


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  1. Ontario in Canada is an absolutely beautiful place to live or work, so to be out one day and see a Flying Disk following a Military Air Force plane must of been one of the strangest days in the eye witnesses life. MUFON case number 58504 is a silver UFO probably secretly following an Air Force plane and it is very spectacular if not amazing.

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