The Best UFO Video We Have Seen All Year Over Mexico

You don't have to agree with us on this one, but as far as we are concerned this is just amazing. The UFO in this video ticks all the possibilities boxes. Some are saying that it proves we are not alone and I totally agree with this assessment.

Now, if your a believer of Aliens when do you say "that's real or that's a good fake"? Have you got a check list which possible UFOs need to tick all the boxes before you will believe?

How did you come to the realization that Aliens are real?


All we know about this UFO video is that there's a strong possibility it was videoed over Tijuana, Mexico.

Mexico and other Latin American countries are experiencing an explosion in UFO sightings.

Countries like Mexico have had some people capture absolute "unbelievable UFO sightings" sometimes caught on video and sometimes just in the usual UFO photographs.

Either way though, like this one they are spectacular.

Could the UFO be part of some secret government program? Yes it certainly could.

In some instances, I do believe that that's what we are seeing, but in this case I'm stumped.

But in this specific case, I'm just appreciative that it exists.

There has to be something which makes you believe, right? Well this is one of them such times when it seems to be the real deal.

It's in the category of "UFO sighting with no information". But that OK, it's still amazing. That's what we have based our decision on.

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I say "seems to be" because it's just a video.

It's just a video ticking all the boxes of rational thinking.

  • Is that what fakers are looking to get perfect? Yes it is.
  • Is this what fakers set their sights on? Yes it is.
  • In itself, is it suspicious? Yes it is.
  • Does faith play a part in Ufology? Yes it does.

It's like having the perfect fake Gucci handbag. Even the experts can't tell the difference, maybe...

All this ultimately boils down to belief.

It boils down to not even having a gold standard to put the UFO video up against and make a determination one way or another.


Gucci handbags have a gold standard to compare a fake one against.

Ufology doesn't have that privilege so we have to go with our gut feelings.

We have to rely on our own and experts opinions.

We have to take all this "research" and that gives us the ability to create a box list and tick them off one at a time as we go.

This UFO video ticks all the boxes for me:

It's stuff like this that I wished I could see in real time, real life and film it myself.

Source OvniSky Mexico Instagram.


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  1. Seeing this for the first time I was speechless, the UFO here is one of them that you wish you saw yourself. It ticks all the boxes for me. If you believe in Aliens and UFOs then where do you set your sights? What do you settle on and say right, this is what I'm aiming to discover as this is what I believe constitutes a real UFO. This is that real UFO.

  2. People on the video are speaking Brazilian Portuguese, so it is not in Mexico.

    1. Thanks for the knowledge I don't speak any other language but English. Now I know, cheers.

  3. yes, Brazilian Portuguese of São Paulo.

  4. Replies
    1. This is why I post stuff - to get peoples knowledge on what things could be or actually are? I post UFO sightings to get insight in to how something is faked, I post because I'm wanting to further my knowledge and I post so that I can spot fakes. I don't know if UFOs are real because I don't know if Aliens are real.

      Teach me, it's obviously fake but why????? Tell us all. Teach us otherwise it's just your opinion.

      I post my own research to bring it to the public's attention to get answers and so people can point out something that I haven't seen. This website is not a joke (I read your other comment), I'm not offended because you wasn't aware of this. I'm not putting anything forward that I've made in the dark shadows of a room with shady intentions.

      I post for your knowledge so that you can educate me.

      I post because the answers on other websites are not specific to my questions so I post for the right reasons. To come along and say the website is going on your fake list is entirely up to you, I just thought you needed to know that. I do care unlike Secureteam, unlike the Manias and the people who post for tens of thousand a month. This is a personal quest for me, it's my own inquisitiveness and my own curiousness. I want answers, I'm not an expert, I'm not half as knowledgeable as I'd really like to be.

      I love Ufology.

      I love the fact that I have a place to present my own research (however small or lack of knowledge) against some people I know absolutely the basics and that's it. Against some I know a lot. It doesn't matter. It's not a game of who knows the most.

      Yeah I might have bad judgement sometimes and I learn from that.

      You put my website on whatever list you feel like. I've been voted number 2 website in the UK based on statistics alone so between your "opinion" and voted number 2 independently by a respected site with no vested interest, makes me feel reallllllly good.

      So you go put me on whatever list you want but if your doing it because you don't like it then you need to really think about that, but you probably won't. If you don't then your doing it for underhanded reasons.

      People are intelligent enough to know the difference.

      But, I thought you needed to know this because it's not just you i'm writing this to. It's the world. I love Ufology. I'm not underhanded, i'm not vengeful, i'm not a mean person, i'm not horrible and I definitely don't leave people messages saying they're going on my list because i don't like what they do. In fact my friends say i'm bonkers but in a good way and that is awesome.

      Thank you for reading this and I still think you needed to know this.

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