Silver Flying Saucer Hiding Behind The Clouds | This Is real

Here's a spectacular looking Flying Saucer that seems to be hiding behind or actually hidden in the clouds. The eyewitnesses obviously saw it somewhere else and they lost it for a bit on camera.

But then they saw it again in the clouds, hiding on the top of it and that's when they began to film it.

This is a real cloud anomaly and if you say that doesn't look very odd or that this is "nothing to look at" or that it doesn't look anything like a Flying Saucer then please could you explain what that's based on?


I have posted UFO sightings like this one before (you know, the clear as day ones) only for people to leave comments that it doesn't look anything like a UFO!

After asking them to explain why it doesn't look like a UFO I found they had blocked me on Facebook! Having a feeling that something isn't real is does not make it a fact.

Ha, it's not too much to ask though is it, an explanation?

Because I've given one and outlined my explanation on why I think this is a real Flying Saucer so, to come along and to not put any effort in and to rubbish it is a bit irrational.

It's as simple as that really.

This is a good start to the whole UFO incident to be honest with you and even though there's limited information with the video.


That for me is a good indication that it's good or should I say it's possibly real based on that?


The graphics look untouched, the video is not that shaky which is a good thing, it's filmed as is in real time and there's a lot to be said in the guys reactions.

It sounds legitimate, there's no obvious re-editing or tampering with the graphics and it's very, very clear footage.

  • The video footage is very clear.
  • The video is not shaky like most.
  • The voices convince me this is real.
  • It's colour and shape is that of a Flying saucer.

All that tells me this is a real event that definitely took place.

But, as you know and as I know, there's no UFO video or story as yet that has been ruled real!

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Here's the amazing video:

The video of the Flying Disc or Flying Saucer (or whatever you want to call it specifically) is one of the more better ones.

And guys, it's not even moving as if it moved it would give itself away, but it's already done that lol.

Source UFO_Info - НЛО_инфо Instagram.


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  1. If you want to see a Flying Saucer then this is it, because it's ticks the boxes. I mean, just look at it and then listen to the eye witnesses voices. It all adds up and it looks very real, what more do you want in a UFO video? Maybe a bit longer but other than that wow this is it. To be honest looking for UFOs, when it comes to it what are we looking for? Well, this is what your looking for.

  2. Shame it's only 11s long, but a good catch all the same.

  3. BUT why only 11 seconds. If it was me I would have filmed it for hours to see if it moved, see what is there when the cloud moved, etc. Bummer, due to the very VERY short 11 seconds I can not make any decision. Why in the world did the recording stop??

    1. This is what we asked ourselves also? I decided to still show it as its got to be shown no matter how much of it there is? Weighing up the pro's and con's, I'm glad I posted it as ppl have posted their own cloud anomalous events after seeing we had. It's all still part of the bigger picture and we can only post the stuff we come across. It's pretty Good all that been said. Glad I posted it, or should I of not bothered? The answer is hell yes post it.

  4. It really does look like a UFO but unfortunately it is a normal lentricular cloud

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