UFO's caught on camera

Another amazing video of a few UFO's on a secret mission (it's definitely secret) and it's was filmed because they were listening to loud music! Seriously turn it the f down lol.

There's always a few UFO's out there on missions or should I say up to no good being all sneaky like. I don't like it when one UFO is seen let alone a group of UFO's stalking the Earth doing God knows what?

Seriously if God made us, who made Aliens and that's a valid point because I fully believe that were not alone so to me, that's a valid and "sane" question?

UFO's stalking the Earth.

Here's a few screenshots I grabbed for you to have a good old scrutiny over. I have tried to filter them, saturate them and extract anything but I believe they're just to far away from the video lens.

Getting any discernible or recognisable bits to stand out is fruitless, well it is with my software anyways? If you can grab anything from these I would love to see it?

UFO's stalking the Earth.

UFO's stalking the Earth.

UFO's stalking the Earth.

The Most realistic UFO Encounter Video I've ever Seen

This is a post about an amazing UFO or in this case it's a Flying Saucer so the guessing part of this Alien or UFO encounter whichever the two you want to categorize this as is without doubt an unusual anomaly that should be investigated?

It could easily however be swept under the carpet and labelled as a drone (the bane of Ufology) and that's maybe just what the UFO intended that this would be labelled as?

I know that's only a supposed so and an opinion but it's is the easiest way to avoid getting captured and avoid any suspicion is to look like the other side so to speak? It's been going on in human society for centuries!

There really are amazing UFO encounters happening all over the world.

Dressing up as an enemy has been taken to other levels especially during the second world war where soldiers dressed up as the enemy to gather vital and strategic information and intelligence? That is but one example in an ocean of examples.It has convinced me definitely that this was real and unfolding as it was been recorded live. I wish I could of seen this myself as I want to believe as the saying goes? But not just believe like "i believe in Aliens" but I have no choice but to believe because I was there filming this epic UFO!

For now I suppose I can only watch in awe (a bit of anticipation also) as these UFO videos mount up, stack up and yeah it's a bummer but it's the next best thing I suppose? It has to be because it's the only thing we got apart from our own imagination, lol. So I came across this amazing UFO footage and immediately it struck me as real. It instantly grabbed my attention like it only happens when something truly amazing and unusual happened? This is one of those time.

There really are amazing UFO encounters happening all over the world.

The specific round UFO in this video is in my opinion 85% real. I'm edging in favor because of the reasons I've given in the post. It look's authentic to all accounts by the people videoing the Flying Saucer shaped space ship or space craft? They genuinely look amazed and they even joke around saying "I can't believe I'm seeing a UFO"? So there's the other perspective that the camera can either distort or come over totally differently as to what is being filmed?

There's many examples also of people filming UFO's and after reviewing the footage later they haven't recorded or filmed or videos anything! They were filming the thing but the lens or the digital features of the camera "who knows" it might be designed this way so mere mortals can't film what's really happening? It's easy for software to detect specific energy signals, shapes and stuff like that and render the visuals transparent! That's just a bit of code, it's as simple as that. Most image editors have this as a filter so...

Anyways, your thought's and comments are what I want to know? If you think it's real then why do you think it's real? If you think it's fake please, let us know why you think this? There's many, many things that people take in to account that people alone cannot take every single perspective from millions of people, it's just not doable. Taking our own thought's in to account is hard enough let alone looking at things from every other persons angle.

Keep your eye's in the skies because they're here guys, they've been here a very, very long time of that I can assure you.

Mysterious Hairy Sea Creature Washed Up On A Russian Beach - Disgusting And Stinks!

A HAIRY giant "sea monster" has washed up on the shores of eastern Russia leaving locals baffled as to what the beast is. Here's another really bizarre but not unique and that's a fact because even I had found one of these disgusting creatures myself just this year actually. Here's the link to that disgusting mess on the Fylde Coast beach in Over Wyre.

Mystery as huge ancient creature washes up on Russian beach.

Image credit goes to Siberian Times.

I'm always flabbergasted when I stumble across these amazing "animal kingdom throwbacks" because let's have it right, these must be from Earth and a product of the natural kingdom? So these must be part of the animal world but where this one in particular fit's in is anyone's guess? I suppose it must be on the Chupacabre list of weird or strange animals? If there was such a list then this has to be on there right.

So where did this come from? Who gave birth to this and that's the question because if let's say for an instance yeah "if this is a DNA experiment and deliberately made by some weird experiment for kicks by scientists then that's just wrong and how did it get loose or was it set free on purpose to pollute the genes of other marine species like whales? Is it a Dinosaur that's been dormant and just woke up either through dormant genes or sleeping in some undersea cave and has come up? It could of had its own air supply in an undersea cavern?

This could be a Wooly Mammoth as it has a tail.

We might never know and seeing as though this is but a "discovery" and washed up on the beach then everybody has a legitimate opinion and everyone's opinions count and nobodies is more better than anyone else's! Just because someone might be a marine biologist or a geneticist that doesn't make them experts in the freaky and weird or are they claiming this as a "extension" of their degree?

I'll tell you now, they did not take this freak in to account when they where taking their exams, experiments etc. So everyone's opinions matter, count and everyone has a valid point to make because there is no wrong or right answer when dealing with this type of "unknown" sea creature. And that's a fact. Nobody is more less qualified. Link to our source of information.

So, I found this post online that caught my eye and thought "OMG" this is weird as I found one on the beach just not long ago and that was freaky to say the least. I never knew I would find something like this? I posted it and it never actually went viral. So posting this is for the fact that I want people to see that the one I posted was not a "one off" and that this type of thing actually does happen regularly or at least it does if you look for it, online or in books and research historic accounts of strange and mysterious and freaky monsters and creatures washing up on the world's beaches.

Russian creature washes up on the Pacific coast.

Is this the remains of a sea creature of the deep or a Wooly Mammoth.

If you know where to look ye shall findeth thy monsters in the shadows. Post from express online:

A “smelly” carcass of a “baffling behemoth” was discovered on the Pacific coastline of the Kamchatka peninsula close to the remote village of Pakhachi. The mysterious beast quickly attracted curious residents but no one was able to identify it. It is reported to be longer than three men, and has a tail or a tentacle. The beast is covered in a chalk-coloured hair and has “no definite head or eyes”.

According to the Siberia Times, the monster was too heavy to be moved by locals. Witness Svetlana Dyadenko posted on social media: “The most interesting thing to me is that the creature is covered with tubular fur. “It does look like fur, but it's tubular, as if a lot of tiny pipes hang down the carcass. It’s a really strange-looking creature. “We Googled it and couldn't find anything resembling it.

So head on over there to get the full story, quick! It's going to wash back out to sea probably? If you liked this manserous and "disgustingly stinky, carcass" then you must check out the really horrible and melting pile of muck that I found on the Over Wyre beach? It has a skull like a human and a body like a... I honestly don't know what it look's like? I first thought it was a Seal but nah, you check it against any Seal skeletons and it aint that for sure. Nobody knows what it is (and me), yet there it is, it is real.

Here is a image of the hairy creature that washed up on a Russian beach.

The hairy Fylde Coast, Over Wyre beach monster that I found (UFO Sightings Footage Editor) image below:

The Over Wyre Beach Monster.

This is just one of a few images that I took.

Oldest Tools Outside Africa Found, Rewriting Human History - Again!

Here we go again, we're on that train to Cookoo land once again. This feel's very familiar, almost like we've been on this train to Cuckoo land before? I knew it, I had it pegged from the beginning. I've done something similar to this not that long ago actually and that was to do with Dinosaurs and it got picked up  by the national newspapers? Well, let's have a look again and see what it is this time? I put the pieces together last time but this time it's The National Geographic team doing the world community at large a solid. I mean everyone wants to know where we all came from, right?

So you buy your online Ancestors tree of life etc BS kit and don't even realise that you've just been logged, added to a database and now they've got your DNA which they then do alsorts of things with it "God knows what" just what do they do with it? I heard things like the CIA get's a copy with your name and family tree etc etc. Then after you've added your DNA to them willingly who then work out just where you actually came from on this planet going back to such and such part or parts of the world and then you don't give it anymore thought like where did "they" come from before them?

Some of the stone artifacts from Shangchen's oldest sediment layers. PHOTOGRAPH BY ZHAOYU ZHU.


So again, once again, here we go again and all that crap. History lol repeats itself and now the scientist's that wanted us to swallow the rubbish in the first place now have brand new evidence which suggests that our ancient cousins left the continent much earlier than previously "thought". Do you see what the sneaky so and so's are doing there? "thought"!

I was under the impression that it was a fact? It's actually a quarter of a million years earlier than previously thought and that's not a little that's A LOT!

PHOTOGRAPH BY ZHAOYU ZHU stone artifacts rewriting history of mankind.


But now they're insisting it was a thought? An afterthought or a theory? I mean let's get the wording right especially when we catch them totally dismissing their own lies and "disinformation" like it was just an afterthought instead of all the textbooks in ever school saying the opposite. When will these scientists actually one day stand up and say actually we're all "theorists" and we got it wrong? It's a working progress. Science feels like it's just a guessing game to me? Until something else comes along and tells another story they kind of stick with the story "whichever it doesn't matter" as long as there's some sort of drivel they can peddle?

I get it, nobody wants to look dumb but filling in the gaps with nonsense and posing it as facts is still exactly what it is, depending on who you ask? Another scientist would probably say it's the best evidence and data that they had and someone like me would say why don't you just say nothing until you admit that you don't know everything? Getting it wrong as a scientists is a no, no. Getting it wrong is human, it's what it is to be human because without it your just a computer with no soul.

I've probably got more than most wrong but I can admit it and if science was a bit more honest with itself and not just economical with the truth then we'd all know a lot more in terms of theories versus facts. When you put something like this in front of me I get a bit angry yeah, because of the way the last so-called fact was paraded as a fact! Until something better comes along I suppose is how it works?

The ancient toolmakers lived at Shangchen, China.


I'm telling you now, we've been here before and we've done this many, many times before and it just repeats itself over and over again. History will always repeat itself. Do you even know what that means when you say it? It's not just a saying, it's a fact and there's more to it than just a saying! And it means that it goes right back, way, way back. Millions of years, millions and millions. That's why this story is endless, it's endless because as technology grows we will keep on seeing our footsteps in the sands of time. ONly then will one day people realise that "hold on, we keep finding new evidence when will it stop"?

It doesn't and it won't because technology will keep on finding more and more evidence especially when we will be able to look through stone better! We can now, we emit signals and measure the time it takes to bounce back and hit a receiver and the numbers get crunched and we see a visual representation. You can imagine one day in the future when we can see through mountains with a headset on? Image one day when we can see far, far down in the Earths crust!

Ancient tools found outside of Africa rewriting human history.


It will be there, technology I mean. We will one day see things that only Howard Carter could appreciate and understand because the same feelings that he had that day when he opened Tutankhamuns tomb - will be had for us the day we pull the curtain back on the world!

Here's the story about your distant ancestors if your interested:

Modern humans' distant relatives left Africa earlier than previously thought—rewriting a key chapter in humankind's epic prequel, according to a discovery unveiled on Wednesday in Nature. Nearly a hundred stone tools found at the Shangchen site in central China may push back the spread of our ancient cousins—hominins—out of Africa by more than a quarter million years. The toolmakers lived at Shangchen on and off for 800,000 years between 2.1 and 1.3 million years ago, leaving behind tools that are unprecedented outside of Africa. The site's oldest tools are roughly 300,000 years older than Dmanisi, a 1.8-million-year-old site in the Republic of Georgia with the oldest known fossils of our extinct cousin Homo erectus.

Get the full history changing story right here National Geographic.

NASA Cut's Live Feed After High Def UFO Comes In To View (Video) 👽🛸👽

Nasa cuts the live feed as a high def Ufo appears in the video stream.

NASA live feed cut again after high definition UFO comes right in to view so yeah NASA is at it again. Even though this was caught on the NASA live feed a while back I have redone this video and here's my version? I slowed it down, and I left the infamous grey screen in the video because that's to show you what they "always" cut to when they see an anomalous object or as in this case a fat juicy UFO turning up unannounced. All image credit's go to NASA whether they like it or not? It was caught on their feed.

NASA has this public feed for everyone to go and watch, it obviously edges it's bet's when weighing up the chances of a UFO turning up. But this time the house won i.e the Aliens because that is not anything from Earth of that I can give assurances on.

Nasa cuts the live feed as a high def Ufo appears in the video stream.

Nasa cuts the live feed as a high def Ufo appears in the video stream.

Credit goes to NASA Live Stream even if they want to admit that UFO's exist or not? Even though they're looking for life in the universe, they treat people that see UFO's like insane people? Which is it? Are they AND you insane for looking or is it that they're jealous that someone see's a UFO and it wasn't them? It's true that aswell.

China's Area 51 Has been found in the Gobi Desert?

China, is the new behemoth in the country club of which it will dominate soon (some think it already is).

China is in all respects the new kid on the block aswell and is so big that it's likened to the new Giant that has just awoke.

China's Area 51 called Gobi40 by us is the next big thing.

Very similar to the US Giant that woke up through necessity.

The second world war kicked off and the Japanese literally bombed the US and while waking up it was being thrown around the room and when a bomb awakes you like that, your going to be very, very angry.

True to nature's form and way's of dealing with being woke up in such a fashion - especially by a bombardment, the US went on a rampage of destruction.

What will China do when it wakes up? All we have to cling on to I suppose is the fact that they have woken up properly and not through any nasty war like ways.

They've woken up because they've had a good sleep and having their breakfast is the logical next step.

We needed the US to wake up when it did for what is now. They did and now the world is not speaking German.

We needed it God knows we needed the US to wake up and absolutely teach the Japanese a lesson at the end of a Nuclear bomb (It's the only way they would stop and that's the truth")!

It's not controversial, it's actually history so if talking about historical facts are controversial then whatever.

Getting back to the "thing in hand" lol. So if I asked you to imagine a runway, is this the kind of the thing you can imagine?

Now imagine a spaceship runway? Well to be honest with you, a spaceship doesn't need a runway because it's not that way inclined. Wheels, no.

It's not taking on paying fares and it is not been handled by an air traffic control tower. It probably hovers and that means that it is a UFO, maybe?

China's Area 51 with planes that are active.

Credit/Google Maps.

I don't know about you but can you see airplanes and and other anomalies that shouldn't be there because if the planes flew there then how did they navigate through these obvious barriers? Unless these planes can hover?

Are we seeing stuff on the surface brought up from underground? Why is the shape and layout in a grid type circle?

What are these anomalies?

There's no real answers here as even Fox News has been in touch with the Chinese government and asked them for an answer but got nowhere? That's expected.

There's a great website online (Asian Defence) that has a little smudging about the site in the Gobi Desert and I'll mention a bit I found there that it say's:

Photo of this secret military site were first revealed by the official news agency Xinhua in a report which said the site is never featured on any official maps approved by the government and its purpose had never previously been mentioned in any media report. This secret military facility was established in 2003 for the People’s Liberation Army to test its ballistic missiles and fighters, Xinhua said.

It is the China's Area 51 that I've nicknamed Gobi40! UFO Sightings Footage started it here right now! Lol.

Since then (been discovered) everyone and his Donkey has an opinion (even us). But ours is comparing the runways of human planes to the maybe runways of Alien UFO's?

They must hover and be very visible from either space or very high up? It makes sense to me.

China's Area 51 using a Google satellite.

Google Maps is a public platform free to everyone to look through and talk about publicly.

You need to go and check this place out? It's fascinating and the coordinates are in the top image above.

Guy Taking A Selfie Catches The Best UFO Encounter In You Will See

The best UFO encounter in a selfie that you'll ever see! This is a UFO encounter "by accident" and it has was taken just at the right time. The planets lined up, the guy lined up and the cameras line of sight all lined up, the perfect moment.

Seriously I am confused by this UFO witness report? It states it is in Kent Ohio in the states but he was walking down the beach in Folkestone in Kent but in the United kingdom? I'm not big on geography but even I know that Kent in the United States is not the same place as Kent in the United Kingdom? What is going on with this UFO report guys? The information is all gathered from UFO Stalker (here's the link to this UFO footage report case number 93434).

So here's the guy that took the Ufo selfie.

But we have to take this as because it's 4 years ago and it's probably the first time a UFO was filled out, it's easy to get it mixed up? The UFO reporting form on MUFON is quite extensive as it asks for so much information? Some could easily get it mixed up by accident.

One of the best MUFON cases ever with a triangle Ufo in the image.

There's that many thing's which all lined up on that day to allow this guy an amazing shot. The selfie world will be envious (so it should be) and the selfie taking world at large will have to see this. When we talk about photobombing someone's photo well this takes it to a whole new level. Another level entirely.

In 2014 this guy was walking on the beach minding his own business. In his own word's he's vain and can't help but take selfies whenever a chance pop's up? So he noticed this "black triangle" I honestly wouldn't call it that because it look's nothing like it?

It's actually silver more than anything and look's like a futuristic flying car? The thing is, it's his UFO encounter so he has the right to name it whatever he see's fit, right? Even though it's definitely nothing like it, we have to respect his own views, he saw it and we only have a photo to go off.

It could of changed shape or colour and this is how it looked to him? We'll probably never know? But it is amazing and that cannot be denied at all. The UFO encounter took place in Folkestone, which is in Kent and that is in the good old "United Kingdom".

Here's the information exactly how it look's on the UFO Stalker, UFO reporting tool website:

Sighting Basics
Case 93434
Sighted 2014-08-12 08:00
Submitted 2018-07-18 12:47 (Reported 4 Years Later)
Time Zone Europe/London
Source MUFON

Usual morning out taking sunrise pictures, i took a selfie then noticed it.

Tags none.

Sighting Location
Approximation to protect the reporters identity
City Kent
Region Ohio
Country United States

Sighting Specifics
Distance 501 Feet - 1 Mile
Alititude Unknown
Features Unknown
Flight Path Unknown
Shape Triangle

Weather Details
Temperature 71°F / 22°C
Visibility 7 Miles / 12 Kilometers
Conditions No Abnormal Weather Conditions

Detailed Description.
I was out taking a usual walk down the sandy beach in folkestone, kent, uk, august 2014, when all i done was take a selfie. i'm quite vain & don't like this selfie but i noticed something in the background. which i cannot explain what it is. people think i've edited it somehow but i honestly have not.

World Has Changed Again - The Words To Queen Song Have Disappeared

Here's the proof you've been waiting for. The Mandela Effect is real, watch these celebrities get freaked out by the words they know by heart just disappear right in front of them.

This is a really weird world we are now living in after 2012 when CERN did the "man made "big bang experiment and created a reality (because we came from a big bang therefore they just created a reality in the lab) well, ever since they created this man made reality in their laboratory they've messed everything up. They call it the continuum.

This is crazy and mind blowing.

I call it messed up big time and they've forced us in to this new reality which is m,an made but trying to keep to what actually happened in our past, the tracks don't always meet up correctly. They can manipulate this reality because it's man made don't forget and if they can create a big bang in the laboratory, do not fool yourself in to believing that aren't capable of making changes to a timeline.

Welcome to the Mandela Effect because it is real heres the proof.

They recreated a black hole aswell guys! they can do magic things, weird and strange things like playing God. Who knows, they might be God? they're sure as heck playing God that's for sure.

The people at CERN in Geneva who do all these strange and devastating experiments. I said devastating because you should read my post for the answer to that. they've recreated things like the big bang that they shouldn't of done and now we will pay the price for that very big mistake. They've messed everything up and the timelines are struggling to keep u[p and it's going to get worse. Is it by design so that the Aliens can take over? Is it a way of taking over a world? Turn the world in to your world? It is a interesting thought for sure, there's no wars, there's no battles and there's no interaction with the intended targets and just get a few Aliens on the planet and get an experiment going where they "think" they're doing the planning and thinking when all along they've been steered to the ultimate reality stargate!

They change the timelines or create a big bang on such and such frequency and dial in to their home or reality, dimension. They have just tapped in to their own timeline and reality in this part of space irreversibly connecting us to their part of space - kinda like what Einstein said. Bend space, time and make the distance shorter between two points? When in fact, he's just describing the future. Andnow we're on an eventual course to assimilate in to their culture, lifestyle and we won't even know it, maybe? At least I think I know it?

How, because observation and common sense. I could be totally wrong, but if anything it allows us to know that this could happen? Again, if you think it's impossible, just look to the experiments like the recreation of the big bang to know that anything at all is actually possible. It makes sense to me and I can only put so much in to words.

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