NASA Scientist Spots Mystery Objects In The Rings Of Saturn

NASA spots mystery objects orbiting Saturn's rings, so what does it mean?

The fascination for exploring and understand the unknown is a prevalent desire held by humanity as they strive to reach beyond the common knowledge.


Credit NASA

Scientists continue to study and reveal to us the magnificent phenomena that sprouts in our celestial neighbours.

A video from The Ring For Over The Chain YouTube channel has an ex NASA scientist Dr Norman Bergrun explaining what he knows about Saturn. He call's the Aliens "The ringmakers of Saturn".


Credit NASA

We have sent probes to the many corners of our solar system and universe which has given us amazing detailed images and information about other planets.

Here's a quote from Mysterious Universe about Dr Norman Bergrun:

Bergrun analyses photographs of Saturn’s rings taken by the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecrafts in 1980 and 1981. He then details his theory that the rings were formed by giant Electro-Magnetic Vehicles (EMV’s) which are quite possibly being controlled by intelligent beings. He states that the 7000-mile-long elliptical ships are currently orbiting Saturn.

The Saturn orbiter 'Cassini spacecraft' has captured some astonishing photographs of what appears to be mysterious objects caught in Saturn's rings.

A quote from Dr Bergruns book The ringmakers of Saturn states:

Immensely large, enormously powerful extraterrestrial space vehicles located in the vicinity of Saturn and its moons.

One theory suggests that the solid objects were made in a recent collision, perhaps from caused disturbances by the moon 'Prometheus'. But it's not entirely sure and it still remains a mystery.

Are aliens out there, is there Alien life forms inside Saturns rings and why Saturn? Why are these Aliens there? There's lots of speculation as to why they're there and one is that the rings are been mined, the rings are not natural and are been put there...

The Cassini mission is a project made in cooperation with NASA, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, has designed, developed and assembled the orbiter and it's on board cameras. Watch the following video to know more!

Source Norman Bergrun Book PDF Archive - The ringmakers of Saturn.
Source The Ring For Over The Chain YouTube.
Source Mysterious Universe.


Europe has been having a strange flux of radioactivity. The cause for this hasn’t been isolated. Although, the radioactivity has been narrowed down to be coming from small deposits of an iodine isotope, iodine-131.

Iodine-131 is a man-made radioactive isotope. It's a dangerous radioactive substance and it's all over Europe. Basically Europe is becoming a waste ground by way of radiation.

These deposits seem to be dotting a rough trail across Europe, starting in northern Norway, say officials.


Europe is in a bad way, radiation wise

These deposits of iodine-131 were first found in January. Even though these dangerous hot-spots of radioactivity have been known about for months, there have been no announcements until recently. The reasoning for this being held back was stated to be because the authorities were trying to figure out where these deposits had come from and determine why and how they were spreading.

One strange part about this is the fact that these deposits of iodine-131 weren’t found around any other radioactive materials, which is usually the case. But the most suspicious part about this is the fact that these deposits have been determined to be fairly recently placed or dumped in these areas. This can be determined by the isotope’s half-life, which is pretty short. A half-life, found by determining the time it takes for a radioactive substance to degrade, is the way scientists find out how long something has been around.

Radiation wallpaper

This is how carbon-dating is done, as well. Because of the short half-life of this radioactive material, the lack of other radioactive materials is more suspicious, as they would degrade at a slower rate and would be left long past the time it would take for the iodine-131 to disappear. One theory is that, because iodine-131 is most often associated with atomic bombs, there has been some secret tests of nuclear weapons being done in Norway. The fallout from these tests would likely be found in the surrounding areas, depending on the size of the tests.

Although a blast and fallout pattern would be expected to point towards a rough point of origin, with more material being found closest to an area, with less being found further away from the site. But the erratic patterns found by specially designed US planes have not been exactly consistent with this theory. Iodine-131 has also been associated with some medical facilities that treat for illnesses such as cancer. These seemingly random deposits could be from pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities that are dumping excess material illegally or have had unreported leaks.

Radiation wallpaper

The irony in this theory is not lost. But the proof of this has failed to be procured as well. Authorities from the French nuclear security body do state that these radioactive hot spots are not to be worried about and are not a threat to nearby residents. Further investigations are supposedly under way and will be diligently at work looking for the cause of these deposits and rectifying this troublesome situation.

Nuclear waste drum radiation wallpaper

Eye radiation wallpaper



All the talk of newly discovered planets in nearby solar systems that look to sustain life is exciting scientists and extraterrestrial enthusiasts alike, including UFO Sightings Footage.

Amidst all of this research that delves into the possibilities of Alien's beyond our solar system, there are still a few scientists that are focusing on the possibility of life forms much closer to home. Namely, our own star, the sun.

Scientists have a whole slew of reasons for wanting to make this unprecedented expedition, with heat-loving extremophiles being one of many. Experts are planning on sending a spacecraft, named the Solar Probe Plus, to get as close as possible to the sun to get readings on a few things that some scientists have been yearning for answers about. NASA will be sending the probe some 90 million miles, which will get the probe close enough to get readings about emissions from beams of high-energy particles and solar wind speeds.

Alien on the sun image


These high-energy particles are being sprayed out from the sun at speeds that baffle researchers. The Solar Probe Plus should be able to get close enough and will be equipped to determine how these particles achieve the startling acceleration that they do. The craft will need to be unmanned because of the intense heat coming from the sun as well as the danger that these particles are hurtling through space at mind-boggling speeds present to astronauts.

The particles and heat can be dangerous to spacecraft as well, meaning that the Probe Plus will be armed with a nearly 5-inch thick hull made from a carbon alloy. Other systems will be put in place to ensure the safety of the vessel. The craft will be able to get within 4 million miles from the sun, which may seem far to us, but will be significantly closer that any other space craft has ever been able to get and will be an adequate distance to answer quite a few questions.

The significance of finding life able to withstand such an extreme environment would mean a lot to scientists everywhere. Even if this life is single-celled extremophiles, this could mean that we were wrong about many other solar systems and planets that we have rejected as being possible places for life.

alien on the sun image

Our Sun is being used by Aliens to recharge their UFOs

alien on the sun image

Star Trek Borg cube at our Sun in 2012

Star Trek Borg cube right next to our Sun (fact or fiction)

Borg cube from Star Trek is back at our Sun in 2016

Borg cube at our Sun

Now, saving the best for last, check this UFO out next to our Sun

Aliens are real and here is the proof

So that's it for now, I could put alot more images on here and these aren't even the very best. I want you to look up UFOs at our Sun and what you will find will blow your mind through the roof! Good luck.

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