Martian UFO snapped by the Mars Rover.

There's never a shortage of anomalies coming from Mars, so it beg's the obvious question "when will NASA admit to Mars being inhabited" or at least it was inhabited a long time ago? Let's face the facts and they are numerous! We've seen soldiers stalking the Mars Rover. We've seen skeletons and we've seen bones and skulls, space crafts, buildings, structures plus monoliths and even animals! The list (if I was to list the items individually) would be a mile long give or take a few inches?

NASA has been snapping UFOs on Mars for a long time.

Now, in particular is this official image (below) from NASA's own website that shows us a really bizarre and out of place looking "space craft" or "flying saucer" but whatever it is, it doesn't belong there at all? Has this been published in error or is this part of NASA's disclosure project? Is this an anomaly or is this natural to Mars?

I found some online post's about this "Mars object" and the most people have really got in determining what this is, is it's an Alien looking piece of debris possibly a craft of sort's? One other interesting observation was that this could be the Rovers own debris from entering the Martian atmosphere which it was apparently photographing? I thought that was a brilliant and well thought out answer because the date's and path the Rover took makes this observation possibly the right answer?

So you see, even though we believe in Aliens and UFOs it doesn't mean we ignore the facts or are blind to the possible truth's and only listen to answers that favour the extraterrestrial kind? Common sense is a tool we all have and I know not to lose faith in common sense. This Mars anomaly though, still hasn't been proven one way or the other? So it could still be a real UFO don't forget that guys?

What is this anomaly on Mars photographed by the Mars Rover.

Here is a piece I found on the internet about this amazing and unusual looking "object" on Mars?
The high-definition image shows the rocky landscape of Mars, with ripples etched in the surface by the wind. But right in the middle of the photo is an object that looks completely different. According to viewers, the object has a smooth, possibly metallic, exterior, with some saying it appears to have lights. Some UFO enthusiasts have even jumped on the image, claiming it is an alien spacecraft, and possible proof of intelligent alien life, reports the Daily Star. There have been countless other rover pictures put forward by alien chasers amid claims they show ruins, fossils, or even live creatures on Mars, but most have appeared to be just odd-shaped rocks.

Asteroid Eros Has An Alien Structure On It's Surface

Is there an Alien building on Eris?Image Credit: NASA/JPL/JHUAPL Image Addition Date: 2000-06-10

This is the 433 Eros object which is a definite candidate for the strangest object in the Universe? It look's like it was intelligently planned, masterfully created and placed in it's now resting place? To me this cements my firm belief that Aliens are real and not only here on the Planet Earth but also throughout the Universe in alsorts of different sizes, shapes and colours?

I mean, just look at it?

The one thing you cannot deny is that this is a strange looking object? Does this "433 Eros object" need further studying? You bet it does! Are "they"  and I mean NASA, already observing and planning on going in for a further look see, you bet they are? It would be a great technology coop if it turn's out to be Alien in origin like a machine which has lot's and lot's of Alien technology on it or inside of it? It is like nothing else I've ever seen off this planet that is for sure?

Here's what text it comes with on the actual NASA website:

This image of Eros, taken from the NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft on May 1, 2000, is among the first to be returned from "low orbit." Between May and August, the spacecraft will orbit at altitudes near 50 kilometres (31 miles) or less. This will be the prime period of activity for some of the spacecraft's science instruments.

The X-ray / gamma-ray spectrometer will build up maps of chemical abundances, while the laser rangefinder measures the shape of Eros to within meters (a few feet). At the same time the magnetometer will watch for indications of Eros' magnetic field and the near-infrared spectrometer will map rock types. The imager will take pictures of the entire surface of Eros that capture features as small as 4 meters (13 feet) across.

What does 433 Eros Asteroid look like close up.

The eccentric asteroid was discovered by German astronomer Carl Gustav Witt at the Berlin Urania Observatory on 13 August 1898, and later named after Eros, a god from Greek mythology.

This particular image, taken from an orbital altitude of 53 kilometres (33 miles), shows a scene about 1.8 kilometres (1.1 miles) across. Numerous craters and boulders as small as 8 meters (26 feet) across dot the landscape. The large, rectangular boulder at the upper right is 45 meters (148 feet) across. Built and managed by The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, Maryland, NEAR was the first spacecraft launched in NASA's Discovery Program of low-cost, small-scale planetary missions. See the NEAR web page at for more details. So instead of varying the content of this video I'm just going to analyse the one Moon anomaly which is this one.

Image Addition Date: 2000-06-10
This look's like a cannon or a gun of some sorts? It doesn't fit in with the surroundings as it's a different colour for one? It could even be a laser weapon linked in with more as yet unknown weapons throughout space?
There is no doubt in my mind though that this is of Alien origins because we never put it there and neither did nature!
It could be a remotely controlled telescope? It could be a trip beam which activates once something moves inside of it's field of view?

It even look's like it could be made of metals?
It could be a mineral detector or a communications relay centre?
It could be a tank? It could be a spaceship which has come to rest where it is?
There is a million and one things that this could be but I like the communications centre more? But then again it could be the telescope theory? There's just so many things that this could be that even that in itself leads me to believe even more that this is of Alien in origins!

Blue Dinosaur Eggs Found Fully Intact In China

Interesting Dinosaur eggs which are blue from China.

"43 BLUE" fossilised dinosaur eggs, were found in China during road repair work in Heyuan city in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong. Guy's it doesn't get any better than this as far as finding over a million year old Dinosaur egg, because not only have the egg's still got their original colours but that some of them "19" fully intact egg's. That means that there could be tiny skeletal remains of a miniature Dinosaur inside the egg's and who knows we could get some DNA from the preserved egg's? It could be a fascinating time or a disappointing time for scientists?

Blue Dinosaur eggs found in China.

But still, just finding the egg's was a stroke of luck because the actual area they were found has been under a road for a long time? China has been undertaking one of the worlds biggest construction phases in history with their infrastructure growing rapidly and so expect more amazing finds as China grows?

Chinese eggs from a dinosaur.

China has giving up some ancient and historic paleontological discoveries over the years but this one has given up 43 Dinosaur egg's! WOW! That's mind blowing stuff, right? Get this, some museums and organisations haven't even got 10 or 20 Dinosaur examples let alone 43 Dinosaur specimens - so for this recent discovery it has to be world ranked as an all time great just for the shear size of the treasure trove of natural curiosity wonders? Well that's how I would describe it.

Ancient Chinese Dinosaur eggs.

The city of Heyuan, Guangdong Province, which has rightfully earned itself the nickname “hometown of the dinosaur.” According to city authorities, more than 17,000 fragments of dinosaur eggs have been discovered since the mid 1990s, when a group of schoolboys unearthed the first specimens at a building site after mistaking them for stones. This staggering number of finds has landed Heyuan a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the city with the largest known collection of dinosaur eggs.

Fully in tact Chinese Dinosaur eggs.

Amongst the latest discovery were 19 completely intact, large eggs, the biggest of which was 13 centimetres (7 inches) in diameter, South China Morning Post reports. The Dinosaur eggs where handed over to the Chinese Academy of Sciences for further examination. Because of the scientific importance of such discoveries, Du Yanil, director of the city’s Dinosaur Museum, thinks that construction projects should be stopped if fossils are unearthed at building sites, which could be problematic since he believes there are probably many more to be found in the city’s sandstone beds.

China has dug up blue Dinosaur eggs.

China has dug up blue Dinosaur eggs.

China has dug up blue Dinosaur eggs.

China has dug up blue Dinosaur eggs.

Because of the scientific importance of such discoveries, Du Yanil, director of the city’s Dinosaur Museum, Guangdong, China thinks that construction projects should be stopped if fossils are unearthed at building sites, which could be problematic since he believes there are probably many more to be found in the city’s sandstone beds. In China, it’s illegal not to report discoveries such as this to the authorities. Just over a decade ago, a farmer in Heuyan was detained after police discovered a stash of 557 fossilized dinosaur eggs at his home.

An amazing amount of Dinosaur eggs have been found in this city alone in China.

Heyuan City was honoured by the China Geological Survey's Stratum and Palaeontology Center as 40 palaeontologists from China, the US, France, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Canada and Belgium attended the first Heyuan International Dinosaur Seminar. According to Professor Zhao Zikui from the Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeoanthropology, dinosaur egg fossils unearthed in China account for one third of the total found in the world.

And that is just stunning! Humans apparently started off in Africa and this would suggest to me that Dinosaurs started off in China? But just because there has been an abundant amount of Dinosaurs eggs found in China specifically this city of Heyuan it doesn't mean they started off altogether from there, but it is a starting point? Instead of having no idea where Dinosaurs started off life, this gives us a tangible and place to start off the investigation, right? I would rather have something to investigate as opposed to having nothing to investigate!

The fossils unearthed in Heyuan all come from the late Cretaceous period, 65 million years ago. Of them, seven are of a member of the oviraptor family named Heyuannia huangi, described by Lu Junchang from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2003 and since appraised as a first class state cultural relic. It is reported that the city signed a one billion yuan (US$121 million) contract with the Guangsheng Company last year to develop the dinosaur site park within five years. It will aim to reflect the excavation and research achievements there, making it a base for educating and popularising science as well as an amusement park.

Oviraptor family of Dinosaurs are very Dinosaur looking as to what you'd expect one to look like?

More information can be found here at IFLSCIENCE.

How Sputnik Worked

Just how did Sputnik work?
Michael Stillwell

Sixty years later, and humanity's first satellite remains one of its most important. Although Sputnik-1 will always be remembered as a shock to Americans, it is surprising how thinly veiled the development of the first satellite in orbit really was.

On April 15, 1955, the Vechernya Moskva newspaper announced that USSR had established the Inter-agency Commission for Interplanetary Communications with a goal of developing an Earth satellite for weather forecasting by taking photos of the Earth's surface. Translation: a spy satellite.

This "interplanetary committee" didn't work in total obscurity. On August 3, 1955, head of the commission Leonid Sedov told journalists that his country had already sent vehicles with animals into the stratosphere, and that the Soviet satellite project could come to fruition in the near future. In the following years, several other officials would make similar comments regarding the programs' progress, even announcing successful missile tests.

Several drafts of an official statement regarding Sputnik even circulated among the top brass of the Soviet government, but were never published. Even though Sputnik wasn't the Soviet government's main object (that would be the ballistic missile it was strapped to), it nonetheless was the opening salvo to what would become the greatest human endeavour in our collective history—the space race. But what could Sputnik-1 actually do and how was it built?

Soviet technician works on the world's first satellite, Sputnik-1.

The Simplest Satellite, known more commonly as Sputnik-1, was designed as a sealed ball-shaped container with the diameter of 22 inches. Its main body was two hemispheres two millimeters thick and connected by 36 bolts. Resin O-rings ensured sealed interface between hemispheres.

The top hemisphere carried two antennas with two beams each. One antenna had 2.4-meter beams, another 3.9-meter beams. A special spring mechanism was designed to deploy antennas to the angle of 35 degrees toward the main axis of the container, immediately after the spacecraft had separated from the rocket.

On the exterior, the top hemisphere was covered by a thermal protective shield one millimetre thick. On the inside it carried an attachment for the radio transmitter. The surface of both hemispheres was thoroughly polished for a better reflection of the sunlight to help track the satellite from the ground. Inside Sputnik-1's shiny, heat resistant carapace rested these internal components:
  • Radio transmitter
  • Power supply system made out of three silver-zinc batteries;
  • Remote switch
  • Thermal system fan
  • Dual sequencer switch of the thermal control system;
  • Control thermal switch Barometric switch
After its final assembly, the satellite was filled with nitrogen, achieving internal pressure of 1.3 atmospheres. Power supply to the radio transmitter and the thermal control system on board the satellite were activated by a remote switch. It would be triggered by a sensor at the moment of separation of the launch vehicle and the satellite, and a one-watt radio transmitter emitted signals lasting 0.4 seconds with a wavelength of 7 and 15 meters. If the temperature on board the satellite ever exceeded 50 degrees Celsius or fall below 0 degrees Celsius, or if the pressure inside fell below 0.35 kilograms per square centimetre, thermal and barometric switches would be activated changing the length of the radio signal sent by the satellite. So to maintain normal temperature inside the satellite, a special fan would be activated, when the interior temperature would increase above 30 degrees Celsius. If temperature fell below 20-23 Celsius range, the fan would be turned off. A dual thermal switch was responsible for turning the fan on and off.


A total mass of the satellite reached 83.6 kilograms. A special transfer section was developed to connect the satellite to its R-7 rocket. The separation system was designed to first jettison the payload shroud that protected the satellite during the ascent through the atmosphere, followed by the satellite itself. However, Sputnik's life was destined to be a short one since the satellite's electric batteries would only function for two weeks.

But despite its limited payload and short run-time, the satellite did bring some scientific results. By measuring how the satellite slowly spiralled down from its original orbit, scientists could determine the density of the atmosphere at various altitudes, because rarified air was primarily responsible for the decay of the orbit. Meanwhile, radio specialists could see how radio waves propagated through the atmosphere.

Children learning about Sputnik-1 at the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow, October 3, 2017. GETTY IMAGES YURI KADOBNOV / AFP

However, the very idea that the satellite made it into orbit immediately proved, or at least supported, many theories regarding rocket propulsion and other technical questions about how to place an artificial satellite into orbit. Sixty years later, Sputnik-1 is a scientific speck compared to the complicated instruments sent into orbit and beyond but it's impact is arguably the biggest. While more complicated descendants travel into deep space, surf among Saturn's rings, or provide a human home in Earth's orbit, it was Sputnik that proved that such an idea was possible.

10,000-year-old rock paintings depicting aliens and UFOs found in Chhattisgarh

There is some amazing 10,000 years old cave paintings in India depicting Aliens and UFOs that are just mind blowing, plus more proof that we have been visited in the past by Extraterrestrials and that they could have had a hand in our evolution or even created us with their own DNA and splicing it in to our DNA? Maybe these images on the caves in India are our primitive works of art showing our true creators?


But, it could also be a ceremonial dress only of a village dance so-to-speak? It could even be that the artist who created these is terrible at drawing anything with legs or it could be a self portrait just like they liked to paint their own hands for some reason? It could be a God impression by the locals way back in time? It could be, but it could also be a lot of things? We just don't know for sure?

I believe they are Alien depictions and a depiction of a UFO!
That doesn't make me crazy, it makes me a believer!

One must admit that the similarities in these cave painting images compared to what we "modern" humans think Aliens look like is eerie or spooky or even similar? This might just prove that it's not a modern imagining that we have of Aliens, rather an imagining that is time immortal and could be hard wired in to our DNA or brain tissue (essentially DNA) to instantly recognise our creators or the "Aliens" as I would put it? Well that's my own belief.

Indian cave paintings with Aliens in them.

Photo by Amit Bhardwaj

CHARAMA (Chhattisgarh): Chhattisgarh state department of archaeology and culture plans to seek help from Nasa and Isro for research on 10,000-year-old rock paintings depicting aliens and UFOs in Charama region in Kanker district in tribal Bastar region. According to archaeologist JR Bhagat, these paintings have depicted aliens like those shown in Hollywood and Bollywood flicks. Located about 130km from Raipur, the caves come under village Chandeli and Gotitola.

"The findings suggest that humans in prehistoric times may have seen or imagined beings from other planets which still create curiosity among people and researchers. Extensive research is needed for further findings. Chhattisgarh presently doesn't have any such expert who could give clarity on the subject," Bhagat told TOI.

Proof we was visited by Aliens in cave paintings.

One of the ancient rock paintings carved on caves at Charama in Chhattisgarh's Kanker district. (TOI photo by Amit Bhardwaj)

There are several beliefs among locals in these villages. While few worship the paintings, others narrate stories they have heard from ancestors about "rohela people" — the small sized ones — who used to land from sky in a round shaped flying object and take away one or two persons of village who never returned.

"The paintings are done in natural colours that have hardly faded despite the years. The strangely carved figures are seen holding weapon-like objects and do not have clear features. Specially, the nose and mouth are missing. In few pictures, they are even shown wearing space suits. We can't refute possibility of imagination by prehistoric men but humans usually fancy such things," the archaeologist said.

Indian rock cave paintings with a real UFO depicted.

Photo by Amit Bhardwaj

He added that it is a co-incidence that such ancient images appear to have sharp resemblance to UFOs shown in alien movies. "The fan-like antenna and three legs of vehicle's stand clearly show a similarity to UFO type craft," he said.

Alien in Indian cave painting.

Photo by Amit Bhardwaj

Paintings on cave wall in India reveals an Alien.

Photo by Amit Bhardwaj

You can see the full online post right here.

MUFON Director Of research Letter Of Resignation In Full right Here

The Mutual UFO Network's (MUFON) Director of Research, Chris Cogswell, resigned recently after learning that John Ventre is still a part of the UFO investigation organisation. Cogswell, a Minnesota-based researcher with a PhD in chemical engineering, released a statement last Friday following his decision.

John Ventre is wrong for posting this terrible letter.

To whom it may Concern,

It is with a heavy heart that I must report my resignation from my position as director of research for the Mutual UFO Network. Yesterday afternoon (Friday, April 13th 2018) it came to my attention that John Ventre, former state director for Pennsylvania, has had a continued role within MUFON as an active member, is listed as a paid consultant, conference coordinator, and treasurer for the PA chapter, and is a part of the preparations for the upcoming symposium. I was stunned to receive an e-mail from Mr. Ventre stating that he was the “guy putting together the symposium” for National MUFON, and even more stunned when his involvement was not strongly condemned and denied. Had I known that Mr.

The resignation of the MUFON's director.

Ventre was not completely removed from MUFON, despite the upheaval that may have caused and potential further resignations that may have followed from those who did not see the issue with what he wrote, I would never have joined. I believed, as I am sure the vast majority of the interested public believes, that he had been completely removed from MUFON and any attempt to return to the fold of this organization would have been completely and instantly rebuffed. However, as l have now discovered through discussion with MUFON, looking at the MUFON PA website and their list of upcoming speakers at their local conventions, and investigating the public comments from Mr. Ventre since his racist diatribe it is clear that this is not the case.

I expect this evidence will be removed from these websites, as it is clear that this process has already begun taking place. When I joined MUFON I had hoped to bring a scientific viewpoint and strong critique of ideas to this field. Sadly, it appears I will have to attempt that effort elsewhere. I am very grateful to those who gave me the opportunity to begin this process, and to those who believed in my plan moving forward. I am sorry that my trust was misplaced, and that your trust in me was not protected correctly,


Many are now questioning whether MUFON's continued association with Ventre could indicate established, systemic racism within the organisation, or even the entire ufology community.

But, I can tell you (even though I'm not a member of MUFON that Ufology has no place for this type of racism or any types of racism, PERIOD!

The online post we found (LINK HERE) continued:

Many are now questioning whether MUFON's continued association with Ventre could indicate established, systemic racism within the organisation, or even the entire ufological community. MUFON removed Ventre as the director of their Pennsylvania branch in 2017, following the scandal, but he is still active in the organisation as a paid consultant, conference coordinator, and treasurer; similarly, while many ufologists and members of the fortean community decried Ventre's racist opinions, he is still invited to participate in community events, with an upcoming speaking engagement at the Mile High Mystery Conference in Colorado.

Ventre is scheduled to speak alongside such notable industry members as Linda Moulton Howe and David Paulides. The conference is scheduled to run May 4th through the 6th in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado.

Follow this link to their website.

Kurt Russell claims he saw and reported the "Phoenix Lights" for real

Did Hollywood actor really see the Phoenix Lights, (UFOs as some would claim, some would say flares aswell)?

Kurt Russell, the Hollywood movie star, claims he saw UFOs over Phoenix Arizona. And not just any UFOs, but the ones that have become celebrities in their own right: the Phoenix Lights. Kurt Russell, during an interview on the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) said he was flying his private plane (he's a pilot by the way) into Phoenix, AZ on March 13, 1997, when he spotted the lights soon to become the phenomenon that came to be known as the Phoenix Lights.

Kurt Russell attends the premiere of "Snatched".

Kurt Russell attends the premiere of "Snatched" on May 10, 2017, in Westwood, Calif. (Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Russell, a licensed pilot, reported the lights to the control tower at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and, if his story is true, may have been the first person to officially log the sighting. The lights have been the subject of speculation and debate in the 20 years since they appeared. That was aided by the fact that rational explanations for the lights did not surface until July. By that time, the notion of them being mysterious objects had already taken root.

Phoenix Lights photos.

Most people who witnessed the lights reported seeing a V-shaped formation fly from north to south over the city, roughly following the path of Interstates 17 and 10, starting around 7 p.m.

Television stations showed footage of a later sighting: a series of orbs hovered in the sky to the west of the city, disappearing at random intervals.

The lights created a murmur of coverage locally when they happened. But that June, USA TODAY put an artist's rendering of the lights on the front page. National news outlets followed up with their own stories and a star UFO sighting was born.

Phoenix Lights photos.

An amateur astronomer, interviewed that June, said he spotted the V-formation while he was in his backyard and trained his high-powered telescope on it. He saw the objects were planes. A unit of the Maryland National Guard reported in July that it was doing training missions on the Barry Goldwater Range west of the city and dropped high-intensity flares. Still, some weren’t satisfied, choosing to keep the mystery alive. It has been the subject of documentaries, books and fictionalised in a movie released this year, “Phoenix Forgotten.”

Phoenix Forgotten trailer image.

Russell, who plays an extraterrestrial visitor to Earth in May's "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" apparently saw the V-shape as he was flying into Phoenix with his son, Oliver, on the night in question.

Kurt Russell "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2".

He was about to land, he said, when he saw six lights over the airport. “Absolutely uniform V-shape,” he said on the BBC’s “The One Show.” The interview was taped in April as Russell was promoting the movie, one in which his character, the godlike "Ego," travels in a highly advanced spacecraft. Phoenix radio station KTAR reported the tale this week, noting some unanswered questions in Russell's account. Russell said his son asked what the objects were and Russell said he didn’t know but would report them to the tower. He said the tower responded that instruments didn’t show anything like that in the sky.

“OK,” Russell said, “I’m going to declare it's unidentified, it’s flying and it's six objects.” Russell said he then flew back to Los Angeles and didn’t think of the objects again. Two years later, his wife, the actress Goldie Hawn, was watching a documentary about the Phoenix Lights. Something about the lights looked familiar, Russell said on the BBC show. “I was feeling like Richard Dreyfus in 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind,’” he said. Russell said he heard the narrator say the lights were reported by general aviation pilot who was landing. “I’d never thought of it since then,” he said, “but I said, ‘That was me. That was me.’” Russell said he went to his log book and saw that the date matched up, that he flew into Phoenix on that day. “Had I never seen that show,” Russell said, “I never would have thought of it again.”

Air Guard unit dropped flares on night Valley saw the Phoenix Lights.

Sceptics seek solutions to UFOs.

Phoenix Lights still bright 1 year later.

Phoenix Lights, plus a year.

'Phoenix Lights' witnesses credible, hard to dismiss.

Seeking UFO Answers.

The source of our information AZCENTRAL:

Outrageous Levels Of Lead Discovered in Chicago’s Water, Report Says

Brain-damaging lead found in tap water in hundreds of homes tested across Chicago, results show. Because of all that is going on in Flint, Michigan, people in Chicago have been testing their water via free lead-testing kits that were distributed by the thousands. That being said, the results that were brought in have been damning.

Lead found in tap water in hundreds of homes tested across Chicago.

Amid renewed national attention to the dangers of lead poisoning, hundreds of Chicagoan's have taken the city up on its offer of free testing kits to determine if they are drinking tap water contaminated with the brain-damaging metal. A Tribune analysis of the results shows lead was found in water drawn from nearly 70 percent of the 2,797 homes tested during the past two years. Tap water in 3 of every 10 homes sampled had lead concentrations above 5 parts per billion, the maximum allowed in bottled water by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Alarming amounts of the toxic metal turned up in water samples collected throughout the city, the newspaper’s analysis found, largely because Chicago required the use of lead service lines between street mains and homes until Congress banned the practice in 1986. The testing kit results provide the most conclusive evidence yet of widespread hazards that have remained hidden for decades. Yet as Mayor Rahm Emanuel borrows hundreds of millions of dollars to overhaul the city’s public water system, Chicago is keeping lead service lines in the ground. Is that strange or is that just plain mysterious?

Lead found in Chicago water samples.

According to Chicago Tribune residents have been advised as follows:

City and EPA officials advise that residents can protect themselves by flushing household plumbing for three to five minutes when water hasn’t been used for several hours. But in one of five Chicago homes tested since January 2016, the Tribune analysis found, samples contained high levels of lead after water had been running for three minutes.

Even after water had been running for five minutes, 9 percent of the homes tested had lead levels above the FDA’s bottled water standard. Prompted by concerns raised by the water crisis in Flint, Mich., and an EPA study of Chicago homes published in 2013, the city water department began distributing lead-testing kits to residents on request.

The kits included three sample bottles: one for water drawn after household taps have not been used for at least six hours, another for a sample collected after three minutes and the third after five minutes. Block-level results are posted on a city-sponsored website that hadn’t been updated in more than six months before the Tribune began asking questions about the testing kits. As you can see, there is not much being done about this issue and even now the people in Flint have all but been forgotten as they have been without clean drinking water for several YEARS now.

And while officials claim their crisis is over, most are not convinced. Could this become the same situation? It sure does sound like it. For the longest, these results were not even released as it seems covering things up and pushing things off is all that our =government can do. That in itself is a whole new ballpark. This is a much bigger issue than you think. What is going on?

One of the homes with the highest levels found so far is Jenny Abrahamian’s bungalow on the city’s Northwest Side.

The full article can be found here:

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