Mile Long UFO Spotted Via The ISS Live Feed In The Clouds

UFO Sightings Daily is run by an awesome guy, an avid UFO and anomalous events researcher called Scott C. Waring that's who discovered this mile long UFO, space craft.

Looking down at the Earth from the ISS is I suppose a bit strange as you'd think that the astronauts would want to look the other way right?

I mean, who starts off their space obsession and wanting to become an astronaut just to go to space so that they can look back at Earth and say;

This is a mile long UFO spotted by a UFO researcher from the ISS live feed.

Credit Scott C. Waring/Canva.

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NASA's Mars Rover sees a UFO on the side of a mountain.

Ooooooh! There's my house, and that's where I lost my... I think you get the picture, right? Nobody wants to, it's just that simple.

It's like the people at NASA worked tirelessly to get the astronauts in to space only for them to look back at Earth? If I was in space, and because all I know is Earth, I'd be looking out all the time into deep space - I mean why wouldn't I, right. It's like going camping but been on your smartphone all day and night.

Date of sighting: March 18, 2015

Location of sighting: Earths orbit, from ISS

Source cam video:

Using the live NASA space station cam I was fortunate enough to capture some video of this long cigar shaped object as the ISS shot past. This UFO was over a mile long and blends in with the surrounding clouds. There is no sound in the video, because there was no sound from the live cam. UFOs are not new to the space station. They are identified in videos every week, so check out the cam sometimes. You may catch the next UFO. SCW

Everyone should check out the ISS live feed for a chance to win a UFO sighting. The chances are great of seeing an Alien. Everyone is allocated 10 minutes of the live feed and you can win, win, win. See 2 UFOs and you win a cruise around the... Back garden it's lockdown.

Anyway, here's the massive UFO as seen and recorded by Scott while watching the ISS live feed:

Source: Scott C. Waring UFO Sightings Daily/Scott C. Waring's YouTube video/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News.

The Smoking Gun Alien Base On The Moon

As far as having a smoking gun goes, this is probably the best "billowing smoke gun" that there is?

There's too many NASA photos with proof of structures on the Moon, so I have to limit how many I can use. You wouldn't be able to load the page if I was to put them all in this post.


Alien bases really DON'T surface or come up for air that often, so when they do surface for "invisible air" on the concrete grey Moon they will definitely be spotted by Eagle eyed UFO enthusiast's.

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You may think that hardly anyone is looking at the Moon at any given time like even now, but believe me there's hundreds if not thousands of people looking through telescopes?

Amateur telescopes all the way up to the professional telescopes are being used by universities, the Government, private companies (SpaceX, Virgin etc) agencies in cooperation with NASA to provide us with the information for maps like Google Moon. And then there's the top secret off the record don't you dare look over here type of telescopes.

Then we have a very specific telescope that is tasked with surveillance of the Moon entrances and known shindigs of ET.

If you laugh at that, then you don't understand that the UFOs must and I repeat "must" go somewhere after doing whatever they do on the Moon.

Credit: all the photos in this post NASA.

The above image is straight up anomaly. Is it naturally formed through the Moon's ancient past or is it an Alien base?

Credit NASA/Canva.

I'm not in the mood for NASA to provide us with a pamphlet showing a few charts, surveys or leading with a whole bunch of sciencey looking thingy mabobbs. It's unusual, it's different and I don't like it. Lol.

Hold on a minute, that sounds vaguely familiar... Gundar the Barbarian.

Anyhoo, try this amazing news article/blog post from November 9th, 2017 in TierradeLazaro which has some explosive statements that if true then holy crap were in for a disclosure like nothing we've ever imagined would happen:

A guy called Ken Johnston who was the director of the Photo Conservation Section of NASA's laboratory, participated in the 1969 mission and claimed that the astronauts photographed vestiges of buildings and technological devices on the Moon. Check out the link just above for explosive information about Apollo mission Aliens and UFOs, buildings on the Moon.

Sound's bizarre doesn't it? Surely it's just a bizarre story created by the book club in sunny Sudbury in the UK... This can't be real, can it?

Many of the Apollo mission photos had been altered prior to publication, and that many others had been ordered for destruction because no one could know of their existence, but Johnston ignored them and saved for many years to bring them to light in 2008, when former astronaut Neil Armstrong gave an interview to a news site. At the time, the ex-astronaut said that gigantic constructions existed on the far side of the Moon.

A kind of extraterrestrial base where a mining operation is taking place on the lunar surface. In addition, the Apollo 11 crew obtained more than 100 photos, some of mother ships and others of huge settlements on the lunar surface.

The Moon is the go-to sure bet after a full day of UFO research. It can be exhausting, it can be thankless and nobody thinks that you are sane anymore. But, you can bet on the Moon giving you a better chance to throw some sunshine on the whole Extraterrestrial question. Ask and it shall provide you with more than plenty enough crater bases, Alien structures, Flying Saucers in and on the rims of craters.

Here's the best Alien base photograph that you can possibly find anywhere else:

Actual NASA photo of a huge Alien base on the Moon.

Credit NASA.

UFOsAboveUs YouTube channel spotted this in 2019 and it's been nicknamed the Empire states building even though it's taller than it. Here's the YouTube video:

Credit UFOsAboveUs YouTube.

I mean, look at this spectacular multistory building in this crater in the image just above the video. It's built with a knowledge of "gravity" as strange as that sounds, it's a vital clue because it's got a large base at the bottom and like any Earth building it gradually gets thinner towards the top. Then there's the domed building in the lower left hand corner of the image.

Amazing stuff exists on the Moon that should not be there.

Credit NASA/UFO News/UFO Sightings Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva/UFOsAboveUs YouTube.

Silver Flying Disk Video That Looks Very Convincing

Here's a really quick UFO post with a very real looking UFO from Thirdphaseofmoon.

With what looks like a Flying Saucer in silver and with also what looks like the mechanisms, workings and stuff I haven't got a clue on what they are on the underside but on show for anyone to see.

Get ready for a very convincing looking UFO.

Silver Flying Disk with it's mechanical instruments on the underside of it on show.

Credit: Thirdphaseofmoon/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

There's a great chance of this being fake so please don't get carried away thinking it's this or that etc. But like I always say, it's a UFO until it's proved otherwise.

Seriously, it looks extremely convincing and like it's at home in the sky.

This is how far away the UFO is from the UFO sightings eye witness cameraman.

Silver Flying Saucer Filmed from far off.

Credit Thirdphaseofmoon/UFO News/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

There was a spate of UFO sightings in the area of the eye witness who filmed this very good looking UFO. So he and a friend went out to film the skies and low and behold they were shocked to see a UFO so they continued to film the unfolding event.

Thirdphaseofmoon YouTube UFOs video. The video below has a few different examples of UFOs caught on camera and Thirdphaseofmoon has put them together in one video.

The best UFO incidents in history on UFO Sightings Footage.

Credit: Thirdphaseofmoon.

Dragon Tail Butterfly Looks Like A Flying Angel

After surfing Pinterest looking for new UFO sightings that have been reported by people as they happen I came across this Alien looking insect.

Pinterest been the best place to find UFO reports as they happen. Seriously you'd be surprised that Pinterest is probably the largest UFO related reports posted by eye witnesses as they happen.

Alien looking Dragon Tail Butterfly.

Credit: Kazuo Unno, wildlife photographer.

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Anyhoo, I had to do a double take "step back" when I was whistling away, just walking past this epic looking video! I had to bring you this even though I've not posted on Butterflies before, that doesn't matter because I blog about the stuff that's exciting, exceptional, unusual and very odd looking.

But mostly I write about Alien looking beings and the UFO phenomena. This Butterfly has a great marking of a star chart like map on it's tails. Truly magnificent.

This is one of nature's best insects, the Dragon Tail Butterfly.

Credit: Kazuo Unno, wildlife photographer/Discvr blog.

It literally caught my eye because it's one of those fantastic times that something I've never seen before absolutely stops me in my tracks!

This is what I call the best nature video that has ever been recorded!

The Dragon Tail Butterfly instantly reminded me of an Angel or an Alien. My mind was blown, nature can and does have that kind of affect on people. Racing back and forth between trying to identify it and comparing these to other things like...

Angels, Aliens, Dragons, Fairies Elves, Sprites, ancient flying entities and Elves etc. (I've said Elves). Stuff of that kinda nature like mystical folkloric and and Witch's on their brooms lol.

Okay - so what if I was thinking overtime but that's only because of seeing these wonderful insects. Nature like I've said can definitely have that kind of affect on anyone.

Butterflies are nature's wonder's.

Credit: Kazuo Unno, wildlife photographer/Discvr blog.

I know they can't be classed as Tinkerbell or Fairies from the bottom of the garden or something like that. Lol.

But after discovering yet another stealthily amazing and exceptionally great, camouflaged Butterfly - I'm really starting to wonder how these little critters actually mastered nature and commanded their very being to became an invisible, top tier stealth expert!

Below is another video about a Butterfly who looks like a leaf.

Or, does the leaves on trees look like him? Yes I know it's the Butterfly impersonating a leaf but wow, what did the Butterfly look like in the beginning?


We have an insect here that we have never seen it's original look. Mimic, it's actually mimicking a leaf and it even flutters in the wind. It oscillates back and forth like it's caught in the wind, usually when it feels threatened.

Wells Baum.

I had to show you guys this amazing, stunning and beautifully presented video crested by Video by Kazuo Unno, wildlife photographer.


The green dragontail *butterfly (Lamproptera meges) of South and Southeast Asia is a mesmerizing insect.

The Dead Leaf Butterfly is a master mimic.

Credit: The Garden Of Eden Blog.

Small and delicate, it is one of the few species of swallowtail butterfly with transparent wings. With a life span of 7 to 12 days, Earth’s real-life fairies are truly nature’s flying jewel.

*Wendy Williams link.

The Language of Butterflies: How Thieves, Hoarders, Scientists, and Other Obsessives Unlocked the Secrets of the World's Favorite Insect.

Credit Discvr blog.

UFO, Not A Bird on Live TV During Women in The Military Talk on RT

Dr Melanie Burkholder is a former US official. Just move to the side please Dr, there's a UFO over your shoulder.

Finally I have seen my first live TV UFO caught on camera. It's been a while, it's not perfect but it's a win and I'll take any win. Sound's like football. Lol.

Credit: RT (Russia Today), UFO Sightings Footage, UFO News, Canva.

While I was watching an episode of RT between 1pm and 1:30pm the episode is called "News.Views.Hughes" on RT had an uninvited and unintentional celebrity cameo by a bona-fide UFO. It's a bona-fide UFO to me because it's not identified as yet.

It's not a common sight, it's not like we see this type of thing all the time and say we'll it could be this or this etc. We literally don't have anything to put up a defence with and say it looks like X, Y or Z. It doesn't mean it's an Alien but it does mean that it's something.

Getting back to it...

Right then, to the right of the 50 inch screen (size reference idea) in the top corner say about 3 maybe 4 inches away from the edge of the TV screen we can definitely see what looks like a speeding blur at first, a very fast black blur without the shape of a bird.

There's no wing's, no head, no feet etc and I mean it's got no wings that we should at least be able to see? There's no discerning features that you can make out per-se?

It's not everyday that we get to see first hand, a possible Alien vehicle or top secret technology.

It's a rectangular shape and that's very odd.

Credit: RT (Russia Today), UFO Sightings Footage, UFO News, Canva.

So, it's not a bird (only in my own opinion), it's not a plane lol or a taxi from the Fifth Element with Bruce Willis. That's an epic movie with the stunning Milla Jovovich.

Credit: Milla Jovovich Fifth Element/Director: Luc Besson/Producer: Patrice Ledoux/Guamont Buena Vista International.

What I can say about this is that RT didn't even spot it...

Or did they spot it but haven't said a word? Probably not. The bird is the word but unfortunately it's not the word in this instance.

I honestly don't know what they we're talking about while a potential Alien vehicle or surveillance drone went past but it went downward towards the ground and fast. I'm sorry but I don't pretend to be interested in this particular subject because it's the military and I believe no country should have a military.

That's only based on my other belief that all humans should get along in a hippy way. No fighting!

Closer look at the UFO on RT (Russia Today) RT UK broadcast.

Credit: RT (Russia Today), UFO Sightings Footage, UFO News, Canva.

I understand that reality is reality and humans are innately horrible to each other so the military will always be demanded. I get that.

I believe that RT was debating about pregnant women serving in the US military and women allowed to have their hair as long as they want it like in a bob, blah, blah de blah.

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Oh I'm sure someone is interested in this but I'm here for the UFO thank you (potential UFO should I say). I regularly watch RT which is called Russia Today as I thoroughly believe that they report on stuff that news agencies in the US, UK, Europe and Canada won't dare publish or talk about.

So, just for that alone I watch it as it's another point of view and not just a one sided narrative that we in the west are very used to.

Today's date is the 17th March in the year of 2 thousand and twenty 1. I like mixing it up with letter's, numbers (rebel without a cause).

Here's the video I took:

Video Credit: UFO Sightings Footage/Canva/RT UK.

Russia Today was up to it's regular America bashing while banging on about the US bashing other countries. The contradictions ain't lost on me. Cheers for stopping by and checking out this video I did. Please leave a comment on what you make of it and if you can identify it for sure then please leave a comment on here, cheers.

Share it with everyone.

Credit UFO Sightings Footage/RT Russia Today/UFO News.

Alien Secretly Recorded Flying A Spacecraft And Moving Around Inside

The answer is no! This Flying Spaceship or UFO if you want, still hasn't been debunked and it's "still" not been fully explained satisfactorily.

Credit: Thirdphaseofmoon YouTube the video is below.

The above Flying Saucer shaped UFO craft is probably the best evidence so far but...

Just slightly going off subject quickly but:

Trust me (or not) this is probably some of the best UFO evidence bar none that I've ever seen in a long time - in fact it's ever since I saw this ancient historic artwork depiction by Ventura (or Bonaventura) Salembeni near the end of the 16th century (below) showing a blatant satellite with antennas! For real, antenna aerials in ancient paintings hadn't even been thought about or radio so why am I seeing a satellite called Sputnik in this old masters painting...

Because Aliens have been around for a long time, certain people have been privy to knowledge and are in cahoots with Extraterrestrial entities.

In exchange for knowledge, information, technology, riches, science, acceptance of themselves, secret biological advances with health care and cloning, disease free lives and space advances.

Human leading families and secret organisations all connected have given the okay for Extraterrestrials to abduct and experiment on human beings. All Presidential hopefuls say that they will disclose the truth and information about Aliens, until they become president and are forced to reveal nothing. They cannot reveal anything about Aliens because they do not have the power to do so. The shadowy, secret runners of the world do not allow their information to be common knowledge.

Presidents all fall in line.

Do you remember seeing photos of the Sputnik satellite on many UFO websites and on social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook even Twitter saw a rise in this post's visibility. It's actually in an ancient painting called GLORIFICATION of the EUCHARIST from the end of the 16th century.

They cannot explain the antennas satisfactorily!

Credit: Wikipedia.

It shows the Sun, Moon and the Earth. But the two aerial antennas are a huge mystery!

The ancient past had UFOs, nothings changed except for their reporting on.

The only way ancient UFO incidents could of been recorded was:

A. Secretly. Blasphemy was a capital offence in most if not all countries.
B. Word of mouth, generation to generation.
C. Hidden in plain sight i.e canvas artwork but only of the masters.
D. Petroglyphs*

I'm not looking down, using clever phrases or double speak towards anyone but remember guy's, anyone can claim to be a creator of a UFO video! It's easy for me to say this is a defence of any UFO sighting. I wouldn't say it if it was true though. It's just to easy for anyone to say that they crested the (specific) video and people then use that as a stick to put down anyone that has new opinions or just reiterate original opinions. In fact I've been ridiculed by people for still saying that a UFO video looks real. They called me a retard, idiot, that I know nothing about Ufology and I need to update my facts!

I remember I pointed out that anyone can say they shot JFK but it does not make it true!

They never did reply back. Hopefully I awoke their senses and I hope (not too much though) they realised how much they might have played right into the hands of hoaxers? See, I want people to wake themselves up through cognitive reasoning and understanding as I thoroughly believe that this is the only way that we as humans truly grow and become better versions of who we are. Epiphanies are good for us all. don't jump on to opinions that back up my own opinions as I'm always trying to be on the fence with a leaning towards UFOs being real. That's the hope, faith and belief in me.

With a plan of putting doubt into people's mind. In fact, a lot more UFO videos are claimed by people than you might think. People are claiming UFO videos all the time. It doesn't make it so, it does not change anything and a grounded rationality is to look at it like this:

On one hand we have a real UFO video, there's no way to verify who filmed it or if it's a real UFO video anyways.

If you look at this, I can guarantee that you will find where the Alien figure is? It's practically dead centre and we can see it's "Alien face".

Credit: Thirdphaseofmoon YouTube.

And on the other hand "everything I've just said". Also, whereas we have the video that exists and as such that it becomes it's own evidence by existence! But a person who is claiming to be the original creator has only words, a good story and basically it goes against everything that the UFO video stands for and until someone has another version of the UFO video with the actually in it, talking in the other version then I don't believe anyone that claims any UFO video because anyone can do that.

Don't you think that the person who is claiming to be the hoaxer is going against everything they set out to do and that they'd have some sort of evidence to be able to back up what they're saying?

There's about 8 Billion people in the world and only a handful of these people are capable of creating such a hoaxes. Without a monetary gain or something else that will entice or repay the hoaxers for creating this (hoaxers are greedy, money is their only motivation) then they wouldn't touch this with a bargepole.

Anyway, there's no hoaxers out there clever enough to create such a thing. The reason why we know hoaxed videos from real videos are because the hoaxers are crap and we can spot them a mile off. By the way, I bloody hate hoaxers for throwing doubt on Ufology. They're the reason why people ridicule UFO believers because their stupid videos look docile.

They (real hoaxer) should be able to provide us with tons of proof or information that they created a big budget UFO video... Right?

Let's put the card's on the table and get a reality check on this.

Right, first of all the video exists so it's not just someone's word that it took place. Secondly, it's a world first or first ever, in that we actually see an Alien inside of a hovering UFO. Notice that there's a large tree in the way of seeing the UFO fully which tells me this is real. We see an Alien entity walking back and forth. In my opinion it's walking up to and around the ship's console but that's only my opinion and maybe it's inputting instructions and controlling the craft?

Listen, if you have seen the evidence that I've seen then you'd be as far into Ufology as I am!

Oh believe me, I've been doing this Ufology since forever, for a very, very long time and I've had people approach me with exceptional UFO videos, Alien related information that cannot be published. Roswell, there's more photos than the famous ones where the Soldier is kneeling over paper backed tinfoil! By the way, those photos were actually all colour photos because I've seen them! I know for a fact (based on personal experience) that UFO researchers are approached all the time and given, or offered some of the most unbelievable and strangest, the weirdest, the wildest and the most flabbergasting conspiracy related proof and well documented Ufology data that there is.

And i'm nobody in terms of UFO researchers. I'm way down on the Totem pole - but if even I've seen the evidence that can't be published, then you can only imagine what the celebrity UFO researchers have seen?

No wonder Giorgio Tsoukalos hair is electric. 🌩️🛸🪐🌠

Back to the Alien craft.


Alien Inside Extraterrestrial Craft? This Video Has UFO Experts Stunned! As Of 2017 This Footage Is Still Considered To Be Unexplained! Public Reacts to Incredible Video! Could This Be Smoking Gun Footage?

I actually remember an official NASA photo in the archives showing a bazillion pixel photo that was so high in definition that I was able to zoom in on a craft type structure on the side of a mountain ridge that has this exact same shape, size and features. The zoom was breathtaking because it hardly lost any pixels and looked just as good as it could be. Here's a quick photo of it:

There's definitely similarities between both crafts. I am showing you two of the best looking, realest looking UFOs. The photo below is direct from the NASA archives website. Like I've said before, the zoom was epic, I couldn't believe it as this craft was coming into view.

And please don't forget that this is an official NASA photo from their archive. That's mind blowing. There's no bloody way that the structure in the photo below is nothing or just a natural Mars rock formation. No way!

Here's the link.

For some reason the more important things come up, then the more it definitely brings out all the trolls, hoaxers and boasters including the horrible lonely fakers. They should be happy that an historic event is taking place.

But it is what it is I suppose. Anyway, please enjoy the video and leave a comment. Don't forget to share this post with your friends. Peace out guys.

*A petroglyph is an image created by removing part of a rock surface by incising, picking, carving, or abrading, as a form of rock art.

Source: Thirdphaseofmoon/Ufosfootage/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

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