UFO Lands in Siberia

I'm afraid it's a Siberia saga yet again, the lovely Siberian "landscape of nothingness" and plenty of cold, freezing temperatures which seems to attract Aliens more than anyone can sanely expect.

It's a wet, cold and inhospitable damp stain of missery on the planets cool hot pants.


The "plausible" and can't be proved Siberian UFO incidents are aplenty! Let's not forget about the never ending string of Alien crash sites, the recovered Alien bodies and the Alien abductions reported every year since the moustache was invented - are all plausible so we have to listen, we have to be patient because it only takes one to be real.

Yes,that old chestnut.

UFO sightings are definitely real, they've been accepted by the US Government and they in turn released three UFO videos to show the world that they are not insane. It's a pity that when the public said the same thing, they could of come to their aid and showed the three UFO videos then, saving a lot of grief and stress that happened as a consequence of believing in UFOs. But what's done is done I suppose.

It's so easy to buy into other's opinions and beliefs instead of listening and reading or thinking for ourselves.

But then we read stuff like this from the Business Insider:

Two separate videos recorded on mobile phones show unusual lights in the rural eastern area.

"These two videos from two independent witnesses show that a UFO event of Roswell-sized proportions has taken place in Russia," UFO expert Mike Cohen, told the Mail.

Credit: Mike Cohen/Barcroft USA.

Siberia, it's kinda become a mystery all to unto itself - because when we, you or anyone else come to think about it, talks about how a Flying Disk lands and beings get out to stretch their legs yada, yada, yada it's always in bloody Siberia! It's never in a public stadium in front of the home crowd of 50K people. It's never in front of the White House or the Houses of Parliament in London.

So no, I'm not disappointed with this one or trying to put negative spin on this by "kinda dismissing it before it has chance to get off the ground" (so-to-speak) excuse the pun. I just want to know why Aliens keep on playing catch me if you can or chase me, chase me. They act as if they don't want cameras pointing them out, but then they sneak by the ISS. Then turn off the live feed! Like oh damn, I forgot to turn off the camera or turn on the jamming equipment.

So, here's my first problem with the whole shenanigans;

It's just the chance of having a Flying Disk land (not crash land) and your in the perfect place for a video with five being's that get out of the Disk on a totally different world definitely raises an eyebrow or two where I'm from. In fact it's up now!

But I can't dismiss it because it really could of happened, right... I have other stuff that has convinced me that Aliens exist and that's good, but I can see how someone else might not of seen that kind of UFO and Alien evidence who see this and absolutely start to believe that UFOs and Aliens don't exist, and that's a shame.

It might be so bad that it's real. Let's not forget that it was filmed in 2011 in the Irkutsk region of Siberia which was a decade ago and I have to admit that nobody has brought up any evidence that says categorically this is a hoax!

So, put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr unbeliever!


Proof at last? This screen grab (below) shows an apparent UFO on the ground with what appears to be an unearthly being to its right and four other beings directly in front of the glowing craft.

It shows what seems to be an alien about four feet tall, standing 15 feet away from its glowing craft, with four other similar figures nearby.

The short clip (follow links for all info) was taken two days after mysterious lights illuminated the Siberian night skies above Bayanday, also in Irkutsk.

Two days after the UFO sighting an explosion was heard and a UFO like this one was seen.

Two days after these clips were taken the town of Bayanday reported a crash of a huge pink and blue glowing object. But I really do believe that because it's so far out, so far away from civilisation (and reality) that people use it to make a tripod and camera UFO video.

Mike Cohen quote:

The military soon confirmed that it had not been doing any exercises in the area and therefore cannot be responsible for any reports of UFOs,' he added.

But he claims the authorities organised a cover-up of the UFO landing.

Officials declared the event classified and told journalists the area of impact would not be revealed, he said.

So, unless there is a file in Siberia With Top Secret on the front cover but with nothing inside the file then it would seem that the Siberian authorities like to designate nothing as top secret and create files to put absolutely nada inside of them, then I just don't know what to make of it all?

Please check out the various links to various other articles on this very subject and decide on what you want to believe? Cheers. Oh and please share this post with your friends and family and friends of friends etc.

Credit Daily Mail Online.
Credit Business Insider.

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