NASA Caught Blatantly Ignoring UFOs Rising In Formation Over Africa

The official video of NASA's STS80 mission shows a UFO formations over Africa, after a fast electronic weather interference one of the UFOs then shoots into space as the others rise in formation below.

This is like being at the theatre where the bad guy is behind the good guy and the audience shouts "it's behind you"! But oblivious (on purpose) to the unfolding drama or they're probably thinking if we ignore it (as the rule book states) then the live TV audience might not see it?

Multiple UFOs in the video with some shooting off in to outer space.

It beggars belief that even when the UFOs are right in front of them, I mean that screen is huge but they still act and I mean that they "act" like nothing is there! It's stupid and now we know they do it all deliberately. It is the NASA ethos, the NASA way and denial in action, in all it's glory out on display for everyone to see.

The epic video showing NASA employees blatantly ignoring UFOs (taxpayer funded observers getting it so wrong).

If they're this stubborn then we've got absolutely no chance of getting them to admit to UFOs and or Aliens existence? It's like us watching them, watching us but watching the screen and acting like all is fine? We can bloody see them, open your eyes NASA! I reckon they can see it but "protocol" and training overrides and dictates to act like nothing is happening, do not get hysterical, do not shout out, do not make any stupid "omg" noises and that's probably why they have them ear pieces in so they can be controlled.

Multiple UFOs in the video with some shooting off in to outer space.

If it's true, then how rubbish is that and they must know that people are going to see them sitting there just ignoring the #UFOs and are going to be calling their so called observation ABILITIES in to question as a #NASA employee to even spot Aliens for that matter on other planets!" If they can't see them in front of themselves on a huge screen then they've got no chance with finding any life on other planets so you can put that one to the back of the drawer and say good night to that one. What a waste of time, money effort and the worlds energy!


We need people who can spot them, this is totally in your face, once in a lifetime, never gonna be this close again on live TV and you can't even spot them, MOVE OVER i'm driving your an absolute joke!

Multiple UFOs in the video with some shooting off in to outer space.

One person commenting on the video says:

Before I die, I hope to see something so phenomenal in the sky that proves even more to my belief of Aliens. 🙏🏻

Another one then says:

What if there not space craft but possibly aliens themselves?

Another person just says one word:


How can NASA employees get it so wrong or are they deliberately covering it up.

All the comments are absolutely brilliant and says a lot about them people believing that they are seeing something extraordinary happening, but NASA seems to be the only ones that can't. How and why should we we trust their experiments, science or the answers they give us if they can't even make out the obvious observation like this? It says two things about NASA.

1. They can see the UFOs but are choosing to lie their way through it, which is very bad.

2. They really haven't spotted them and it tells me that they're not good enough observers, which is very bad.

Either way it's not good for NASA because this was live TV. It's been recorded and they can't go back and "edit" the footage or stage it, or take stuff out and remix the look of the video or cut to a dark screen and claim technical difficulties! These are ALL excuses they have used in the past ask anyone who knows NASA cover ups. I am done with this, it's depressing to know what they sneak around doing. Is this what a cover up looks like in action.

Source Ufosmagazine Instagram.

All image credits NASA.


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  1. The official video of NASA's STS80 mission shows UFO formations over Africa. The UFOs then start to become visible and one of the UFOs then shoots into space as the others rise up as well but these UFOs all stay in formation below. Why do NASA always say one thing but their official videos say another? Sometimes it's like we're watching one video and they're commenting on another but its not as its the same one. Tjey expect us to swallow what their telling us is happening when we can clearly see UFOs. ����‍������‍��✴����‍����

  2. If you want to see UFOs go to YouTube and search STS 75 The tether incident. Some of the crafts you see in the video are up to 3 miles across. They are all the same shape, just different in size.

  3. I just can't get over the mission controller gal that says to the astronaut "We're all ears.." Yeah,and apparently NO EYES !

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