UFO Dives Through Clouds And Disappears As Jet Closes In

UFO diving through the clouds to get away from the Jet.

Here is a Jet which seems to be flying straight in to a stationary UFO further on just above the clouds which looks like it sees the Jet at the last minuet and pulls a full nose dive to the ground but through the cover of the clouds.

This is a very good video as yet the details are still a bit fuzzy. It certainly looks like the Jet is going after this huge silver Flying Saucer type UFO but it could of just come across it, but my feeling is that it is specifically going after it.

UFO diving through the clouds to get away from the Jet.

Below is the awesome Jet UFO intercept video. This is a video probably taken without anyone knowing as we don't see any distinguishing marks like altitude etc you know the usual Airforce stuff on the side of the screen. It's probably this Airman's own camera?

The UFO eventually dives down below the clouds and out of sight, so what do you think of this? Personally I think this is really good, it's a better standard if this is fake put it that way but I don't see any red flags do you. The UFO notices the Jet and it really nosedives, and I mean it aggressively dives right through the clouds it's very impressive.

UFO diving through the clouds to get away from the Jet.

Please leave comments and share this if you don't mind and maybe someone can give us answers? Cheers guys.

Pure Energy Orb On Live TV Fox And Friends During Hurricane Florence

Huge energy Orb caught on live tv on Fox and friends during Hurricane Florence.

Image Credit/Jane Register

Video is below. We have here a very, very bizarre and unusual streak of light in an Orb or a entity in its pure energy form? i'm really having difficulty in finding the right name for this but it's definitely, definitely something that is real. It has to be self aware, it's gotta be doing something (but what) and the other I'll say about this is "how cool is this"?

Seriously here is the Orb or energy entity just coming in and who knows what this thing is doing? It's huge though compared to the gas station. We need your thoughts on this one guys, have you seen out like this before and is this a one off? This could of gone boom because it's a gas station! That would of been a really bad situation.

I've done a kind of timeline slideshow of the incident that happened on live TV in North Carolina.

Energy Orb caught on live tv on Fox and friends.

Image Credit/Jane Register

Energy Orb coming in from the left top.

Image Credit/Jane register

Energy Orb coming in from the left top.

Image Credit/Jane Register

Energy Orb coming in from the left top.

Image Credit/Jane Register

Below is the entity Orb leaving. It is absolutely stunning because this could be a soul, it could be a ghost or it could be some kind of Alien being as yet that we clearly do not understand? People and religions do talk about holy spirits and heavenly beings, lights and forms of light that is all seeing. Is that what we're seeing here.

The energy Orb then fires off in to the night.

Image credit/Jane Register

So you need to check out the video, it's absolutely stunning and it is a first right here sent to us by Jane Register, thank you so much Jane. it means a lot that you chose to send it to us, cheers. Guys if you catch something awesome like this please can you send it to us here at UFO Sightings Footage through our Facebook #1 group #2 group - or page and our website here has a page so you can send us your stuff.

The light or energy Orb comes down to the ground and touches down, it then flares up and floods the entire screen with white light and then it fires itself to the left top of the screen and disappears leaving only my jaw on the floor, on the scene. That would be my assessment how about you? Fair description or not good enough? Let's have the person who caught this (excellent discovery buddy) tell his thoughts:

Discovery by Jane Register Facebook.
I thought, what is that in my head? It was on Fox and Friends News on New Zealand Sky TV, early Friday night, 14th September 2018. It was evening time for me, as am in New Zealand so North Carolina would be early morning. At some service station by the looks of it, when hurricane Florence was hitting the State Yes.

After I saw the video it says on the screen Morehead City, North Carolina - and on the gas station it says the name Bridgeview, which is the name of the gas station.

Source Jane Register Facebook.
Source Bridgeview Service Station Facebook.

Source Fox And Friends News.

Structures On Moon Cover Up - New Evidence Emerges Over Alien Truth

Buildings on the Moon.

Buildings and structures on the Moon have been argued about for decades and it seems everyone has an opinion or has something new that nobody else has heard of before? But if I was to tell you that NASA astronauts have now been filmed actually admitting to seeing Alien structures, buildings and was definitely being watched from the side of a crater whilst going about their experiments on the Lunar surface what would you say to that? Well apparently it's true.

Space Command Insignia.

Below is a video from Scott Waring's YouTube channel showing amazing structures and buildings on the Moon. Now I'm starting to think that the person who put the image on the table was intentionally doing so.

Whistleblowers can and often do find many ingenious ways to get their vital or serious information out, especially if they're dedicated and on a mission to get the truth out and the underlying reason is usually always because the people need to know the truth and the right thing to do is to tell the world because it's the right thing to do.

Aliens on the dark side of the Moon in buildings.

"We discovered," the airman said, "a base of the back side of the Moon."

There's an extraordinary and I mean extraordinary and exceptional story on this website of just what this "high clearance" and high priority team member was just getting himself in to? His name is Sergeant Karl Wolfe,  It is astonishing stuff, it's only slightly better than pure science fiction and that is because this is real. Stranger than fiction, stranger than reality and absolutely stranger than anything he had ever dared to think about what could really be on the Moon.

His story is fascinating, here's a little bit of it:

Wolfe was told that recent enhanced images had surprisingly, yet clearly shown structures on the surface of the dark side of the Moon. Structures that definitely were not created by natural means, such as meteors, or ancient collisions with other heavenly bodies. The structures were created by intelligent beings. "We discovered," the airman said, "a base of the back side of the Moon." Wolfe was obviously stunned by this extraordinary disclosure. He remembers literally "shaking" trying to take in the enormity of what he had been told. Seeing Wolfe's disbelief, the dark room attendant continued;

"Yes, a base on the dark side of the Moon."

Sargent Karl Wolfe saw images of structures on the dark side of the Moon.

Alien hunters believe the picture of "an oblong-shaped structure" was inadvertently left on show while the discussion took place at the Nasa Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, USA. They went on to claim it proved an age-old myth Nasa is aware intelligent aliens visit the earth and moon, but that they refuse to disclose this to the public because of the fear of the impact on religion and the rule of law among the masses. The image was spotted during an interview with project scientists Anthony Colaprete and Dr Kim Ennico.

But Scott Brando says is was just a target for when NASA flew rockets at the moon. But still how can something artificial be "already" on the Moon for them to aim for? Even their excuse is absolutely stupid. But if they're trying to say it's a natural formation they are aiming for well just look at the image lol. That is not natural, that thing is definitely artificially made or constructed. That's just bonkers to even say that this is something the Moon made itself.

Image left on the table at NASA of structures on the Moon.

Conspiracy theorists say the image on the table shows structures, clear geometric shapes that cannot be confused in any way as “natural formations” or “moon rocks”. Some suggested a Nasa employee who wanted to get the truth out may have left the images out on purpose. The photos which first emerged in 2012 are still raising questions on conspiracy site forums. Ancient-code.com posed the question: "The big question a lot of people ask today is, 'are governments around the world and their organisations covering up information on Extraterrestrial life?'

Buildings on the moon.

Our fellow awesome researcher Scott Waring of the amazing website (please check out the fantastic work there) he really isn't afraid of what people think about his opinions because he knows what he's saying is the truth. That's the freedoms whole generations of families went to war for, it doesn't matter how far out, far less or far from the truth you are but your opinion counts because without it there is no debate!

Scott waring quote:
On April of 2007, several videos apparently taken by NASA have emerged showing a city on the moon and a close up of an alien cigar shaped vessel in Delporte crater. These videos were from the Apollo 20 mission. Apollo 20 was a covert Apollo missions to the moon to retrieve ancient alien technology. I’ll be the first to admit this really seems ridiculous on first glance, but if you do a little research into William Rutledge’s story, then you begin to see that NASA has been hiding the truth for a long time, editing what we are allowed to know and not know. When researching this story, I hoped to learn the truth about the covert missions to the moon. What I learned instead stunned my imagination, strengthened by beliefs and amplified my fears.
So always tell it how you see it, that's why you're here, that's why you was given your brain and that is to use it. It's not enough to just be born, you have to express yourself and "never" be afraid to express yourself in a constructive way. Ignore the negativity and embrace the positivity.

Source Scott Waring YouTube Video.
Source UFO Sightings Daily.
Source UFO Case Book.
Source Chron.Com.
Source Pravda Report.
Source Express.

Rocks From Meteorite That Hit Scotland 60m Years Ago Found For Sale On eBay

Meteorites discovered in Scotland only belong to scientists, your not allowed to touch them, move away from from the meteorites NOW!

Very harsh scientists are actually been mean, really mean. If they're citing the law, they HAVE to stick to it too so are they above the law I suppose we will see.

The scientists and the public should share them, science should not be allowed to find and keep them all to themselves, it's greedy.

Meteorite slice from a Scottish meteorite.

Thin section view of meteoric ejecta deposit site 1. Note fractured quartz and pervasive fabric. Field of view 4 mm XPolars. Image Credit/Simon Drake.

Where do I start with this? Seriously? I don't know what to think as on one hand it's their right just as much as the scientists right to "forage" for meteors that have hit Earth. You can get permits to find these things and what the post doesn't clarify is even if permits come in to play on the Isle of Skye? Is it only science who gets all meteor fallen to Earth or is it humanities?

A team recently discovered deposits from the impact which occurred 60 million years ago.

Image Credit.Google

Seriously, it would seem that science is pulling at peoples morals here when clearly it's a finders keepers rule. The scientists are manipulating the whole story and I can guarantee you that a hell of a lot of people will fall for it? I'm not saying that they should be allowed to take them all but who knows? How much is right and how much is a lot?

The scientists could even scupper themselves by bringing in the land reform act of Scotland 2003 in because they too have to stick to the law, they are not above it at all. Or are they and that's why they're mentioning this? I'm with metal detectors on this and yes meteorites can be found with metal detectors unless they are stony meteorites? it just feels like a manipulation here and I don't like that do you, especially by science. Read the following article:

Here's an extract from The National:

Image Credit/NASA

Dr Simon Drake from Birkbeck, University of London, made the finds on Skye with colleague Dr Andy Beard. He said: “About three weeks ago one of the students working on a project for us alerted us to the fact that our samples were being sold on eBay.

“This guy was selling the meteorite slices of rock for £9.99 per sample and he had at least 10 of them. We’re looking at about two football sizes having been taken out to provide these. This is going for the price of a fish supper, and it’s 60 million years old.” The seller was contacted and has now removed the items from the online auction site.

The law.
Scottish Natural Heritage said the unauthorised removal of any of the deposit could be in contravention of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003. So that mean that the scientists have to abide by the laws aswell, absolutely yes. The land belongs to Scottish people not just the privileged few.

What do you think guys, I know for some it will be an easy straight forward answer but for some there's an argument both ways? Should they share, leave them alone or science get's them all? Apparently they discovered that it contained rare minerals straight from outer space: vanadium-rich and niobium-rich osbornite. Is this why they want it all...

Extract from Phys.Org:

Geologists exploring volcanic rocks on Scotland's Isle of Skye found something out-of-this-world instead: ejecta from a previously unknown, 60 million-year-old meteorite impact. The discovery, the first meteorite impact described within the British Paleogene Igneous Province (BPIP), opens questions about the impact and its possible connection to Paleogene volcanic activity across the North Atlantic.

Source The National.
Source Phys.Org

Have Time travellers Brought Us Proof They Travelled Through Time - 2 Videos

Time traveller from the future shows photographic evidence which shocks everyone.

There's no end of people claiming to be from the future and that they are here to warn mankind of this and that but these ones are a little bit different? These time travellers both have proof, ones got photographs of the future he brought with him, it shows what looks like skyscrapers in the future that ain't been built yet.

This is very odd. He also claims he's on or was on a CIA mission. Here's the very, very strange interview he did. The other one (at the bottom) says he travelled through time and that the watch found in the Chinese tomb is his! It's all very strange.

The image is of poor quality because of time travel according to Alexander Smith.

The first story:

A spooky image that claims to show what the world will look like in the year 2118 has surfaced on YouTube after an interview with a time traveller who says he’s visited Earth more than 100 years into the future.

First time traveller.

Alexander Smith has proof of time travel for the CIA.

Alexander Smith, an elderly gentleman who travelled from the year 1981, indicates he has seen what the future looks like because he was involved in a secretive CIA experiment. In a video on YouTube, the former secret service operative admits he is risking his life by talking about his time travel because the CIA “are looking for me and I am living in hiding”.

He said: “I visited the year 2118 as part of a top secret CIA mission. “As to my knowledge, it was one of the first times that time travel had been successfully completed.

“I went to the future and then back to the past. “This all happened in the year 1981.” Later in the video, the man offered proof of his venture to the future to ease the concerns of those who did not believe his tale. Reaching into the pocket of his jacket the man then pulled out a picture aimed at confirming his journey. He said: “I do have something to show you today.

Here's the mind blowing video.

“This picture was taken in the year 2118. “This picture was the city I walked in. “I’ll never forget when I took that picture. “It was right outside the city, before I had walked into it.” The blurry picture appears to show a number of tall green buildings, each one oddly shaped.

Far from being a crowded city like London or New York, the buildings in the photo seem to be spaciously spread out. However, little more can be deciphered from the poor quality photo. The mysterious Mr Smith added:
“I chose to wait until now to reveal that picture to you because I didn’t know if the world was ready to see it. “That was a picture from the future which I was able to take back. “There was only a minor amount of distortion on it that was caused by the time travelling process.”
Time traveller with proof.

“The Government confiscated the original photo, but before they took it from me, I did manage to make the copy I held before you.” Detailing what the world will look like in the next century the old man also explained how humans will have received visits from aliens, speak a new language and climate change will get much worse.

The time traveller said: “Aliens do visit us, there are intelligent extraterrestrials that do come to earth. “They visit first in the mid 21st century.”

Another time traveller.

Time traveller: This man claims to have lost a watch in 17th century China (Image: APEX TV).

“It is just that watch that I had lost in China in 16th to 17th centuries. I was running at the time from Chinese soldiers. “A few months ago this watch was found in soldier’s tomb. I think, while I was running, he found and took it. “Scientists were shocked.”

The video is very interesting to say the very, very least. like always though you guys are the ones that will decide if this is real or not.

Here's the second epic video.

AN ALLEGED “time traveller” has bizarrely claimed to have been sent back in time to 17th century China under a government-funded time travel program.

The time traveller said: “I worked in a secret laboratory which was situated in the cellar of the central laboratory. “In London, there was no place where one could have a laboratory secretly and not be noticed. “The name of our laboratory was Globus. The financial part was under control of government.”

He then described the supposed facility where animal hybrids were created, teleportation devices were built and “many experiments” were carried out. But the most “shocking” piece of technology in the lab was the so-called “Time Queen” a machine used to send people back and forth in time.

The YouTube channel ApexTV (link below) commented this:

The man's mysterious story is alleged to be time travel proof, but what do you think? He goes as far as to claim that it wasn't a supernatural event, but rather an actual event that took place as part of a scientific experiment.

Source AtexTV YouTube.
Source Express Online Story 1.
Source Express Online Story 2.

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