Neil Armstrong Moon Footprint Does Not Match Boot


That's right, Neil Armstrong's spacesuit boot "footprint" doesn't actually fit. So, what's going on with this massive blunder. History can't be a l;ie can it? Is there a real argument for Neil Armstrong, heck the full NASA Apollo Moon Mission being a lie? Have peoples argument for this really based on truth.

For me, this was quite a big moment when I first saw this Moon anomaly.

I looked at the image and thought there's no way this is the suit that he wore and this has to be a practice spacesuit here on Earth right - but it's the same one he definitely used on the Moon.

  • NASA always have a ready made story or answer for every kind of conspiracy theory.
  • NASA was caught using a green screen instead of a live spacewalk.
  • The footprint in the photograph apparently belongs to Buzz Aldrin.
  • Then there's the fact that NASA always cuts the live feed when UFOs turn up.

NASA wants us to believe that the spacesuit is the real one but Neil Armstrong wore "overshoes"!

Shoes that go over the ones in the image and it's these "over shoes" that have left the footprint we see in the famous Moon images.

If you buy that then good on you, but if you don't buy it then yeah, good on you also.

What do I believe?

I believe that the people at NASA always have an answer for every single conspiracy theory that you can throw at them! It's as if no matter what you say, they have a come back already, at the ready so-to-speak.

It's a conspiracy all in itself.

Sorry, but to go one further NASA also said that the Moon photo of the famous or infamous footprint isn't even Neil Armstrongs, it's supposedly Buzz Aldrin's!

The-overshoes-apparently-used on-the-Moon-which-they-just-so-happened-to-leave-behind-on-the-Moon.

Apparently though, the astronauts left the "overshoes" on the Moon, so we'll never know will we? It's quite convenient as far as I can see.

I don't know what to believe because honestly there's really good and "strong arguments" on both sides.

Until I process all the information then and maybe only then will I have a full answer to this for myself, where I'm confident enough to say NASA is a liar, lol.

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But when you couple that in with NASA always having a smart answer for every conspiracy and even when they're literally caught out with proof!

If your caught in a lie once, the very definition of a conspiracy theorist is someone who questions the statements given out by "known liars".


But that's my own opinion based on stuff I've seen like the green screen caught on live TV showing a miniature replica scale model of the International Space Station and even the news anchors in the TV studio yelled out "I don't think we was supposed to see that" and "where's your spacesuit"...

That was supposed to be a news station going live to the ISS for a spacewalk but experienced some technical difficulties, yeah like the truth intervening!

Instead the camera cut to another camera overlooking the whole stage floor showing a green screen and a model of the ISS on a platform with people looking on very confused!

That right there sealed it for "me".

It might not seal it for you as we are all different and we all have an opinion. In fact I'm going to put that video in right now:

Source SkyKel YouTube.
Source Bored Panda.
Source Reference Wetpaintlife.

Russian Supply Spacecraft Encounters A Huge UFO


This is a huge UFO in space and I say it's huge because it's right next to the Russian Progress Cargo Supply Spacecraft so, we can get a gauge on how big this definite UFO actually is.

Guys, if you've never seen this UFO video before or if you've only seen the images (like me) of this UFO in particular then I recommend you see the actual video that these UFO images were taken from.

You will really enjoy this huge real UFO video from "Sonofmabaker" which is only short but it's a piece of the UFO disclosure project puzzle.

  • The Russians was the ones that leaked this real video.
  • This other space vehicle isn't in any archives anywhere
  • This specific craft doesn't match any known crafts
  • My conclusion is that this is a leaked video of a real UFO

Russia has always tried to or done the opposite of what the Americans would like them to do?

The Russians love messing with and clearly like ticking off any and all the successive governments of the USA.

It goes way back to the dawn of time if you ask some people in the US and the Russian Federation formerly known as the USSR!


I have no doubts in my mind why the Russians leaked this UFO news to the public.

Because they know from experience that the US government and NASA always keep this type of UFO stuff under wraps.

I think they're sowing the seeds of collusion and fanning the flames of mistrust (in the US and abroad) and while your dividing the public's opinion - you may conquer the public's opinion - the Russians still cannot get any Americans on their side though.
I knew that this large UFO reminded me of another UFO, as I've researched that many it's hard to remember them all.

The UFO that we see next to the Russian supply Cargo Spaceship in the video, looks near enough the same as the last one that was sent from Phobos 2 in 1988 which was another "Russian" space probe sent to the Mars Moon Phobos and this was the very last image that it sent back before it was lost forever.

It looks near enough the same as it don't you think? I wonder if this is a US UFO Mothership which has been in constant use since the early times of the space age?

It's a curious situation why only Russian spaceships have encountered this spacecraft, or maybe only Russian ones anyways as we might never know if there is any others?

The video which shows the UFO just got taken down out of nowhere:

So, after checking YouTube it seems that SonOfMaBaker video showing this video has been taken down and after checking it out seems his whole channel has been targeted by YT monsters who have decided to demonetise his whole channel. Hes not posting anymore vids, hes taken down this specific video (I don't know why he could of left it up) he didnt have to take the video down but if hes not getting paid then whatever I suppose.

This happened to my YT channel and is why I came off YT. I hate not having control over my own creations and is why I am on my own website instead. I thought you needed an explanation as to why there's no video. Luckily I took snapshots from the video. Sorry for the inconvenience.

There are some UFOs that really happen and people film them but literally can't believe what they are seeing and so they focus on that all throughout the video.

But NASA and Russian Cosmonauts are so used to UFOs and unusual activity in space that they are just getting on with their mission.

How crazy is it that an Alien presence doesn't get your attention or if it does get your attention you quickly shrug it off faster than a vehicle passing you on the street.

I think the Cosmonauts and Astronauts are trained to not yell out loud, to not scream in fear, fright or sight of anything at all that startles them.

Source New Earth Community.
Source Sonofmabaker YouTube.
Source Reference Paranormal QC.

What Happens After A UFO Photo Is Ruled As Real

The Hannah McRoberts Vancouver Photograph has been ruled as a genuine photograph. This is a real UFO according to experts who have fully examined the photograph over the years. Image Credit/Hannah McRoberts.

Seriously, what happens (answer is coming just read on) if you actually take a genuine photo of a UFO and it's investigated and then ruled independently - as a genuine UFO sighting or a real UFO photo?

I'm asking this because I know this has happened before as there's a case from 1981 called the Vancouver Island UFO Photograph which was ruled independently as been a genuine photo.

I looked it up, to see what actually happened after the outcome was revealed to the public and to see what the authorities "really did" in this type of situation or who got involved?

This image has been actually called "the best Flying saucer ever"! It says this on the website UFO CaseBook, OK that doesn't constitute that everyone is saying that, but you definitely see why some would say that.

Hannah McRoberts herself zoomed into this Silver UFO herself.
The actual photograph taken by Hannah McRoberts has been scrutinized by many experts who all say it's real. Image Credit/Hannah McRoberts.

I admit, I wanted to see if it was like the movies and the answer is no. Actually, it's the exact opposite to the movies and that's for real!

Nothing happens.

I couldn't find anything that has happened since this was confirmed as a genuine UFO image. Even other so-called real UFO photos, nothing happens. This is sad, it's not encouraging at all.


After typing it into Google to see what happens, because there'd be some sort of official or tried and tested way forward right, well actually not. I just typed this (and lots of different variations) into Google:

"what happens after a UFO is ruled as real"

Anyways, back to the "real UFO sighting" where nothing happens when it's confirmed as a real and genuine UFO sighting (potentially changing the course of humanity)...

The above/top photograph was taken in October of 1981 between the 10th and the 15th. So, it's no wonder that the above UFO image is a little blurred but most importantly, it's there and it exists!

All of the zoom in and close up's you see in the images were done by Hannah McRoberts herself whom is the lady that had accidentally taken the photographs in the first place.

That is the main thing to maintain, which is a timeline of the images and who has them, who has examined, what they did, the results they came to and also how they came to their conclusions?

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This I'm glad to say has all been done, that and more. The lineage has been maintained, the list of ever growing experts looking at the Hannah McRoberts UFO photos has been kept up to date, logged and signed.

You can't ask for anything more that that, it's an accurate (historically accurate, for history) log of examinations which are non invasive and are all undertaken by the best experts in their respective fields like for instance:

  • FSR's photographic consultant Mr. Percy Hennell, who is generally regarded as the leading expert in Great Britain, in all matters where colour photography is concerned.
  • This photo came to the attention of Mr. David A. C. Powell of Vancouver, who is on the staff of the McMilllan Planetarium.
  • APRO of Tucson, Arizona, the respected American UFO investigation group who claim now to be the oldest in the world also have been involved.
  • APRO had meanwhile passed their prints of the picture to one of their most eminent specialist consultants, Dr. James Harder, who is the Professor of Engineering in the University of California at Berkeley.

So, as you can see just by this initial, intense scrutiny of the UFO photograph or what we would call today the image went "viral" straight away and most of the UFO experts who was anyone back then got onboard and really wanted to get some answers and, they did.

But it actually could of been a very different story.

The Vancouver Island Photograph, as it's become known has been fully investigated by not just a well respected and independent organization but also individuals of whom are leading the charge in their own fields of expertise and all have ruled this photograph as a likely genuine UFO photograph.

  • That's all well and good, but what now?
  • Seriously, what do we do with this information now?
  • Who do we get in touch with?
  • Who has taken an interest in this UFO case and taken it further even still...

What happens after a photograph is classed as "likely to be real"?

Well, after looking this up there's absolutely nothing! Not a thing. I'm so frustrated as I was expecting...

Well, I don't really know what I was expecting but in my mind I have scientists camping out at the place the UFO was seen taking readings, examining the trees, different cameras on tripods and everyone taking soil samples, air samples and hazmat suits?

Nope! That doesn't happen at all. The word "nothing" is a very, very accurate way to describe what happens after a UFO or Flying Saucer is ruled as real. It's seems crazy that the file is rubber band and literally placed in a box and then we see a guy walking down the warehouse path.

Turns round puts it on the shelf and the camera pans back wide only for it to be one of thousands of boxes in a darkly lit warehouse, then the light goes off.

Also, the experts only said the photograph was real. Is the UFO real, we might never know.

Source The Vancouver Photograph UFOBC.BC.
Source UFO CaseBook.

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