The Same Ancient Aliens Carved In Stone

This post is about stranger-than-fiction coincidences and Aliens in ancient times that must have interacted with the cultures that have been scattered throughout our ancient past.

Seriously there's way too much evidence to say that these Aliens existed not just as a myth or as a cultural "Bogeyman" type of myth but as real, and did happen, matter of fact visitors from space or Heaven.

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Not only does the enigmatic Armenian Stonehenge predate the pyramids and its more famous counterpart in Stonehenge, England by thousands of years, but some of the rocks on the site depict curious beings with elongated heads and almond-shaped eyes.

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Some of the rocks at Karahunj depict mysterious humanoid beings with elongated heads and almond-shaped eyes. Is it possible that these were the ancient Astronauts who visited Earth thousands of years ago?

Ancient alien depicted in a stone carving tablet.

Mayan Alien Grey is depicted in stone relief and also in an obvious Alien craft or spaceship with fire coming down from its engines. It is shaped like a typical UFO even seen in today's UFO sightings and ufosfootage.

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This stone relief engraving from the ancient Mayan culture shows a man bowing to something. Hovering over him in the spaceship-like object. The object is lenticular, meaning it looks like a lens almost, and there are tentacles, exhaust fumes, or organic material such as creepers dangling from the bottom of the vehicle.

The being inside the craft appears to be angry, and his eyes are large and almond-shaped, similar to the common facial descriptions of a Gray alien. He’s also wearing a type of vest with two belts forming an X on his chest. Some people believe this stone engraving may be depicting the Mayan god Quetzalcoatl, but it might also be depicting a type of alien. Or are they the same? It is believed by some researchers that the ancients revered the beings from the stars and sometimes worshipped them as gods descending to earth.

Then we have these amazing and very coincidental carvings from places on the Earth never connected, never seen one another with no shared communications - apparently? The similarities between the two pieces are epic enough but four pieces are just straight "Get out of here".

Talk about coincidences and this kind of thing just shouldn't happen at all.

Then we have the statues with handbags (as I call them). These two pieces speak for themselves. They not only look exact but they also have the very same stance. The hands, the face, the "handbags" the wings, and the legs are all in the same position and that cannot be by coincidence, can it? I'm calling intervention on this one. I reckon Aliens that flew actually intervened in both cultures and influenced them greatly.

Ancient Alien influences on art and statues in ancient cultures.

So what to believe in? What to make of our ancient ancestors? Were the "simple people", or intelligent but imaginative? Was they crazy, say what you see, or puzzlers? Were they Gods, Aliens, or hybrids? There are hundreds probably even thousands of different cultures that existed at one time or another but who was telling the literal truth?

Was they all just nothing but expressing opinions on space and spirits? You decide because the truth is there, it has to be. So you decide what you're going to settle on and make it yours like our ancient ancestors made it theirs.{alertInfo}

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