Black Triangle UFO Snapped By NASA Astronaut

The Black Triangle UFO as seen by the astronauts from the Space Shuttle Columbia.

Black Triangle UFO (possibly the TR3B) image credit/NASA.

This is a real and authenticated black Triangle UFO snapped by an actual NASA astronaut, continue reading! It has to be the UFO of the week thus far? I have seen many, many triangle UFOs like the back engineered triangle spacecraft (seen in the Google Patent archive link is at bottom) and the TR3b's and most of the different variations of that?

There's many variants on this as all you have to do is do a quick Google search and a whole phenomena pops up. It's incredible the many different sizes and colors. Lights, no lights and things sticking out, coming off or just nice and shiny like a forehead in the sun.

Location of the Black Triangle UFO in space.

Location image on map of where the Black Triangle UFO was at the time of the sighting from the Shuttle Columbia.

Map image credit/Gateway To Astronaut Photography Of earth.

Here's what the post said (in brief) about this spectacular Black Triangle Spaceship which was seen between the Space Shuttle and the Earth, link to the full post is at the bottom:

This fascinating image was taken during the NASA Space Shuttle Program in 1986. STS-61-C. Pictured here is a mysterious triangle shaped object floating between the space shuttle and our planet.

Triangle UFO between the Shuttle and the Earth is apparently an insulation tile.

Image credit/NASA.

The Triangular-shaped UFO as it has been called by many these days was photographed on January 12, 1986, during the STS-61-C, the seventh mission of the Columbia Space Shuttle. According to official reports, the triangular shaped object is not an Unidentified Flying Object but a piece of thermal insulation tile floating randomly in space.

However, most UFO researchers firmly disagree that the image we see here is part of a thermal insulation tile. The reason why they doubt it to be a T.I.T is the fact that in the last couple of decades, there have been significant reports of strange triangle-shaped UFOs all round the planet.

Black Triangle UFO seen from the Shuttle Columbia.

Above image credit/NASA.

Apparently the image was removed from the site, that's another thing you should check out from the site we're linking to as all the information is there.

Yes I know the initials look rude, but I never made it up. I'm just reporting it, lol. It is officially a space T.I.T but do you agree that this a bit debris broken free from the shuttle? I don't think so as there is way to many examples of this triangle everywhere.

The image came from The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth a website operated by NASA at the Earth Sciences and Image Analysis department at Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center.

The crew of astronauts on the Space Shuttle Columbia that saw the Black Triangle UFO between the Shuttle and Earth.

Details of the image and credit below:

STS-61C Crew photo with Commander Robert L. Gibson, Pilot Charles F. Bolden, Jr., Mission Specialists Franklin R. Chang-Diaz, Steven A. Hawley, George D. Nelson and Payload Specialists Robert J. Cenker and Congressman Bill Nelson.

Below is the Columbia Shuttle.

NASA Columbia Space Shuttle image where the Black Triangle UFO was seen from.

Columbia Release No. 68-88

Columbia (OV-102), the first of NASA's orbiter fleet, was delivered to Kennedy Space Center in March 1979. Columbia initiated the Space Shuttle flight program when it lifted off Pad A in the Launch Complex 39 area at KSC on April 12, 1981. It proved the operational concept of a winged, reusable spaceship by successfully completing the Orbital Flight Test Program - missions STS-1 through STS-4.

Image Credit: NASA

Source Gateway To Astronaut Photography Of earth.
Source NASA STS-61-C Mission Archive.
Source NASA Columbia Shuttle.
Source The Event Chronicle.
Source Google Patent Archive TR3B.

Four UFOs In Tight Formation The Best I Have Ever Seen

Four UFOs flying in very tight formation.

The video for this Flying Disk is mind blowing. I don't think I've never seen this particular formation before of a Flying saucer and three triangle shape crafts actually escorting or on a joint mission - together? It's a unique combination of strangeness with a huge sprinkling of weird... Or is it?

The sound of a Jet engine is making me think these could man made.

This is an amazing set of UFOs probably the likes of which haven't been seen before? I'm guessing because I'd not seen these before and I've been doing this while Ufology research and I have not seen this ever before. Four UFOs in formation.

Four UFOs flying in very tight formation.
There's something about these UFOs that is telling me it's very real? I think it's the way they all sound together making a bizarre sound as they go behind the tree's - actually the whole video in general is extreme, come to think of it.

It's not good filming but they never are, are they. That's because "who in the world is for seeing UFOs" or anticipating seeing a UFO? Nobody! Absolutely nobody sits there waiting for them to come along, so when you see any you are definitely going to fumble and shake, a lot.

The Flying Saucer Disk close up with correct shadows.

One Flying Saucer or Flying Disk in the middle and three further UFO Triangles one is on point and two others to the rear of the middle Flying Disk.

Here's the bit of information that came with the video:

Three jets are escorting a UFO in August 2018. It's about time for the Government to be straight with us about their new crafts and just be straight up with the back engineering.

That's all the writing which actually is with the video? But it's better than nothing and it let's us know that it's a very recent encounter which explains why I haven't seen this before. What do you think about this? Do you think it's real because I've looked at this video in super slow motion and I believe that it's authentic.

Source Mavarax Zozu.
Source Maravax Image.

There You Go An Alien Spaceship On A Comet And Nobody Is Taking Notice

There is a distinct Spaceship UFO on comet 67p and it looks very Alien made and Alien technology.

Seriously I found or rather I discovered an obvious looking and obvious shaped UFO or Spaceship that must belong to Aliens because it's not from Earth. Now i'm thinking this is why the satellite was sent to this comet in the first place "to check out this sort of stuff" and if that was to look at this stunning UFO type Spaceship, what else are they hiding? 

Obviously that's just a wild guess but it actually makes sense I mean why send a satellite to look at a rock in space when there's trillions of comets all over space, why this one in particular?

Link to the other post we did.

Well, it might have something to do with this vehicle that looks like it's refuelling and if I was to show anyone this and ask them "what do you see"? I'll guarantee you that they would say a Spaceship! That's exactly what I would say. I actually posted about this epic find when I first discovered it a few months ago but nobody has said anything about it like it does not exist. Nobody has even quoted this to my knowledge? I don't understand that do you?

Usually if one UFO is found somebody reposts about it, but nope nothing as far I could see? Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places. Check out this post here that I did about the UFO type Spaceship here.

There's a dome that I discovered on the comet aswell, check out the other post I did to see that because it too is man made "looking" and as it wasn't man made then who built it on a comet? It's fascinating Ufology.

Here's the official statistics for the following set of images and the link to the original ESA Rosetta Comet website.

Comet 67p is an anomaly as it has many, many names that it goes by. Check the Wikipedia page about that.

Comet 67p is an anomaly as it has many, many names that it goes by. Check the Wikipedia page about that.

It's got what look's like thruster's on either side of the craft and it is definitely a very odd looking "UFO" it's an object that doesn't conform to the surrounding areas so what is it? Comet 67P is the place that this is called. It's a very weird comet as you'll find out if you look this up and really research it.

Dust and cosmic rays on the surface of the comet in 2016.

ID NAC_2016-03-19T21.24.57.762Z_ID30_1397549800_F22 Date taken 2016-03-19T21:26:21.832 (UTC)
Camera Narrow Angle
Camera Filter FFocus_Vis (-) / Orange (649 nm)
Exposure time 0.400 s
Pixel resolution 0.20 m/px at 67P/CG
Processing level Calibrated
Distance Rosetta ↔ 67P/CG 11.997 km
Distance 67P/CG ↔ Sun 391316032 km 2.615786 AU
Distance Rosetta ↔ Earth 245038496 km 1.637981 AU

Link to 67p Comet Wikipedia page with all the information you need to know and more.

Source Wikipedia.
Source UFO Sightings Footage.

OSIRIS was built by a consortium led by the Max-Planck-Institut für Sonnensystemforschung, Göttingen, Germany, in collaboration with CISAS, University of Padova, Italy, the Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille, France, the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucia, CSIC, Granada, Spain, the Scientific Support Office of the European Space Agency, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, the Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial, Madrid, Spain, the Universidad Politéchnica de Madrid, Spain, the Department of Physics and Astronomy of Uppsala University, Sweden, and the Institut für Datentechnik und Kommunikationsnetze der Technischen Universität Braunschweig, Germany.

Menacing Black Triangle UFO Caught on Video Over Chicago UPDATE

Black triangle UFO caught on camera over Chicago.

If there ever was a commercially available aerial vehicle or craft that looked as menacing as this one, it would be piloted by one guy and one guy only: 

Lex Luthor. Yeah I could of said a whole bunch of people or baddies as it where? Bond villains, TWD The Governor, Skeletor, The Penguin! But, as luck would have it - its actually in this real reality probably piloted by an Alien. It sounds strange when writing it like that.

In fact, it sounds improbable when i write it and read it out loud! But, I know that thinking like that is my own judgement based on ridicule and decades of being told in no uncertain terms that "Aliens dont exist" and to think they do is a sign of insanity. 

After all thats said and done, the US Navy has confirmed the existence of UFOs. This is the UFO disclosure that we've all been waiting for, for decades! 

Is this the secret TR3b Triangle UFO of which we've covered quite a lot on this site? Has it once again been caught on camera but this time only 3 years ago and is this one of the best ones? We do think it's one of the more impressive ones as this is well, it's simply stunning!

And yes, it's probably one of the better ones that we've seen what about you? We definitely do know that the TR3b Triangle Aircraft is real because we've been able to see the actual Patent for this (here's the link to them).

Black triangle UFO caught on camera over Chicago that looks real.

This is not your average UFO because this is what we call "streamlined for speed" and has no obvious or visible features which makes it amazing and inadvertently makes it stand out more because of it's looks. 

It looks stealthy! 

There's just a tiny bit of light glimmering from one of the sides of this UFO. That's probably some new radar absorbing spray in a can chemicals.

Below, is the image of the Triangle shape craft in an actual real Google Patent (link to our other post about this).

Patent from Google showing a Black Triangle TR3b or UFO to everyone.

The patent from Google. This is an actual real thing now so if anyone tries to tell you that it doesn't exist then you can just send them there and you'll soon prove your point because there's still lots of people that think and "believe" that it doesn't exist so I send them here and they soon change their mind.

Google patent for the stealthy TR3b Triangle Aircraft.

Apparently this was a drone, Balloon, swamp gas, lens flare, rising methane, Venus or Jupiter (all the best ones which the government likes to use to debunk the sightings) and it was completely still in the night sky. But seriously though the guy that quickly snapped this on his cell phone said that:
"it was as if it was cemented in to a brick wall and there was absolutely no movement at all"!
This begs the question "what technology do you know can be that silent and be so, so still in time and space and also looks as if it's actually defying the laws of gravity itself"? Is this the actua;l Triangle Aircraft in the Google Patent because I don't think even we can defy the laws of physics and create this kind of technology (officially). By the way, it actually is defying the laws of gravity. It has no visible means of propulsion or energy or any ways to see forward, that we can see at any rate etc. The full thing is quite extraordinary and really impressive.

Here's the video by Secureteam10.

The Secureteam10 video will be back when the channel is reinstated. But the video is absolutely epic.

On May the 2nd 2015 Mr Walter Rand took this image at night time over Chicago, IL, USA and was the guy who sent the information in to Secureteam10. Apparently he actually feared for his life and was frantically trying to get in touch with the guys at Secureteam10 but they have a massive backlog because of their loyal fans sending them stuff that they've captured.

It is understandable and that along with the images is all pointing to the conclusion that this is a real UFO mystery and should be considered as such>? I don't know of what action was taken over the sighting but I think something should of been done at least to ask questions as to whether this is a military or NASA or JPL or CIA etc aircraft and if not then it only leaves either privately owned or Alien? But I could be wrong.

The Patent on Google shows in depth figures and gives us an insight in to the actual aircraft.

Patent from Google showing a Black Triangle TR3b or UFO to everyone.

If you look at this close up image (just above) of the shiny surface of the UFO Triangle (not fully a TR3b I don't believe) you'll be able to see some very "evenly spaced notches" on the surface a bit like what rivets create but a bit different, you see that tells me that this image is 100% real. I have no doubts in my mind that what we are seeing here guys was absolutely caught on camera and that this is a genuine photograph taken at night of this mysterious craft.

It's these little things like the uneven surface overall which again tells me that this was actually manufactured albeit by whom I just don't know it could be Aliens and it could be humans using some sort of back engineered technology from a downed UFO or Flying Saucer but overall I do believe that this is a genuine mystery and a fully fledged conspiracy theory as it is not going to be admitted to by the government. I mean why would they admit to having "secret" mysterious, technology that hovers mid flight, silent, triangle-shaped, exotic engineering and can be confused for an Alien spaceship?

OK there's probably better points than that I could make, but you get my meaning. The one biggest reason why the government(s) wouldn't admit to this is because of the enemy. They do not want the enemy knowing what technology they have so that the enemy could create any counter measures which I totally get, but this is way beyond that and our Earthly realms! I think this is not ours and the likelihood of this been an Alien craft is high in my own personal viewpoint which is based on many, many cups of coffee.

Black triangle UFO caught on camera over Chicago that looks real.

Source Secureteam10 YouTube.
Source Google Patents John St.Clair.
Source Walter Rand Images.

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