NASA Scientist's Spot Mystery Objects Near Saturns Rings

NASA spots mysterious objects orbiting Saturn's rings, so what does it mean when NASA spots strange intelligent looking objects in space?

The fascination for exploring and understanding the unknown is a prevalent desire held by humanity as they strive to reach beyond the common knowledge.

UFO filmed by NASA supposedly in Saturn's rings.

Credit NASA

Scientists continue to study and reveal to us the magnificent phenomena that sprout up in our celestial neighbourhoods.

A video from The Ring For Over The Chain YouTube channel has a video of ex-NASA scientist Dr Norman Bergrun explaining what he knows about Saturn. He calls the Aliens "The Ringmakers of Saturn".


Credit NASA

We have sent probes to the many corners of our solar system and universe which has given us amazing detailed images and information about other planets. To think we're alone is not what got us to where we are today. It's the open-minded thinking about what could be out there just waiting for us to discover it that's what has driven us and not a negative point of view that there's nothing out there. Thinking that there's nothing out there of interest to us is a defeatist attitude and goes against our innate curiosity about everything. We called one of the Mars Rovers Curiosity because we are curious about everything and that includes NASA's ethos which is to search space for evidence of Extraterrestrial life.


Here's a quote from Mysterious Universe about Dr Norman Bergrun:

Bergrun analyses photographs of Saturn’s rings taken by the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft in 1980 and 1981. He then details his theory that the rings were formed by giant Electro-Magnetic Vehicles (EMVs) which are quite possibly being controlled by intelligent beings. He states that the 7000-mile-long elliptical ships are currently orbiting Saturn.

The Saturn orbiter Cassini spacecraft has captured some astonishing photographs of what appear to be mysterious objects caught in Saturn's rings.

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A quote from Dr Bergruns book The Ringmakers of Saturn states:

Immensely large, enormously powerful extraterrestrial space vehicles located in the vicinity of Saturn and its moons.

One theory suggests that the solid objects were made in a recent collision, perhaps from caused disturbances by the moon Prometheus. But it's not entirely sure and it remains a mystery.

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Are aliens out there, Are there Alien life forms inside Saturn's rings and why Saturn? Why are these Aliens there? There's lots of speculation as to why they're there and one is that the rings are been mined, the rings are not natural and are been put there.

The Cassini mission is a project made in cooperation with NASA, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, has designed, developed and assembled the orbiter and its onboard cameras. Watch the following video to know more!

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Source Norman Bergrun Book PDF Archive - The ringmakers of Saturn.

Source The Ring For Over The Chain YouTube.

Source Mysterious Universe.

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