Bob Lazar Shown Proof Of Futuristic Technology At Nellis Range

Bob Lazar's evidence strengthens his claims: The revelation of the 1989 hand measurement reader at the Nellis range proves he was there.

Bob Lazar proved that he was there and here's the evidence.

Let's get into it.

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Bob Lazar, a controversial figure in the realm of UFO and extraterrestrial studies, has once again sparked intrigue and debate surrounding his claims of working at Area 51 - S-4. Or are you on the fence about Bob Lazar if you are you'll be best suited to the recent Danny Jones and Jeremy Rys podcast where Jeremy Rys kind of dismisses Bob Lazar as a wannabe.


In a remarkable turn of events though, new evidence has emerged, supporting Lazar's remarkable story. Evidence is key, it's paramount and not just because another person says so. All science has come up with is clever ways to dismiss Bob Lazar whereas here's yet another example of evidence to support Bob Lazar being there! Do you either believe Bob Lazar or want to believe him or you do believe his story? It's quite simple. No matter what the actual story is there's been a lot of things that have since come to light. Or does Bob Lazar just represent the David versus Goliath story and the underdog in many ways and that's why Bob gets a lot of votes of confidence from people?

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Recently, not that long ago a discovery was made regarding an intriguing device — a device in 1989 that was a hand measurement reader, used to determine bone density and confirm people's identity. This finding aligns with Lazar's descriptions and offers further validation to his credentials as he says it himself "he never thought he'd see one again" and you can't help but see the joy and relief on his face as if to say I told you so.

Join me as I venture into the details of this discovery and explore how it corroborates Lazar's alleged involvement with Area 51. I won't be linking to the guy's podcast as I don't subscribe to the opinions expressed but you can find it yourself I'm sure.

The Unearthed Device:

A crucial aspect of Lazar's claims has been the presentation of specific technological devices at Area 51 that were ahead of their time. Among these, a 1989 hand measurement reader has come to the fore. Recently, a diligent researcher stumbled upon information about this unique piece of equipment, which confirms its existence during the time Lazar alleged his involvement.

Understanding the Hand Measurement Reader:

The hand measurement reader that Lazar described is a fascinating piece of technology. Consisting of a metal plate with pins that fit between the fingers, it delivers precise measurements of an individual's hand. The device uses light to gauge bone density accurately, providing valuable information for identifying people which then must check the image against a record of people. That type of technology is only just coming out now so to see it in operation in 1989 means a few things and the first thing chief among them is technology is far ahead secretly than it is publicly.

Lazar's Vindication:

With the discovery of information regarding the 1989 hand measurement and bone reader, Lazar's credibility receives another boost. The mere existence of such a device aligns precisely with Lazar's descriptions of the advanced technology he encountered during his time at Area 51 and S4. Sceptics and critics must now contend with this compelling evidence that further supports Lazar's many claims.

Implications and Questions:

The revelation of the futuristic hand measurement reader provokes a myriad of intriguing implications and questions. How did such advanced technology become available so many years ago? What other remarkable devices or inventions may exist within the secretive confines of Area 51 and the many other places that are said to exist? These revelations invite us to contemplate the extent of scientific advancements beyond the realm of public knowledge. I mean what else is real regarding Bob Lazar's claims?

Continuing the Debate:

While the discovery of the hand measurement reader strengthens Lazar's case, it is essential to acknowledge that scepticism and doubt still shroud his claims. What will it take for people to understand the importance of what he talks about? The debate surrounding Lazar's experiences, Area 51 - S4, and the existence of extraterrestrial technology will undoubtedly continue. It is up to each individual to evaluate the evidence presented and form an informed opinion. Will it all become apparent in his lifetime or after the fact? These are profound questions not just for one man ie Bob Lazar but profound questions for the whole world. Chew on that one while on your daily walk if you can or have the means too!


Bob Lazar's intriguing narrative has once again taken centre stage with the revelation of the late 1980s hand and bone measurement reader at Area 51, Nellis AFB and probably other places that had top-secret technology. The discovery of this advanced device provides an undeniable link to Lazar's claims and challenges sceptics to reconsider their stance. This latest revelation deepens the mysteries surrounding Area 51 and the secrets it may hold. As we delve further into the enigma, it is vital to approach the debate with an open mind and carefully scrutinize the evidence as we strive to uncover the truth behind Bob Lazar's extraordinary story.

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Credit: Bob Lazar/Unexplained Gaia/UFO News YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. How do these things end up in my feed? In 1989 commercially available MRI scanners were operating in hospitals and could generate 3D images of the body using non-invasive magnetic fields. But sure, external measurement of bone density could only be done by miraculous "alien technology".

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