20 UFOs Fly Out Of Popocatépetl Volcano August 24th

20 cigar-shaped UFOs were spotted soaring from Popocatépetl volcano and what a sight it is it's convincing footage to indicate that this is where UFOs hide out.

Up to 20 UFOs flying out of the Popocatépetl volcano caught on 24/7 webcam.

Let's get into it.

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It's a truly bizarre answer but it's a truly strange video so the two go hand in hand and yet only one is a fact that one being the video!


On a seemingly ordinary day, one that would go down in history as the 24th of August, 2023, a breathtaking sight unfolded at the iconic Popocatépetl Volcano in Mexico. It was captured by a static webcam that diligently records the volcano's activities around the clock. The footage was nothing short of extraordinary - revealing the sudden appearance of not one, but an astounding twenty white, cigar-shaped UFO crafts emerging from the depths of the volcano like a Dragon breathing fire. This astonishing event has captured the attention and imagination of experts and enthusiasts alike, I know this by how many people are writing about this and sparked intense debates in many comment sections on YouTube and other social media platforms. It's only going to fuel more curiosity about the mysteries that lie beyond our atmosphere.

The Unveiling:

The Popocatépetl Volcano, a sentinel of natural beauty and awe-inspiring power, has long been an enigmatic hotspot for UFO sightings. However, the events of that fateful day just over a week ago quickly eclipsed any previous accounts. The static webcam, operated by webcamsdemexico, inadvertently captured the surreal scene of these unidentified flying objects soaring into the sky, amidst plumes of volcanic smoke. It's not the first time this web cam has captured a UFO event because it's constantly catching UFOs. I'll admit it's easy to fly a drone up there and knowing where the webcam is you just check it online and fly it up and out of the "volcano crater" but all these many UFOs? I don't think it's possible to fake all these many UFOs all at once and that's my genuine opinion.

Characteristics of the UFOs:

Multiple eyewitnesses watching it live and further analysis of the webcam footage have shed light on the defining characteristics of these unidentified flying objects. All twenty of them shared a common shape - that of cigar-like crafts, elongated and streamlined. Their white exteriors glistened under the Moon's rays, contrasting vividly against the dark sky backdrop.

Scientific and Expert Opinions:

As news of the event spread like wildfire, speculation and theories regarding the origins and purpose of these UFOs reached a fever pitch. Renowned ufologists, scientists, and researchers have been studying the footage meticulously, seeking to unlock the secrets behind this extraordinary phenomenon. You can find it all online just type in a couple of keywords like August 24 Popocatépetl volcano UFO and you'll find that everyone and their families are talking about it especially in Latin America because it's in Mexico.

Some experts speculate that the cigar-shaped design (common throughout history) could be indicative of an advanced propulsion system, capable of maneuvering through the sky with minimal air resistance. See the card below for a silver metallic cigar-shaped UFO that defies all logic unless you add advanced aerial technology into the mix.

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Others suggest that this shape may allow for a more efficient use of energy or serve specific purposes, such as protection against atmospheric conditions or radar detection. It could be the ultimate stealth design who knows?

Possible Explanations:

While scientists and experts are reluctant to draw any definitive conclusions, I'm not under any such "restraints" so I'm just going to say it out loud "that's insane" and yes it looks like Extraterrestrial crafts because we don't have anything like that whatsoever and how else could human beings be responsible for such aerial technology? Several theories have emerged as potential explanations for this extraordinary event.

Here are some of the most prominent possibilities:

1. Extraterrestrial Interests:

The most captivating theory proposes that the UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin, representing a visitation from another world. Supporters argue that Earth's volcanic regions could hold a particular interest for these advanced civilizations, whether for resources or scientific purposes. Or a hideaway.

2. Secret Military Operations:

Skeptics put forward the notion that these extraordinary crafts may be part of top-secret military projects. It is suggested that advanced technology and secrecy could explain the lack of information and the absence of any official acknowledgement.

3. Natural Phenomena Misinterpretation:

Another viewpoint speculates that the phenomenon caught on camera could be a misinterpretation of natural phenomena, such as atmospheric anomalies or optical illusions. This theory seeks to find a conventional explanation without delving into the realm of extraterrestrial possibilities.


The fascinating sighting of twenty white, cigar-shaped UFOs emerging from Mexico's Popocatépetl Volcano on the 24th of August, 2023, remains an extraordinary event that has challenged our understanding of the universe. As scientists, ufologists, and enthusiasts continue to debate and investigate, we all eagerly await further revelations that may someday unravel the truth behind these captivating sightings. Until then, the search for answers continues, keeping our eyes on the skies and our minds open to the mysteries that wait beyond.

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Credit: Webcamsdemexico/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. Thank you, Lee Lewis, for another thought provoking post. I think that many of these UAP's, like those in your post, come from through portals from another dimension. This is how they dip in & out of our reality so quickly.

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