UFO Spraying Trail Behind It Over Croatia

A UFO Disk was captured on film hovering over a mountain in Croatia in 2023. It's spraying some sort of mist or dust maybe a foreign substance possibly?

Croatia UFO spraying something behind it over mountain 2023.

The video, uploaded to Twitter by El Alienista, shows the disk stationary in the sky during sunset.


There are no visible means of propulsion systems, leaving viewers intrigued by its mysterious presence. The footage depicts a person capturing the seemingly static disc-shaped object.

The footage shows a dark colour disk hovering in the sky possibly surveying the area and it was definitely without any visible means of any propulsion systems whatsoever. It begins to leave a kind of trail of something behind it at one point during the short video at around the 20 seconds mark but what is it?

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The description of the video states and I quote:

Date: 2023

Location: Croatia

Description: A person grasps an apparently static disc-shaped object.

The person captured the moment when they encountered the apparently static or hovering should I say disc-shaped object. The date of the sighting and the location in Croatia are also provided. This intriguing footage will no doubt spark curiosity and fascination for anyone else who believes in UFOs.

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Credit: El Alienists/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings UK/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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