Silver Metallic Cigar Shaped UFO Disappearing Into Clouds

Silver metallic cigar shaped UFO hovering right over a highway.

Long cigar shaped silver and metallic looking UFO which starts to disappear right above a set of traffic lights on a public highway with an eye witness who films this extraordinary event.

The image below shows the UFO right before it disappears from sight altogether. It's difficult to determine what it's disappearing in to or if it's the UFO itself just vanishing from view? There's no real way to determine this, but my best guess is that it's going in to or behind a cloud.

This shows the silver metallic UFO just before it disappears.

This amazing looking silver UFO has the classic "cigar shape" and it's also got that metallic look about this which is what got my attention as there's nothing propelling it or making it hover and that's unusual.

There's many UFOs which have been seen already this year (2019) and this UFO video was recorded on the 20th February 2019. It's not that long ago actually and this is probably a contender for best looking UFO so far?

People always go off what these UFOs look like right and it's the first thing that draws us in and it's how people get their first impressions of UFOs which this one really does deliver on many of the things listed above.

What Is This Strange Cloud Formation Over California.

This was uploaded to Instagram by UFO Lovers and it's a favourite with the viewers and that's because it is probably real. Guys, there's hardly any information with this video and I've even done a Google image search but it's not come up with anything from anywhere online, other than this is resembling a Bird or a missile according to Google?

The silver metallic UFO above traffic lights.

So because of that I can only assume that this is a real event as nobody has done a screen grab from anywhere else and pasted it in to the video which is great news for Ufology.

Not been anywhere else online especially in the image form, doesn't mean it's not a fake but it does give this a bit extra credibility (in my own opinion it does) and this could mean though that it's a genuine UFO sighting as the first time this UFO was seen - is in this video (below) and that's a good sign.

Either way guys this is still a great UFO video with a really good feel and as soon as you see it you feel that this is interesting.

When you first see it also you definitely want to see more of it, that's exactly what I felt anyways?

Highlighted silver metallic UFO.

It's just because it's long, silver, metallic and starts to either disappear or it is gradually vanishing before this eye witnesses eyes? It's interesting for many number of reasons.

Source UFO lovers Instagram.


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  1. This silver metallic cigar shaped UFO looks authentic, it feels real and as soon as anyone sees it you get that instant opinion that this is real. Then when I looked at the full (short UFO video) I knew there's more to this and it got me interested. I only post UFO stuff that I like, I post it because I want to introduce people to hopefully real UFOs! I love Ufology and I want it to be a real phenomena because we deserve to know one way or the other. πŸ‘½πŸ›ΈπŸš¦πŸ“‘πŸ‘✨🀷‍♂️πŸ›ΈπŸ‘½

    1. I see these objects daily. There are 2 shapes that I have observed. There is a long cigar shape and a smaller capsule shape with a black band in the center. They just glide by. No propellers just smooth silver metal. I try and take pics but I do not have a steady hand.I live in Cherokee Village Arkansas and they glide over the bluffs along the Spring River in front of my patio rooms. No turning although today I saw one that instead of point flying it was sideways flying with the width instead of length.

  2. I seen the same exact thing in July 2017. Once it disappeared so did the cloud it went into. Then about 30 minutes later a smaller ship (vessel) came from the upper sky and flew into a similar cloud, only to disappear as well.

  3. Looks legit to me, using the clouds for cover.

  4. Seen this as well.. I say it's a ufo or military.

  5. Many years ago, probably about 1974 I was off school unwell, but took a bus in the afternoon to meet my mum from work. The bus stop was at the top of a very large hill in Muswell Hill London, I got on the bus and the bus driver started the bus and this object was parallel with the bus but hovering at the bottom of the hill. I wasn’t scared but all of the people on the bus saw this. As I was very young about 6 or 7 I stood up and asked the bus driver what it was and he didn’t know. We watched it for about two minutes and in a flash it was gone. This picture is exactly the same as what I saw. Although many years ago I remember this as clear as day, even to what I was wearing.

  6. I have seen the same shaped ufo above Mauritius Island on the night of 12th to 13th November 2021, most precisely around 4 o'oclock. It was not speeding more like cruising in a North-east direction until it disappeared. If anybody saw something similar please relate. I do not have video footage of picture, it was my first sighting and was to amazed by what i saw to record it. and mostly because i do not have the equipment required to capture the scene at that time.

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