Diamond-Shaped UFO Over Penrith Flies Next To Military Jet

In the world of ever increasing UFO sightings, an extraordinary incident occurred on Thursday, September 31st 2022 in the picturesque region of Penrith, Watermillock UK.

Diamond shape UFO flies next to a military jet sept 2022.

Military jet and a diamond shape UFO flying close together.

Let's get into it.

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A diamond-shaped UFO approached a military jet conducting a flight test in a nearby valley.


The startling nature of this encounter was captured on video by an eyewitness who originally intended to document the military aircraft. Upon reviewing the footage, the eyewitness was astonished to discover the presence of the UFO, which eerily flew in close proximity to the jet. In this blog post, I'll delve into the details of this remarkable incident, based on the eyewitness account, which holds a crucial place in the chronicles of UFO encounters.

The Eyewitness Account:

According to the eyewitness, the event took place around 2 pm Penrith, Watermillock, England. Initially focusing on the military jet during its flight test, the witness inadvertently captured an unforeseen spectacle of a diamond-shaped UFO appearing ominously close to the aircraft.

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The UFO entered the frame from the top left, followed a downward trajectory, and vanished from the screen in the lower right corner, leaving the witness stunned by the unexpected encounter later on after reviewing the UFO sightings footage.

Unveiling the Diamond-Shaped UFO:

The distinguishing factor of this event lies in the unique shape of the unidentified flying object—a diamond-like structure. Such a formation deviates significantly from the commonly reported disc or saucer-shaped UFOs, adding further intrigue and mystery to the incident. While the eyewitness account does not provide specific details regarding the UFO's size or appearance, the discussion surrounding this unusual shape presents an opportunity for further investigation and analysis.

The Startling Proximity to a Military Jet:

What sets this encounter apart from many others is the alarming closeness of the UFO to the military jet. The eyewitness footage captures the proximity in a hair-raising manner, which will leave viewers astounded. The presence of the UFO in such close vicinity to a military aircraft raises questions about the capabilities, intentions, and origins of the unidentified craft. Understanding the motive behind this daring approach and the potential implications it holds lends significant weight to this intriguing encounter.

Analyzing an Unresolved Mystery:

Despite the riveting nature of this sighting, it is crucial to approach this incident with caution and skepticism. While the eyewitness account, supported by video evidence, provides valuable insights, explanations for the UFO's presence and behavior remain unresolved. Engaging in an open dialogue and collaborative analysis will help unveil potential interpretations, whether extraterrestrial in nature, advanced human technology, or even experimental aircraft with unconventional designs. Different types of objects have many different types of behaviours.

Expanding the UFO Discussion:

The Penrith diamond-shaped UFO encounter serves as a catalyst for a broader conversation surrounding unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) and the intricate complexities they present. By exploring well-documented incidents and analyzing eyewitness accounts with precision and objectivity, we contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of these extraordinary events, pushing the boundaries of human knowledge beyond conventional explanations. UFOs are real they're up to something and we must know what they want so as to protect against any unwanted and unforeseen circumstances...


The Penrith diamond-shaped UFO encounter stands as a remarkable incident captured by an alert eyewitness during their documentation of a chance encounter with a military jet during a flight test. The shocking proximity of the unidentified craft to the military jet adds an element of intensity and intrigue, sparking questions about its intentions and origin. As we venture deeper into the mysteries of this encounter, a collaborative and open dialogue will undoubtedly aid in unraveling the truths and enigmas behind this unprecedented UFO event. The Penrith sighting serves as a reminder of the vast and uncharted territory that UFO encounters present, inviting us to expand our knowledge together and explore the unknown with curiosity and intellectual rigor as one team.

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Credit: Source Supplied/UFO News YouTube Channel/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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