Mysterious Rubiks Cube Shaped UFO Spotted Over Sālaj, Romania

In a bizarre turn of events just recently, a mysterious Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was captured on film over Sālaj, Romania on the evening of June 23, 2023.

The witness described the UFO as a "Rubik's cube" What are your thoughts?

Romani UFO sighting over Sālaj June 23, 2023.

Witness saw bizzare shaped UFO over Romania 2023.

Sălaj, Romania UFO craft flying in 2023.

This extraordinary sighting left the eyewitness baffled and myself from the second I saw it, as the triangular-shaped craft (my opinion) seemed unlike anything previously reported to me.


The witness reported a distinct orange light on the top portion of the UFO, with a white mid-section accompanied by flashing white lights.

Let's delve into the details of this intriguing sighting and explore possible explanations.

According to the witness who sent me the footage through Instagram DMs, the sighting took place in Romania's scenic Sălaj County, approximately 900 kilometres away from Ukraine.

The witness described seeing a total of seven of these triangular UFOs, appearing one after the other. Interestingly, the absence of any discernible jet engine noise has led to speculation regarding the true nature of these objects. Though the witness initially considered the possibility of a conventional aircraft, they considered the optical illusion created by its positioning and altitude, especially in the night sky.

Witness statement:

UFO Sighting Report

Date: 23.06.2023

Location: Sălaj, Romania.

I am writing to report a recent UFO sighting I witnessed. On 23 June 2023, in a remote area far from light pollution and cars or train noises, I observed a UFO with erratic lights resembling a Rubik’s Cube. There were seven UFOs in a swarm, but one moved in the opposite direction. It could also be a plane and the whole thing to be an optical illusion. To be noted, the group of UFOs seemed to be heading towards Ukraine. Interestingly, there was no sound from these crafts. Please investigate this unusual event further.


My thoughts:

In an attempt to determine the true nature of this UFO, it's probably best to understand the military and their technological advancements and cutting-edge technology. It might be an advanced military aircraft but it might also be extraterrestrial technology all wrapped up in this bizarre-looking object. It looks like nothing else in the skies anywhere else in the world!

However, without further evidence or additional eyewitness accounts, it remains challenging to conclusively ascertain the origin of this "Rubik's cube" shape UFO one way or the other. Seriously that's not a bad thing because it keeps it in play as an unknown origin craft.

Where is it now, what's propelling the object and what's powering the lights?

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

While some people can't grasp UFOs having any lights whatsoever because it's a pre-assumption that Extraterrestrials don't need them, it's probably easier to think along the lines of maybe they're needed. Lights could be used to give the impression that it's not a foreign object. Or it could be that like us they have eyes and still need to see so lights are essential to them just as with human beings. Who knows why UFOs have lights... But they do and instead of ridiculing it, we could come together to discuss their possible need.

Certainly, we don't know why they're used as a matter of fact but that's only because we're not privy to that kind of information yet and until full disclosure, we will have to wait to find out one way or another.

The Uniqueness of the Sighting:

One aspect that sets this particular UFO sighting apart from others is the distinctive triangular shape or Rubik's cube shape and the combination of lights observed. While sightings of triangular UFOs are not entirely uncommon, the presence of an orange light on top, accompanied by a flashing white light mid-section, adds a layer of intrigue. The dramatic contrast in appearance to previously reported sightings has contributed to the heightened interest surrounding this particular incident. They're getting stranger and more exotic in looks as the months go by since the UAP disclosure.

Final Thoughts:

Given the limited information and video footage available, it remains difficult to provide a definitive explanation for this remarkable UFO sighting over Salaj, Romania. As with any unusual sighting, it is important to approach the evidence with an open mind, considering both possibilities grounded in conventional explanations and more unconventional theories. The witness's decision to share the footage further contributes to the collective understanding of these mysterious phenomena, inviting others to come forward with potentially similar experiences.


There's more video footage of this to come and for some reason, it wasn't sent together with the original video.

The Sālaj, Romania UFO sighting on 23 June 2023 has captured the attention of both enthusiasts and myself alike and will no doubt capture the imagination of others thanks to its exceptional characteristics and unique light configuration. While it is yet to be determined if these sightings have a terrestrial or otherworldly origin, they continue to fuel our curiosity about the existence of intelligent life beyond Earth and compel us to explore the unknown. That's a good thing.

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Credit: Tudor/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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