Triangle Shape UFO Sighting Caught On Doorbell Camera

In a captivating turn of events, a peculiar UFO sighting during the night of October 23, 2021, has left witnesses in awe.

Ring doorbell camera catches Triangular shaped craft.

Let's get into it.

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Matt Doughty, spending an ordinary evening watching TV with his friend Kevin Barritt, unexpectedly received a notification from his smart doorbell.


Little did they know that what awaited them outside the front door would send shivers down their spines. The footage captured on Matt's phone reveals an unidentified flying object gliding through the darkened sky, displaying three luminous lights, as though carefully arranged in a triangular pattern. This remarkable event will have left both Matt and Kevin puzzled as anyone else would be questioning the nature and origin of the enigmatic craft. Unfortunately, they didn't share their location only the video and brief description.

Unveiling the Mysterious Encounter:

Analyzing the footage, one cannot help but wonder whether this UFO sighting depicts a single massive craft or three distinct unidentified flying objects harmoniously suspended in a triangle symbol formation. The darkness of the night, combined with the camera's distance from the scene, adds an air of intrigue, making it harder to discern the true essence of this captivating phenomenon.

Witness Testimonies:

Upon interviewing the witnesses, Matt Doughty and Kevin Barritt, we gained further insight into the spine-chilling experience they encountered that fateful night. Initially engrossed in their casual evening activities, they were abruptly alerted by Matt's phone, signifying a motion detected near the front door. Curiosity piqued, Matt played the recorded footage and was astounded by the unearthly sight before them.

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Matt described the UFO as an otherworldly entity gliding gracefully across the night sky. Its presence was revealed by the intense brilliance emitting from three distinct lights, forming a perfect triangle. Although Matt and Kevin tried to discern the craft's size and configuration based on the footage, the limitations of night vision and the camera's distance made definitive conclusions challenging to reach.

The Quest for Explanations:

Unsurprisingly, this spectacular event has generated a frenzy among UFO enthusiasts, sparking numerous theories and hypotheses. Some speculate that the triangular formation and advanced light technology could indicate an extraterrestrial origin, while others suggest that it might be a top-secret military aircraft undergoing testing under a shroud of secrecy. Naturally, sceptics urge caution, attributing the sighting to optical illusions or conventional aircraft misconstrued under unusual circumstances. Drones are being sold by the thousands every single year and it's probably no coincidence that these huge sales of drones and UFO sightings spiking is no coincidence. I urge caution on this UFO sighting because people enjoy pranking other people. It's a vicious cycle watched by millions of people on the TV classed as entertainment so I urge caution because even both witnesses could be being duped.

Closing Thoughts:

The triangle-shaped UFO sighting reported by Matt Doughty and Kevin Barritt has indeed captured the imagination and curiosity of those who ponder the mysteries of our universe. UFO believers are excited by this UFO sighting and why not if it's real it's got the potential to change history like nothing ever has! As the footage continues to circulate among enthusiasts and researchers, efforts to ascertain the true nature of this exceptional event persist. This amazing UFO occurrence serves as a reminder of the vastness of the universe and the infinite possibilities that lie beyond our comprehension.

In the quest for answers, we can only hope that further investigations and advancements in technology will shed light on this fascinating enigma, pushing the boundaries of our knowledge and understanding of the cosmos.

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Credit: Dogtooth Media/Matt Doughty -Kevin Barritt/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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