China's on Mars And Here's The First Historical Video

China's entered the space race with an unbelievable and almighty bang, a huge splash the likes of which nobody could have predicted just 10 years ago.

Credit where credit is due, and China's space agency's due tons of credit for making such a massive impact in the space race game in such a short space (lol) of time that it can be likened to a "high jump gold medal" instead of a bronze medal 10 year leap.

The Devil is in the details and when we look at the timeline of China's evolution, we see an unstoppable force showing no sign of slowing down and if it's all happened within month's as opposed to the decades it took the original trail blazers the USA and the USSR - then we can probably expect trips to the Red planet made by Chinese people in the coming year!

China's space achievement is a Mars landmark ending with a Mars Rover.

Credit: CNSA/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

Beijing: The lander carrying China's first Mars rover has touched down on the Red Planet, the China National Space Administration (CNSA) confirmed on Saturday.

It is the first time China has landed a probe on a planet other than Earth, reports Xinhua news agency.

But, we must give credit where credit is due (although I reckon they won't accept it) and you know what, they more than likely don't even care about the west's credit where credit is due? That's because they're so independent now, are game changers and are so far removed from being just the makers of the parts that the west uses.

Going into space and conquering it like the way that the PRC have takes balls and geniuses literally, they-put themselves into space.

So they don't need our credit where credit is due! Although I don't speak for anyone else or on behalf of government or agencies, I just make my own assumptions about what is right and true, about what is going on in the world and off world.

Did you see any of what China has done recently, coming? Because I never saw it coming, especially the space station and the Chang'e 3 Moon lander and its rover Yutu on Moon surface it was only when they'd done it did I know about it.

China only put a man in space in 2003, can you believe that! So, in comparison to the US for instance, China has achieved "everything big" that the USA did in 55 years but did it in 19 years!

That's why I have said "China's done the impossible" and I must stand by that assertion because I know it to be true!

See, the Chinese don't really publish (or do they, I honestly don't keep up with current affairs in China, sorry) like the USA or Russia. It would seem that they just get it done! Did you know about these Chinese monumental achievements before they actually did them? If you live in the UK or the USA then the answers probably no?

This is the first time China has landed a Rover or "probe" if you want, on a planet other than Earth.

Credit: CNSA/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

Whereas, the fact that everyone and their Dog knows about what NASA is up to ten years in advance, sometimes 20 years in advance. China, it would seem, just gets it done and I'll repeat it, "gets it done"!

That's a fact, not a comment or observation.

That shouldn't matter though, or should it? If not then what China's done is near to the impossible as can humanly be or, should we take it all away from them and say (albeit naively) that they just copied what they (the USA and the USSR did) as I know some people will think that?

I would like to hear your thoughts on this because it's about as interesting as can be in terms of all this being "the space race beginnings" how it all started, who led the way, what was learned, why was lesson's learned and who copied who (if any). Or who invented, was it fair, was it underhanded, was there any cooperation, did anything else take place which nobody at this time could of knew or even known?

Or, should we have known, because out of all the things going on in the space race, and the world the UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) was recently admitted to, so how much of this brand new fact was taken into account when calculating the next move in space...

If at all?

Here's my own thought's:

China's done the impossible. China's kept everything in house, they've relied upon themselves, their own ingenuity and tenacity. They said it couldn't be done, they said China hasn't got the capability or the knowledge or any of the decades of space travel, Lunar missions yadda yadda.

But you know what, good on them for doing the impossible 🙅!

Video description:

China’s Zhu Rong Mars rover sent back its first images since touching down on the red planet on May 15, 2021. The China National Space Administration (CNSA) released the images on May 19. China’s state media said the images are “conclusive proof” that Zhu Rong landed successfully, dispelling online rumours that CNSA did not initially release pictures of the Martian surface because Zhu Rong had met an untimely end.

Credit: CNSA/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

Credit: South China Morning Post YouTube.

USO Caught on Live TV At Richmond Oil Spill

An Eagle eyed viewer watching back the terrible events unfolding in Richmond (which happened earlier in the year in the US) was shocked to see a blatant Under Water "USO" literally whizz past the cameraman and nobody has picked up on it - till now.

As you can imagine the eye witness (Joe Lopez) was definitely shocked by what was happening because it's TV, right and 600 gallons was reported to have been spilled. Thank you for contacting me about this awesome USO, Joe!

Close up look at the USO at the Richmond Oil Spill in the US.

Credit: Joe Lopez/UFO News/UFO Sightings Footage /Canva/KTVU Fox 2.

But as it seems yet again, nobody from the TV company has even wanted to mention it (USO) and made no attempt to point it out, nobody has at all and it's as bloody blatant as the nose on your head.

The news agency Fox 2, KTVU has looked the other way in my own view, I believe that they must have been aware of the brilliant white drone type submerged object speeding right in front of the helicopters camera?

A look at the Richmond Oil Spill in 2021 USO.

Credit: Joe Lopez/UFO News/UFO Sightings Footage /Canva/KTVU Fox 2.

Occasionally it's (USO) is making white, whispy waves as it sensationally swims past so fast in the top, middle of the screen. The mounted camera catches it all? You'd think so wouldn't you that there'd be a comment or two about it or even a quick tweet from the News Agency asking what it could be...

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The US government Recently Released 3 UFO Videos Proving Aliens Exist

It's most certainly not the first one to be seen on TV of late, I myself caught a glowing, white sphere UFO on the BBC live London broadcast right next to Big Ben which is in some of the most restricted air space in the United Kingdom! I've just remembered another live TV UFO sighting that I took not long ago.

Here's the video I took of the BBC UFO next to Big Ben in London:

Credit: BBC/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News.

There's a few leading opinions as to what these strange anomalies could be:

  • Top Secret Government technology.
  • Alien's that are observing the human race.
  • Human technology from the future.
  • Underwater race of being's.
  • Fireworks.
  • Dust (I kid you not, someone suggested that.
  • Mars.

I don't make up the opinions, I just write about them. There's a fair few other specific opinions that have been bounded about online also but for now, I'm afraid I'm just focusing on a few as I could be writing all night if I was to be mentioning all the other contenders.

Map of the Richmond Oil Spill in the US.

Credit: Joe Lopez/UFO News/UFO Sightings Footage /Canva/KTVU Fox 2.

When the US government allowed the US Navy to release those three UFO videos which shows us the extent of the Alien/advanced technology they opened a floodgate of answers to otherwise "unanswerable questions" certainly in the minds of conspiracy theorists.

Tables are turning, mindsets are changing and people are opening up to new way of thinking! Like Martha Stewart said "it's a good thing" lol. Where once the word conspiracy was a derogatory word, a by word for throwing doubt on opinions, it's fast becoming acceptable and more over it's being watched by and talked about by probable unbelievers in the past who totally disagreed with Aliens and any and all conspiracies.

I'm talking about:

News editors (I've written about this), journalists (who now investigate UFO events), police that have had encounters with UFOs, religious leaders actively searching for Aliens (the Vatican Telescope is called Lucifer), Military Officers with blogs about UFOs, Coast Guards, going on record with strange events that occurred, pilots chased, nearly knocked out of the skies by UFOs.

And celebrities risking everything to talk about UFOs they've seen, documentary film makers chronicling sitting Presidents who had UFO encounters so close they could touch them, CEOs but to name a few. All, now going on record with sometimes chilling UFO encounters that would have otherwise been left in the past.

What I mean is that before 2019, before the release of the UAP projects 3 UFOs (oh they've got a lot more, a load more in fact but these three made it through. The contact ones could not be released by the US government. They "must remain Top Secret" and that's probably for what happened is my best guess? Or even what was said... And the 3 UFOs caught on camera by Military Jet Pilots we had all the above mentioned people standing in the denial camp!

All of whom have done a complete 180! The multiple examples are extremely important to the human race, to our history and to our culture because one day, one day in the future it will be as normal as you are now, to me.

Richmond Oil spill USO sighting video:

Credit: Joe Lopez/UFO News YouTube.

But now, the evidence speaks for itself type of people are coming round to the fact that we're not alone in the Universe. The US government would not release secret technology evidence of another country and say we don't know what this is!

And people know that.

So, it is exactly what you know it is. There's a presence on the Earth 🌍 that has been discovered and the government came forward with this evidence, for me, it's UFO disclosure which is something I've personally been waiting for since I can remember?

But just because it didn't come to light involving the White House lawn, a Martian getting out of a UFO and a handshake, just because this Hollywood type of disclosure didn't happen, believe me it has happened. But in reality, in the real world.

Credit: Joe Lopez/Fox 2 KTVU/BBC/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva/UFO News/RT News.

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