Fascinating Discovery Of Ghost Particle Heralds A New Era In Astronomy

Ghost caught on CCTV.

From the depths of space, billions of particles patter to the earth every second. Now researchers have identified a source of high-energy neutrinos for the first time - and solved a puzzle of the century.

Researchers find the extra-galactic source of ghost particles

"We still do not know where they come from," says Elisa Resconi from the Technical University of Munich. It is five years since researchers used a large detector at the South Pole to detect high-energy neutrinos from deep space.

To understand this you need to watch the video. The video from the University of Munich is called Ghost particle.

Ghosts are very real.

Now for the first time, they have also found a source of ghost particles. It's in a distant galaxy. Neutrinos hardly interact with their environment and possess almost no mass.

They travel billions of light years through the universe and penetrate galaxies, stars, and planets almost without a trace.

The physicists around Resconi have now taken advantage of this special feature.

Particles with enormous energy!

"Our goal is actually to learn more about the origin of cosmic radiation," explains Marek Kowalski, head of neutrino astronomy at the German Electron Synchrotron (Desy) in Hamburg.

Some particles of cosmic radiation carry enormous energy and scientists have been puzzling for over a hundred years where in space they have their origin.

The problem:
Cosmic radiation - mainly protons - is charged and is therefore strongly deflected on its way to Earth. "You can't understand where it came from," says Kowalski.

The situation is different with neutrinos: they travel to Earth together with cosmic radiation, but do not change direction. If you know its origin, you also know a source of cosmic radiation.

I found this from a video Georgia Tech put out.

IceCube Neutrinos Point to Long-Sought Cosmic Ray Accelerator.

An international team of scientists, including two researchers from Georgia Tech, has found the first evidence of a source of high-energy cosmic neutrinos, ghostly subatomic particles that can travel unhindered for billions of light years from the most extreme environments in the universe to Earth.

The observations, made by the IceCube Neutrino Observatory at the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station and in coordination with telescopes around the globe and in Earth’s orbit, help resolve a more than a century-old riddle about what sends subatomic particles such as neutrinos and cosmic rays speeding through the universe.

Proof Ghosts are real.


Neutrinos, however, are extremely volatile particles. Since they barely interact with matter, neutrinos pass through virtually every kind of matter unhindered.

Even though the IceCube detector with its volume of one cubic kilometer in the Antarctic ice is the largest detector in the world, it is still too small: Since 2013, IceCube has observed only 82 high-energy neutrinos.

That is why Elisa Resconi is working on the design of a network of neutrino telescopes distributed across the Earth.

The goal:
To increase the number of detected neutrinos so that scientists can do real astronomy to further explore many hitherto poorly understood phenomena of the universe in combination with the other astronomical messengers – electromagnetic waves and gravitational waves.

The original story is here on Disclose TV.
Source Georgia Tech YouTube.

Oldest Tools Ever Found Are In China Not Africa

Will the history of mankind be rewritten? Early humans apparently left Africa much earlier than expected.

China is birthplace of civilization and tools.A new discovery in China could cause scientists to rewrite human history: An archaeological team around Zhaoya Zhu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has discovered 2.12 million-year-old stone tools in central China. This means that the first early humans may have left Africa much earlier than previously assumed. In the sediment layers of Shangchen, at the southern edge of the Chinese loess plateau, the finds were discovered.

As the researchers write in the journal "Nature", the finds consist of 82 fist-sized stones, which were worked in such a way that they could serve as scrapers, drills, and knives and even as anvils. "All found objects have clear tee-off marks - evidence of repeated blows from more than one direction," said the researchers. They also found bones of animals in the sediment layers of Shangchen, on the southern edge of the Chinese loess plateau.

Sediment layers in the Chinese Loess Plateau.


The relics found, 2.12 million years old, are older than all other human traces discovered in Asia to date. They are currently being examined in more detail. If the age of the tools is confirmed, the chronology of human history may have to be reconsidered. Until now, scientists assumed that the first early humans (Homo erectus of the genus Homo) did not leave Africa until about 1.85 million years ago at the earliest in order to colonize other continents.

Homo erectus was the first species to cover such long distances - from Africa to Eurasia. Testimonies to this are 1.85 million-year-old skulls and bones found in Georgia and 1.5 and 1.7 million years old Homo-erectus finds on Java and in China.

Map showing the physical geography of the Chinese Loess Plateau.
The relics found now - if their age of 2.12 million years is confirmed - could be the oldest human tools in the world They would be about 300,000 years older than any other human tracks discovered so far in Europe and Asia.

Map showing the physical geography of the Chinese Loess Plateau and pattern of modern Asian atmospheric circulation. The main map corresponds to the area within the rectangle in the index map. ArcGIS 9.3 was used to create the base map and the SRTMDEMUTM 90 M data were obtained from: http://www.gscloud.cn/

This would mean that Homo erectus either left Africa much earlier than previously assumed or that the genus was not Homoerectus at all. Perhaps another representative of the genus Homo had already succeeded in leaving Africa.

But the stone tools found now do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the human species that produced them. What is certain is that they stayed on the southern edge of the Chinese loess plateau for a long time, as some relics were also found in younger layers of rock. But who they remained a mystery.

Oldest tools known to man found in China.

Sources of information:

Ancient Technology Hidden In Artworks Over Millennia

Ancient technology in art that is from the future.

There's been secret or "subliminal" messages added and integrated to a lot of things but the one thing which we can all check is the artworks of history.

Michelangelo for instance painted and drew submarines, tanks and helicopters over 500 years ago. he was born on the 6th March 1475.

This guy was an absolute watcher. He was an observer. He understood how things worked understood what was happening right then and applied his understanding to come up with potential applications combining knowledge known and unknown?

Ancient hieroplyph shows submarine helicopter and tank and boat which is mind blowing.

This is how people understand the future now. It's a tied and tested method of understanding where humanity is going. Applied methodology. Applied physics and applied reasoning all will bring you fortunes - but not today, tomorrow and definitely not the next day.

But if you set these things in motion then the days of working or applying yourself and all you understand to be on the horizon will in time come together and you will gain whatever you set out to master! You will definitely evolve as your fruits shall bare fruits so to speak.

Modern technology in ancient artworks

It's hard keeping and staying on track believe me because I struggle with this "staying focused" as everything is interesting to me? I tend to easily get distracted but here's a little known secret that works as I have tried and tested this approach:

Bursts of unapologetic enthusiasm and as long as your working generally in one direction it will all come together that day. It's basically starting in the middle and working your way out to start at the beginning which brings it all together.

You can start at the beginning which is probably easier but if your set in your ways then this works also.

Ancient painting of Sputnik.

Base On The Moon Accidentally Shown By NASA Employee


Here's my quick analysis of this structure on the Moon photo that was left out in the open but partially covered up with this guys forearm.

This is probably on purpose you know. He could be deliberately showing this image because they've been looking at everything else on the desk but this one image...

Guy's this is the biggest thing since we started counting the day's, way back in history!

The importance of this image to the public seem's to escape their attention though? I see the programming at school is working just fine. Follow orders at all costs.

These NASA employee's have had training to cover up things, deceive others and plant seed's of deceit in anyone's mind. That's why I think this is on purpose.

They know exactly how to read people, they know how to read their surroundings and how to manipulate their surroundings so others reading their surroundings will be told whatever they want them to think?


They definitely know how to act, say and definitely they know what to leave out on tables and desk's while making videos and taking photographs in a "secret and hidden office" at NASA - so don't be fooled.

Do not let them lull you in to a false sense of security. Everything you see in the image is probably staged, not for them to have nice looking and professional looking office, so it look's like they know what they're talking about? It might all be about the one image!

Nothing more and nothing less!

The image is real so therefore, this is "disclosure". This is how to accidentally reveal (but not to much, just right) that Aliens are real - whilst not actually showing an Alien.

They are showing us their buildings, possibly their home and their neighbourhood. That's what this image is.

They're leaving the spaces "blank" for the public firstly to find and then fill in the blanks with the only word that fits it, so basically anybody and everybody can do it.

Aliens is the word to put in the blank space.

It's definitely not our base on our Moon (according to our official human timeline) so it must be theirs, their's being Aliens (plural). Even a Numpty can work that one out.

Well, the public are on to NASA and that's not a conspiracy crack pot "everyone is watching me" kind of conspiracy theory. That's a fact, look at the image and you tell me what you see?

I'm open to other ideas - but until someone comes up with an alternative satisfactory answer that convinces me and countless other people, it is what it is and until then...

It's "exhibit A" first class, evidence and proof, lol.

So, Aliens do exist and they've got a base on the Moon, now what. What do we do with this life changing, world changing, history changing information?


We do absolutely nothing because if NASA aren't doing anything then what can we do except blog about it and tell people about this?

Could this be a part of the space tourism industry one day? Well, it will be a major tourism boost once space flight has been mastered, probably?

We have to go somewhere exciting right? Space is exciting bu imagine having an official Alien building to go check out?

I know that sounds ludicrous but one day flying in space will be routine. Now it has to be booked what, 2 years in advance or something and even then it's always put on hold?

Here's the full image.


So after compiling this image I thought I would share it with you all because we all know some people have been saying that the box structure was actually a grid reference they use in images so they know how big, wide and height etc. But, i have found all the stuff that would go with an Alien base on a Moon if one such exists?

I've found spaceships, tunnels, hallways, bridges, doorways to underground bases and roof tops for the bases. So, explain all them away if you feel you can? If your really up for the challenge? I found them so now if you will, please explain these...

Keep on looking skyward as they're here and they've been here for a very long, long, long, long time! Some think they're even living 30km high up in the atmosphere?

Makes sense as that's where most UFO sightings happen, mmkay?

Here's the actual link to the NASA image you all wanna see if it's actually real don't you? Well here it is.

Notice the website it's hosted on. NASA dot Government! This is a Government accidental disclosure of Alien structures on the Moon.

Same Alien On Holiday In Various Places In Our Part Of Space

Here he is, the "wanderer returns"! This guy get's about. The Alien entity in question that I've named Allen, lol is seen in various places around our planets. I'm talking on the Moon, Earth (obviously) and well let the pics do the talking.

Humanoid figure traveling the universe.

The 'man' ON at The Moon? Shadow resembling AN Alien-like Figure Captured Beside Craters ON at The Lunar Surface

Humanoid figure traveling the universe.

Humanoid figure traveling the universe.

Here he is below acting silly with a sheet over him on Mars.

Alien on Mars with a sheet over him.

Humanoid figure traveling the universe.

Humanoid figure traveling the universe.

Humanoid figure traveling the universe.

Last but not least, here he is messing with the Mars Rover.

Mans shadow can be seen on Mars while messing with the Mars Rover it's clearly a person on Earth.

Now Beautiful Pristine Beaches Are Been Stolen For Construction

People allowed to mine everyone's sand not stopped by the police.

The world is being drained of sand! Sand is now being stolen by gangs of thugs and selling it on to the construction companies who are begging them for it. The world is literally sinking to new depths of depravity and swindling our heritage, the world heritage that is. Is the world running out of sand, really? The real truth behind stolen sand from beaches and dredged islands.

I saw this and immediately thought no way that can't be true, can it? Well it turns out that sadly it is very true. The gangs are only supplying the companies that are begging for it so what do we do? Who's neck do we throttle? Do we go after the gangs or the demanding companies who aren't bothered where they get their sand from?

Personally I say we put a tiny tracker on every grain of sand and track the crooks from satellites? Ha, lol. Like we could do that. I honestly don't know what to do about this one? Dredging sand is a legitimate business but dredging pristine beaches is not permitted. At least I don't think it is? Anyways it's morally reprehensible and nobody should be allowed be it legal or illegal.

I wonder what the world heritage foundation has to say about this?
The insatiable demand of the global building boom has unleashed an illegal market in sand. Gangs are now stealing pristine beaches to order and paradise islands are being dredged and sold to the construction industry.
Paradise is a beach, we are told. Pristine white or coral pink. We leaf through brochures in search of perfect sand. There is a Paradise Beach on Barbados, and in Croatia, and Thailand, and South Africa, too. In every tourist-hungry part of the globe, in fact. The naturalist Desmond Morris believes that, as descendants of water-loving apes, we are hard-wired to seek out these places, lulled by the rhythmic advance and retreat of the ocean as we soak up the sun, sand grains trickling through our workless fingers.

The Burj Khalifa, Dubai: ‘Despite being surrounded by sand, it was constructed with concrete incorporating the “right kind of sand” from Australia.’ Photograph: Bloomberg via Getty Images.

And so much to go around. Man has always used sand as an analogy for the infinite, a limitless resource, ordinary and yet magical, incapable of exhaustion. When astronomers seek to impress upon us the size of the universe, they speak of stars being more numerous than grains of sand.

There are quite a few grains, as it happens 7.5 x 10 to the 18th power, according to researchers at the University of Hawaii. That’s 7 Quintilian, 500 quadrillion give or take the odd trillion.

Yet sand in the right places is anything but infinite. Our insatiable appetite for new buildings, roads, coastal defenses, glass, fracking, even electronics, threatens the places we are designed by evolution to love most. The world consumes between 30 and 40bn tonnes of building aggregate a year, and half of this is sand. Enough material to build a wall 27m high and 27m wide around the equator.

 Singapore is the world’s biggest importer of sand, increasing its size by 20% using sand from Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand. Photograph: aiqingwang/Getty Images.

Sand is second only to water as a natural material extracted by humans, and our society is built on it, quite literally. Global production has risen by a quarter in just five years, fueled by the insatiable demands of China and India for housing and infrastructure. Of the 15 to 20bn tonnes used annually, about half goes into concrete. Our need for concrete is such that we make almost 2 cubic meters worth each year for every man, woman and child on the planet.

But what of those oceans of sand stretching from the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf – the Sahara and the Arabian Desert? The wrong kind of sand, unfortunately. Wind action in deserts results in rounded grains that are too smooth and too small to bind well in concrete. Builders like angular sand of the kind found on riverbeds. Sand, sand everywhere, nor any grain to use, to paraphrase Coleridge. A textbook example is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the world’s tallest skyscraper.

Despite being surrounded by sand, it was constructed with concrete incorporating the “right kind of sand” from Australia. Riverbed sand is prized, being of the correct gritty texture and purity, washed clean by running fresh water. Marine sand from the seabed is also used in increasing quantities, but it must be cleansed of salt to avoid metal corrosion in buildings. It all comes at a cost. Check this link for more information and the full story.

People allowed to steal sand from pristine beaches.

Thank You Elon Musk - Space Engineers Sent To Cave In Thailand First Kids Just Come Out

Thailand cave rescue latest news.

The first kids have just been freed and are safe.

Cheers Elon for this amazing and very heartfelt and generous decision to send your engineers to the cave in Thailand. I think that I understand the decision to do something - as I had this same feeling (I think) in my heart but 

If I had the resources I would of done the same thing. Again, cheers Elon Musk for helping out. It shows us the real side to Elon that is very welcome and needed at this horrific time.

SpaceX news today thanks for helping the kids in Thailand.

One wouldn't expect this from a very driven, busy, important and very futuristic guy, but as they say "never judge a book by it's cover"? This is so true. I think it's this type of experience that allows him to live in the future as the present is what we are judged by not the past! I mean, even the forgive and forget analogy tells that the past is always forgotten. Just because he's a million miles away, there are certain things in life that unite people from all different sectors and cultures.

In this case we've got a brilliant and educated (mostly self taught) and a country of frantic people with a volunteer force filled with amazing souls. Your rewards in heaven although you didn't want them, it's behind the forever invitations to your favorite points in history? You'll see it as there's a ordinary looking photo frame with the person most important to you next to it, have a good one.

Rescuing the Thailand children here's a map of the cave.

We are judged by the present and the present defines us in every mind that takes this in? The past is the past, it has no bearing on the present like the real time present does. People, although he'd probably like us to focus on something else like this Thailand tragedy unfolding live on TV, let's not forget that everyone can help and that is by sharing the plight of the kids in the cave.

Anyone can pray, you don't have to be a church goer. I am not. My beliefs are forever evolving and I'm forever improving my stance. A church that shouts about money being the route of all evil but then holds out a bowl for money!

I've learned that to live in a contradiction and know it's a frickin contradiction is insane. I'm not insane and therefore I'd rather just keep on improving my own beliefs and keep an open mind instead of telling you to give unto thee or else you'll let down the church...

That is one step away from "gaining monies by deception" it's fifteen steps inside of immoral and is unforgivable. To put the thumb on you and ware you down in jargon and analogies from long ago, that's unforgivable. Oh and by the way, he's on the TV live shouting for your  money but he's doing it wearing a $5,000 suit. He's driving a $125,000 car and his palatial house is in excess of $4,000,000 so to say that they are struggling is an understatement because they are not.

The map of the area where the kids are trapped. The Thailand kids soccer team have been seen by rescuers which are from the United Kingdom - UK. They were the the first people to see the children alive for the first time. This was a momentous time for the team back at the HQ. Everyone kicked it in to overdrive once they knew they was helping to bring out people alive instead of recovering bodies?

Map of the cave in Thailand where the kids are trapped.

If he sold just one car, the one he only drives once a year (maybe) that money would be able to feed over 40,000 people. That's been very, very generous. I mean, it's for charity so yeah, you will get it at wholesale. This lying faker, scoundrel, disgusting monster of a disgusting fraudster and manipulator of emotions and master manipulator of beliefs and commitments. There you go, who need's help really?

1, Pastor in a $5,000 suit and a house worth $4,000,000+ and a car (only one...) worth $125,000 and an army of supporters willing to give him a meal?

2, Little Edwardo in one sandal (his brother wears one) and shorts passed down from village to village not brother to brother. Sometimes it's country to country? His transportation is the one sandal he has. His home is a hut made from cattle dung which they bought but went hungry for a day to buy it? It's a real decision. It's a real life decision! You've probably never had to choose between buying cattle dung or to go hungry for a day, not just you - the full family has to go hungry.

So i ask you again, who is the one in need? Pick one? Who is the one that WILL be doing the same exact thing this time next year, STILL? Sorry I Actually tricked you a wee bit there but I had to in order show you the truth. Because the choices is actually part of a trick question. Because:
They'll both be doing the same thing next year! Your going to change nothing but his bank balance.
Prayer is the last refuge of a scoundrel so...

A very, very intelligent man (and dashing in good looks) once said to me that if you are a part of the problem you are just as culpable as the man in charge. If your funding any scandal then your actually legally liable. If you are the one in charge of giving the "yes or no" for the funding being handed over from your bank to his - then you are just as guilty as the man in charge and will be dealt the same way.

This stuck a cord with me because if you think about it, how many people are out there totally oblivious to their own part? Oh yeah, ignorance is no defense. You cannot and nor should you be able or allowed to say "oh I didn't know"?

Ignorance is legally not a defense.

And it struck a cord with me because was we not all scoundrels at one time? Have we all done wrong at one time in the past? Is prayer where you could of found me straight after knowing I'd done wrong? Your not a bad person and shouldn't be punished for something you have already been punished for, but these TV evangelists are continually and knowingly every single day going on live TV asking for a new holiday erm I mean to help a new poster child for their cause?

Rescuers in Thailand ferrying supplies to the kids in Thai cave.

Their cause is holidays, boats, cars, gadgets, designer clothes, designer watches, designer gardens, pool house, 2 miles drive way, $50,000 fountain in front of the home, basketball court, tennis courts, underground garage with 9 cars. His property portfolio is very, very healthy he's got numerous business interests oversea's and has a staff of 8.

The bulk of his "cash and gold" is in safe place(s) (usually in safe havens). His wife's jewelry of diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and pearls. His watches are Hublot, Rolex, Audemars Piquet, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, Blancpain and yeah and don't forget the usual everyday Casio metal strap watch - you knowso her husband can always no matter what he can keep up appearances that your both down to Earth?

Guys, the designer clothes are insane. The footwear alone numbers in the tens of thousands of Dollars!

Sorry i'm gonna have to stop there because it's going to get disgusting even more if I tell you about his passion for aircraft's.

So again, who eff is in need? 5 pence of you one Dollar goes to the charity and all the rest goes to him. By the way 4 cents goes on admin costs.

So, legally your culpable and morally your void.

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