Alien DNA Found on Earth Could Be Fourth Branch of life

Scientists are saying that evidence for Alien DNA has been found on Earth in 2013 officially - but it was initially discovered in 2008.

It was only discovered to actually be a virus in 2013 because this particular one was thought it to be a bacteria! It's the absolute biggest kind of virus that has ever been discovered, and it's Alien according to many scientists.

And guess where it was discovered,

"in the contact lens of a woman with Keratitis."

Does it get any stranger than that because why the heck was "they" even looking in a woman's contact lens for it though in the first place, lol.

This image below is the Alien contact lens where the little old lady (pictured in the image) was shopping and accidentally bought a rare fourth branch of life contact lens, that'll be $15.99 please including VAT. read on for the fourth branch of life story.


Image Credit Canva

Simply put, some scientists and the History Channel's TV show Ancient Aliens have even done an episode covering this which is very eye opening - excuse the pun.

They are (collectively) are saying that the Pandoravirus is not even of this Earth (which means many different things) and as such it is then invading this woman as we know it to be an Alien invasion - of sorts, taking over her eye socket at least?

It might not be taking over a country or a city and there might not be any visible Motherships in Earths upper atmosphere with UFO mini-drones but possibly this is even scarier because we can't see it.


Image credit Science Journal.

Meet the Pandoravirus, the biggest known virus ever discovered and it is considered to be the fourth branch of life.

Even though it's in the eye of a woman, we will not be able to see it and that's probably more scarier come to think of it?

Or is it?

Anyways, some of the immediate questions I've got regarding this exact incident, event or whatever it's called are the following:

  1. Who gave her these contact lenses?
  2. Who made the contact lenses?
  3. And most of all, why now?
  4. Why this decade and the last decade?
  5. And lastly, why was they looking for viruses in her contact lenses? 

What, just having Keratitis is enough to warrant a examination of contact lenses?

I really don't think so, but who knows...

There's got to be a lot more to this story but the articles and videos I've seen and read about this all indicate to a couple of things which are new.

  • A, this is Alien life and it's been here all along we just didn't know it.  
  • B, it's new because it's literally just turned up and started to be noticed as an invading threat.

  • C, it's a new part of the tree of life which we thought was all known to us?

It could turn out to be a new branch of life evolved unto itself in a unique way, in a unique habitat i.e salt water and the other is in fresh water?

Scientists in Paris, France have discovered a microbe that is unlike any other organism but shares the same DNA as life on earth - It begs the question though, why now and "how did this Pandoravirus get into this woman's contact lens?"

History video:

Initially these viruses was called endocytobionts and was considered to be a bacteria but again, these are like nothing else found on Earth and are even going to (possibly) be considered for another branch of life.

Dahboo77 video.

Dahboo77 explains in detail alot about this that is really making a lot of people think otherwise about Alien life not only been as big as a human but also as small as a amoebae or a simple bacteria and also how it could be this that is where life on Earth came from, I mean we do behave like a virus, right?

It could also be because Scientists are saying that the Pandorvirus isn't from Earth and that it is a massive virus with 2.5 megabase lines.

Newly found Pandoraviruses hint at a fourth branch of life.
Nature dot com/Scitable by Nature education 

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Source Nature.

Very Convincing Images of Trees And Shrubs on Mars

Since Ancient Man began tracking the unique red world (Mars) across the night sky, we have always known there is something special about Mars.

Technology has allowed us to harness the telescope like never before. We are constantly being blown away with what we can see with it.

Although it is much smaller than Earth, Mars is the most Earth-like planet in our solar system hands down, with its many similar geological features (see images), including polar ice caps and what appear to be ancient (but now dry) river beds.

But is there any life on Mars really? Actually, scrap that, life is on Mars and It looks like life has always been in existence on Mars.


I can see roots, I can see stems, I can see clear as day tree like plants which if NASA cannot see that, then we really need to get them to Specsavers "for real"!

Despite the controversy surrounding Mars meteorites that some scientists think contain fossils of ancient Martian bacteria-like life forms, there is no conclusive evidence that life currently or ever existed on Mars. Okay, I get that nobody wants to commit to a fact based commitment on a black and white grainy image from Mars. But come on, it's wrong to say that all the money spent by NASA is wasted!

They (NASA) keep saying that life doesn't exist on Mars but yet when it comes to finding funding, low and behold they think life could of existed, they just need to go there with a Rover to find out.

That, however, does not rule out the possibility that there was once life on Mars. Because these are very convincing images of trees and shrubs on Mars if you ask me, in fact if I was to show you this image without the border etc what would you think it was a photo of?

Although there is no conclusive evidence (yet), there are some tantalising photos sent back from the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS link below) and other probes that might raise some eyebrows.

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Here's another awesome NASA vegetation image from Mars:

This picture taken by the Mars rover shows two relatively thin objects that cast a definite shadow on the ground, making them look like they are suspended or floating.


Here's two amazing and yet familiar objects we all know about but these are on Mars:


It's very strange seeing things that we know can only be found (or should be found) only on Earth, but seeing them on Mars.

The object on the left has been called "the spoon of Mars" because of the spoon-like shape and appearance on the end, and the other has been dubbed "the hoverboard" for its slight resemblance to the hover-board featured in the Back to the Future films.

NASA, of course, has dismissed the objects in the image as nothing more than pareidolia (seeing things that aren't there) a trick of light so-to-speak and or shadows that tricks the observer by have a stark resemblance to or looking uncannily like something else.

The agency itself or should I say the scientists at NASA say it's just a "weird rock" a ventifact which means:


/ˈvɛntɪfakt/ noun - GEOLOGY a stone shaped by the erosive action of wind-blown sand Wikipedia link at bottom of page.

A rock shaped over time by wind. Weird, indeed. Although it is unlikely that the objects are a spoon and hoverboard, they may warrant a closer look. But NASA is decidedly not-curious at all about such anomalies and it's frustrating.

There are real Martian Trees and Shrubs that flourish every year.

This photo, taken by the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) which look quite like aerial photos of an Earth desert dotted with shrub growth. Believe it or not, these "sand dunes" are in the southern hemisphere of Mars. There's a Hungarian research team, which has been analysing the photos (and other photos of the same area over time), and they have concluded that the black dots are indeed living organisms.

Their conclusion though is not a fact because NASA hotly dispute it.Why does NASA hotly dispute it, because it's their intelligence, it's their information and they feel that only NASA has a valid say in what is bagged and tagged.

So, what's in this NASA image if it's not animals i.e Sheep? Rocks I think NASA say's it is. People have suggested these are Sheep or some other animal likely feeding on the (what looks like grass) maybe vegetation we can see dotted around everywhere?


Image Credit: NASA/JPL.

It doesn't matter if you've got more degrees combined than NASA, or more authority in the matter of geology than NASA has because it's their way or the interstate freeway. They make it so that because they took the photo, they have the only qualified opinion.

It doesn't matter if you've got more degrees combined than NASA, or more authority in the matter of geology because it's either their way or the interstate, freeway!
Lee Lewis UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News 

Which is wrong by the way on many levels in many, many different scenarios. I could give you so many analogies all day long, one after the other - as to why it is so wrong. In fact, I'd put money on it right now that your thinking of one.

So,  getting back to the meat and potatoes of this article (which by the way I wrote a while back) but it's only now that I've learned more knowledge and am more confident in my beliefs surrounding this whole obvious vegetation on Mars saga.

Here we have some of the weirdest, most strangest and out of place (*Ooparts) looking "things on Mars". Are these trees or shrubs or rocks or something else entirely?


Image Credit: NASA/Malin Space Science Systems


Image Credit: NASA/Malin Space Science Systems


Image Credit: NASA/Malin Space Science Systems.

If you want me to believe a photograph of a Cat is a photograph of a Mouse, then don't show me a photograph of a Cat is my absolute take on the Mars photos of trees and shrubs. And guys, these aren't even the half of it, i'm only and I mean this, I'm only "highlighting" just a few of what's out there.

Here's what Wikipedia says is a wind swept stone which is a large dreikanter of granite on the Lander road a few miles south of Pacific Springs, Sweetwater County, Wyoming, United States. It really has a manufactured look to it, like it's a stone which had or has a purpose because of it's shape.

I thought I'd show you what NASA


Image credit: Bradley, W.H - U.S. Geological Survey Photographic Library  - Public Domain 1930.

Out of Place Artefacts.

Source Wikipedia.
Source Reference LiveaboutDotCom.
Source Reference NASA Mars Global Surveyor.

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