UFO Orbs Seen Everywhere - Increased Tenfold

I don't know why the same shaped, Button UFOs are seen everywhere around the world, it's very popular at the moment I guess.

Button UFOs have even been seen right near the Sun doing what looks like refuelling and it's even been recorded flying over Mexico - albeit not the same one.

It's also been filmed hovering in the night sky just there pulsating, illuminating areas in the United States glowing and yes - there are absolutely tons of them.

Here are just a few of the buttons like UFOs which people have been sending in.

Keeping an eye on these near enough exact copies of each other has been an obsession of mine recently. It's because I've made a clear connection based on similarities between each one. I first saw a massive formation on the ISS live stream but at the time I didn't connect them to the Orb UFOs.

It's like seeing an alien UFO shaped like a plane and seeing other plane-shaped UFOs, they must be connected to that Alien race right?

People on Facebook especially are posting Button-shaped UFOs daily and each one is a near exact copy of the one from the other side of the world! But, nobody is making the connection until now.

I don't even think they know about other people seeing the same thing as themselves - unless they've been putting two and two together like myself and can see the obvious link but haven't said it to anyone or written about it?

So far here's what I've noticed about these button UFOs:

  • Is it strange, yes. 
  • Is there a reason for more Button UFOs recently, there must be. 
  • What's the significance of the same-shaped UFOs right now - if any? 
  • Are these Button UFOs part of the same fleet of UFOs seen passing the ISS recently (2020)?

These "clusters of UFO Orbs" were picked up by the ISS cameras which looked like they were all on their way to Earth. Okay, how come there are this many UFO sightings "right now" and nobody seems to be saying anything from NASA?

Seeing these button UFOs triggered a memory from a video I saw and it was only recently when I saw it. I saw a huge formation of UFOs which were too many to count.

This is the video (below), I didn't think anything of it to be honest with you at the time. But as I'm seeing these huge massive groups of UFO Orbs all the time in our atmosphere in eyewitnesses videos I started to put two and two together. What's different though is that these UFO Orbs are actually in space and coming to Earth, instead of already being on Earth - is this how they're getting here?

Check out this video below:

When I saw all this (seriously) I instantly thought that it was a large formation of UFOs and that was it. Nothing more than that, I'm used to it so I just carry on like normal on to the next UFO sighting. But I started to think that they must be getting to Earth somehow (if they are Alien) but there could be a chance that these are man-made, right?

That's when I realised that this answers the question of "how are they getting to Earth"?

The Button shape of UFOs could be man-made.

Not long after I started to see packs of them, many of them flying over different parts of the world I started to connect the dots. Nothing is happening in terms of what they're doing as they never do, they always do nothing remarkable in the reported UFO videos. It's like we've all just been observed by these Orb UFOs - also by the eyewitnesses in a vice versa kind of role play and that's it.

Nothing to see so let's all move on to the next UFO sighting, that's how it feels sometimes.


Then I started seeing more and more of these weird-looking UFOs (see images below), pulsating, glowing, and looking like buttons and that's quite literal as well! People are sending me and probably MUFON or NUFORC and many other reporting places - videos of these buttons like UFOs. Facebook groups always have these Button UFO Orbs in their timelines.

This is a close-up of the UFO Orb of which I'm talking about specifically:


It looks like a white dot Orb until it's zoomed into and then it looks exactly like this one (above).

Okay, here's probably the most famous Button UFO that was ever released by US Space Agency NASA.


The STS-75 The Tether Incident.

This one was seen by telescope by an amateur astronomer. It's definitely from the same UFO family so-to-speak and it leads me to believe that these are Alien in nature and not man-made or reverse-engineered.



UFO Orb sightings across the world.


Above images: UFO Sighting Facebook.

The images that you see above are these UFO Orbs which are currently everywhere in the world. They simply inhabit everywhere and I mean everywhere. I have researched these and they start to be seen as though they were commercial airlines or like these are normal. 

This will give you a better understanding as to just where these are seen at night time and day time:

They are anything but normal!

They change colours, glow, hover, speed by, and fly slowly and ly, are seen near urban areas, hovering over cities, high up in the atmosphere, low to the ground, near airports, at sea, and in the sea. On the side of mountains, going into mountains, flying into volcanoes, seen by amateur astronomers in deep space.

Button -ufos


I'll admit that this one was probably the very first time I had seen the disc with the button-like rim and even though it didn't have a hole in the middle, it looked like it had a bezel around the inner circumference.

This one, (one of my favourite UFO pics ever) is of the very same "button like UFO" but here's the catch, this one is from the Stereo.

UFO Orb in white

Oh but look here at what I found about these UFO Orbs. How uncanny is this...

Professional designs of a Flying Saucer which looks like the button UFOs

Professional designs of a Flying Saucer which looks like the button UFOs.

Professional designs of a Flying Saucer which looks like the button UFOs.

Professional designs of a Flying Saucer which looks like the button UFOs.

Professional designs of a Flying Saucer which looks like the button UFOs.

Professional designs of a Flying Saucer which looks like the button UFOs.

If you ask me, it all looks a little bit like there's a massive unknown side to Earth that the majority of us are not in the slightest bit involved with. It looks to me that nobody has a clue as to the bigger picture of why the US Government and the British Government, Israel Government Russia, China etc are making these crafts.

If we find detailed evidence like camera evidence of Disk-shaped crafts and then we also find detailed engineers' patepatentse "cut cut cut-action drawings of the same crafts in Old art hives then it's very easy to jump to conclusions, right?

I mean, these are blooming instructions to build a Flying Saucer for heaven's sake. What else are we supposed to say and think - when we find this type of archival patent design?

Leave us a comment, cheers guys.

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  1. Guys, these are everywhere at the moment. I've tried to trace these to a specific UFO incident which happened at the ISS where loads of UFO Orbs where recorded flying past the ISS. Lots of people in our Facebook groups are uploading these Button shaped UFO Orbs. Please send them in to the admin, cheers.

  2. Huh I guess you guys like my video 😉 it's the first one with all the crazy stuff in it at least disclose screen gave me props for catching it. 😐

  3. They are not buttons, they are orbs and ball shaped with no rings or dots visible, they are about 20 foot in diameter and cover with light, it is the camera zooming in on them that makes these rings and not the ufo.

    1. I've got video if you want to see let me know

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