That's A Bona-fide Demon Stood Behind Putin

Okay first things first, I'm not dumb enough to believe that Demons are actually walking around on Earth visiting the Kremlin and taking in a religious service or two.

But, I definitely believe that people can be possessed as this is what I understand is happening here.

Demon child stood behind Putin and he looks grey.

Credit: Larth Maul YouTube/Canva/UFO Sightings Footage.

Demons have been recorded throughout the history of mankind. I think that knowledge of Demons and seeing Demonic possessions predates Christianity, The Islamic faith, Hinduism, Bhudism, the Jewish faith etc.

So, if you don't believe that they exist then your actually saying that one of the oldest beliefs in mankind's history is wrong. Also, Demons are probably one of the only things that religious people can come together and agree with and agree on.

Scary kids next to Putin one is Demonic grey and the other one is Reptilian.

Credit: Larth Maul YouTube.

The evidence says it's real, like when some people black out and they feel like they was taken over and do heinous things like say for instance murder. Some people have said it's as if something compelled them to do something bad. That they could see their arms moving but they had no control over it.

This is fantastic experience of Demonic possession.

Credit: Larth Maul YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

Even when they've been shown real evidence they don't remember it, in fact some people cannot even see themselves in cctv, photos, videos etc when they was possessed even though it's clearly them.

That's even looking back at the evidence, the people who were taken over by Demons don't recognise themselves. They simply and honestly cannot see themselves, even if it's pointed out to them.

Or am I barking up the wrong tree? Is that just Putins Demons following him about like a bad odour! Lol.

Crazy video of the Demon child.

Deathly grey Demin child behind Putin.

Credit: Larth Mail YouTube/Canva/UFO Sightings Footage.

But, as you can certainly see and gather from the video here that something is definitely wrong with the kid in the middle "the grey one" between Vlad the Impaler Putin and the Girl with the marshmallow hat on. She also has reptile looking eyes. Seriously, what's wrong with mother Russia 🇷🇺 because they look super different.

He (the boy) the grey one most certainly looks Demonic, he looks grey, he looks like a deathly grey ghost, but alive and walking.

God knows what is going on here in this video but I must admit that he is spooky, super duper spooky.

Then there's the girls eyes, I can't tell if it's just the way that the camera is picking up the light and refracting colours away from the sensor with just the dark colours left behind hence the dark looking "reptilian eyes with the slits instead of the round spherical pupils".

But her eyes are staying like it all the way through the weird video and that's strange. I've only ever seen the reptilian eyes between blinks haven't you? Shapeshifters eyes they call it. Reptilians with form changing abilities and that's why we see some of them losing control of their abilities on TV.

Demon boy behind Putin.

Tell me what you think about the video here and if you agree with the voice over guys opinions?

I must admit that I didn't think I'd be agreeing with him.

So, there is no telling what is walking around I suppose is what I have to take from this.

Credit: Larth Maul YouTube video.

What's The Chances of Two Mars Earthquakes Happening Two Years Apart

The space agency's scientists believes the seismic events are caused by a sudden release of energy from the planet's interior.

But, what's the chances of...

But where did it come from and what made it happen now? Why now? Why not two thousand years ago or 100 thousand years ago? What is powerful enough to create an earthquake inside of Mars. Please don't call them rumblings.

Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure device on Mars.

Credit NASA/JPL-Caltech.

Quote from Sky News:

And curiously, the previous seismic events (wait, there's more) detected by the space agency's InSight lander - which arrived on the planet's surface in 2018 - occurred almost a full Martian year ago, or two Earth years, during the Martian northern summer. But as anyone knows, it's impossible to predict when an earthquake will happen.

The fact that Mars is having earthquakes at all is going to, or rather it should render All known scientific facts about Mars and it's dead interior on it's head. NASA recorded not just one earthquake but two earthquakes on Mars and "curiously enough" they seem to have happened with just two years separating them and they've only just put the thing on Mars...

Can I just draw your attention to this Google search result screenshot:

Screenshot of the Google search results about Mars.

Credit: UFO Sightings Footage/Google Search.

Is this information going to be updated to reflect the latest information we have about Mars' interior or not? The books, the published papers, the previous information is inaccurate we now know.

So they, (NASA) not only just put the seismic device on Mars in 2018 (why do that if it's a dead planet) yet it's detected two other Marsquakes already (that we know of) and they're making excuses up already by saying it's the wind and they need to bury the cable that connects the seismic domed device to the lander.

Another quote:

Intriguingly, the new rumblings are believed to have originated in a location on Mars called Cerberus Fossae, where two other previous candidate events are believed to have originated.

It's the atmosphere, can you believe it?

Actually yes, I can believe it because it's NASA! Oh but don't worry because they're working on a plan to be able to differentiate between the two.

Are they now admitting that earthquakes happen because they need a real earthquake to happen to be able to know which is which, right? Not just rumblings. Or did they say something that maybe they know is impossible as well as Mars does not have quakes. Apparently.

Why even make a seismic device if it's not an active planet, that doesn't make sense even.

Lee Lewis UFO Sightings Footage.

Ordinarily enough is to have earthquakes or rumblings as they like to call them, happening in Mars but nearly to the day on a standard measurement Earth is in itself strange. But we'll see, if it happens again in a Martian year (two Earth years) then we've not only predicted it but also we've unearthed some sort of artificial Marsquake or artificial rumblings and it's not created by humans! What does all this mean?

Are there hollow parts of Mars do you think? Is what the conspiracy theorists have been saying all along that Mars has Alien bases within it's interior actually correct?

Or is the other contender something different that nobody has guessed yet.

I think it means that scientists are falling down a rabbit hole to be honest with you of what's the truth. Because what they once thought was a fact, backed up by the science actually done and gathered by themselves has already fallen through the first crack in the floor so-to-speak and been rendered inaccurate.


Seismic events and readings for Mars.

Credit NASA.

Massive releases of energy must come from somewhere, it has to originate from something don't they. They do not, never will and can never, ever, ever "just appear from nowhere".

NASA doesn't even address this which is the most important part of the story. A massive release of energy is how it was described and that's it.

Mars cannot be dead, so Mars cannot be considered as a dead or dormant planet yet.

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But NASA being NASA, they have an excuse "already locked and loaded without an investigation even done yet" the get out clause for NASA scientists is that the instrument is defective.

The seismometer is inside the white domed shield which is attached to InSight on the planet Mars.

Credit: The seismometer (inside the white domed shield) is attached to InSight. Pic: NASA/JPL-Caltech

I kid you not!

It's (NASA’s Mars seismic device) the Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure, device giving false positives - the fact that it's curiously happened twice already with a full two years in between is neither here nor there and to boot it's pretty much near enough to the date of the last Mars quake, and that is very odd, well I suppose that's the icing on this very confusing cake.

It's always the little details that people seem to overlook or that people seem to not care about connecting the dots together. It's only when you do connect the dots, that you realise how much they were wrong about especially if it's such a big, an intrinsic part of the word "Mars".

What we thought was correct about Mars.

It's a Sphere, it's a dead and dormant planet with no volcanic activity and it's looked like this since Mars last had a massive meteorite hit it. The way Mars looks now hasn't changed since forever.

But if some or just one of the basic "facts" about Mars is now wrong then what else is wrong?

Think about the implications of this yourself, you don't need me to tell you that it's not good.

Mars image.

Credit: NASA.

But I could be wrong and Lord knows these scientists and NASA engineers etc are way more intelligent than me so I'm pretty sure that they can come up with something that will make all of it sound right.

But what you cannot argue with is this:

It was a fact that Mars was not an active planet.

It's now had two Earthquakes or "Marsquakes" as they're now known as. Something is wrong with the initial assessment and the implications is all I'm focusing on. Nothing else, nothing more. If Mars been a dead planet with no Earthquakes and that was part of other assessments then they need to be looked at again. That's all I'm saying. But, let's see if they cab admit that they were wrong...

Credit: Sky News.

Mothership Flying Past The Moon With 2 Smaller UFOs

There's no need to rush into believing in Aliens or the crazy assh vehicles that they fly around in.


Meanwhile over on the Moon there's been a couple of UFO type vee-hic-u-lars flying all up and down like they own the place. Actually, they might but my point is we own it right and until we know otherwise I'm cancelling all leave and holidays and we're going to get suited up and do nothing. That's a quick quote from the NASA handbook, hurry up and wait, get suited up and do nothing! Lol, it fits like a glove.

Yeah, so take that Aliens. We're going to be all over the place soon, maybe? In the future we will be a big deal. But in the meantime we're doing absolutely nothing and you better like it!

Okay, my stupid point is wise and informative but I think you get the picture.

They're (Alien entities) definitely using the Moon as a base, we see them all the time on the ISS live feed, they come and go and NASA’s answer to this blatant Extraterrestrial two fingered salute is to look the other way and say, UFO, what UFO?

Or, what you think you saw, you did not see, in actual fact what you saw was a temperature inversion brought on by an updraft of hot air via the gulf of blah de bloody blah. They should go confront them now or was planting that United States flag all for nothing?

Not our bravest hour I'll have to admit. Also I'm dropping the "us" bit it's just them from now on. They are a bit to flakey, light on their toes if you know what I mean. Got no back bone, all talk.

I mean, look at the bananas on that Mothership! It's actually bananas that I'm here writing about a UFO flying, no, hovering or whatever else it's doing over the Moon - and that's not considered "bananas"? You can bet the bank on that one! It's just another day at the races though for me, this is going on all the time. Every single day, someone else is capturing another amazing UFO and posting it on social media and nobody, and I mean nobody is doing a thing about it except people like me writing about it.

Unless lying about it is considered doing something about it then yes, it's been dealt with by NASA, ESA, Roscosmos, JAXA, JPL.

Unbelievable looking possible UFO Mothership flying right past the Moons back side.

Credit Skywatch International.

You see, I see that flying (God knows what it is) out over the Moon and I wanna know what they is up to. I'm nosey, a nosey Parker if you like but at least I'm honest about it. It's interesting, it's proper good, it's got unbelievable implications if it's real and that has fascinated me since I can remember. Now run Forest, go watch the video and come right back...

UFO Lands in Siberia

I'm afraid it's a Siberia saga yet again, the lovely Siberian "landscape of nothingness" and plenty of cold, freezing temperatures which seems to attract Aliens more than anyone can sanely expect.

It's a wet, cold and inhospitable damp stain of missery on the planets cool hot pants.


The "plausible" and can't be proved Siberian UFO incidents are aplenty! Let's not forget about the never ending string of Alien crash sites, the recovered Alien bodies and the Alien abductions reported every year since the moustache was invented - are all plausible so we have to listen, we have to be patient because it only takes one to be real.

Yes,that old chestnut.

UFO sightings are definitely real, they've been accepted by the US Government and they in turn released three UFO videos to show the world that they are not insane. It's a pity that when the public said the same thing, they could of come to their aid and showed the three UFO videos then, saving a lot of grief and stress that happened as a consequence of believing in UFOs. But what's done is done I suppose.

It's so easy to buy into other's opinions and beliefs instead of listening and reading or thinking for ourselves.

But then we read stuff like this from the Business Insider:

Two separate videos recorded on mobile phones show unusual lights in the rural eastern area.

"These two videos from two independent witnesses show that a UFO event of Roswell-sized proportions has taken place in Russia," UFO expert Mike Cohen, told the Mail.

But it's Siberia, right!

Credit: Mike Cohen/Barcroft USA.

Siberia, it's kinda become a mystery all to unto itself - because when we, you or anyone else come to think about it, talks about how a Flying Disk lands and beings get out to stretch their legs yada, yada, yada it's always in bloody Siberia! It's never in a public stadium in front of the home crowd of 50K people. It's never in front of the White House or the Houses of Parliament in London.

So no, I'm not disappointed with this one or trying to put negative spin on this by "kinda dismissing it before it has chance to get off the ground" (so-to-speak) excuse the pun. I just want to know why Aliens keep on playing catch me if you can or chase me, chase me. They act as if they don't want cameras pointing them out, but then they sneak by the ISS. Then turn off the live feed! Like oh damn, I forgot to turn off the camera or turn on the jamming equipment.

So, here's my first problem with the whole shenanigans;

It's just the chance of having a Flying Disk land (not crash land) and your in the perfect place for a video with five being's that get out of the Disk on a totally different world definitely raises an eyebrow or two where I'm from. In fact it's up now!

But I can't dismiss it because it really could of happened, right... I have other stuff that has convinced me that Aliens exist and that's good, but I can see how someone else might not of seen that kind of UFO and Alien evidence who see this and absolutely start to believe that UFOs and Aliens don't exist, and that's a shame.

It might be so bad that it's real. Let's not forget that it was filmed in 2011 in the Irkutsk region of Siberia which was a decade ago and I have to admit that nobody has brought up any evidence that says categorically this is a hoax!

So, put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr unbeliever!


Proof at last? This screen grab (below) shows an apparent UFO on the ground with what appears to be an unearthly being to its right and four other beings directly in front of the glowing craft
It shows what seems to be an alien about four feet tall, standing 15 feet away from its glowing craft, with four other similar figures nearby.

The short clip (follow links for all info) was taken two days after mysterious lights illuminated the Siberian night skies above Bayanday, also in Irkutsk.

Two days after the UFO sighting an explosion was heard and a UFO like this one was seen.

Two days after these clips were taken the town of Bayanday reported a crash of a huge pink and blue glowing object. But I really do believe that because it's so far out, so far away from civilisation (and reality) that people use it to make a tripod and camera UFO video.

Mike Cohen quote:

The military soon confirmed that it had not been doing any exercises in the area and therefore cannot be responsible for any reports of UFOs,' he added.

But he claims the authorities organised a cover-up of the UFO landing.

Officials declared the event classified and told journalists the area of impact would not be revealed, he said.

So, unless there is a file in Siberia With Top Secret on the front cover but with nothing inside the file then it would seem that the Siberian authorities like to designate nothing as top secret and create files to put absolutely nada inside of them, then I just don't know what to make of it all?

Please check out the various links to various other articles on this very subject and decide on what you want to believe? Cheers. Oh and please share this post with your friends and family and friends of friends etc.

Cigar Shaped UFO Over Idaho | It Definitely Exists

Idaho resident captures an amazing looking Cigar shaped UFO that looks like a surveillance drone.

The reason why I say that "it looks like a surveillance drone to me" is because it's a perfect sized fuselage to store tons of equipment like radar, infrared, mapping and GPS along with other equipment known   and top secret. It looks like a man made UFO, military or private.

Obviously it could be a top secret aerial vehicle and if we the public asked any Government authority about it they'd probably deny it and cover it up. It's probably already been covered up.

UFO doesn't necessarily mean Alien or that it's got it's roots inside of Area 51.

But, what it does mean is that it's there, it most certainly exit's and therefore as we the viewers and the eye witness  on the day doesn't know what this is "even years later" that makes this a bona-fide UFO. It's definitely Unidentified, it's definitely Flying and it's most certainly an Object.

There's got to be a reason why it's this specific shape and in this specific area at that specific time. I'm guessing that it's not to house a tiny Alien with long clown feet, although that would be the description of a few people's comments about what this is!

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Seriously though, apparently it's fake because of the music... I kid you not, this was one answer I read about it.

Also it's got to be a definite fake because one person doesn't know what a cigar looks like as he/she doesn't smoke. I swear to you. I give up!

Lee Lewis UFO Sightings Footage.

Just remember - 
It can't be proved either way so to rule it out would be very, very short sighted. I cannot make a decision but I can envision (imagine) what might be inside of it, what it's for and why it's here plus also who created it in the first place because it was created somewhere by something and of that, it cannot be denied!

Learn more about what it takes to be a UFO Expert and who they are.

So yes, the word "clown" definitely comes to my mind surrounding this whole UFO event from literally the start to the finish. It takes alsorts and alsorts to become an "expert in the field of Ufology". It's wide open to ridicule, it's wide open to any and all self proclaimed experts.

just as good of a guess because at the minute nobody's got an answer. I'd like answer's to this strange UFO story.


Credit: Metaphysical Research Canada.

Somebody somewhere must know more about this be it military, radar, top secret Government programs or reverse engineers that worked at Area 51. Somebody, somewhere knows an awful lot more than what they're letting on to!

The reason why I say this is because just before the three UFO videos released in 2019 by the DoD and the US Navy, there were lots and lots of people who knew about those three UFO videos and I bet you any money that some of the people that they told it to said "on your bike or liar"!

People somewhere, people know about everything especially when you start to talk about Government or Governments within Governments and top secret units with compartmentalised work formations with shifts that never overlap or intermingle with one another.

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Source Reference: Wikipedia.

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