Huge Black Pyramid Discovered On Asteroid With Video

Why haven't I seen this or even heard about this amazing black Pyramid on an Asteroid hurtling through space before? I'm speechless if this is the real deal, it has a traceable history with reference numbers.

When images came back from the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) showing what appears to be a large black pyramid on asteroid 1999-RQ36, people freaked out.

Asteroid 1999 RQ36
Date of discovery: June 29, 2014
Location of discovery: our solar system
Source: ISRO, Indian Space Research Organisation
Photos by: NEOSSat



At 1:21 I can see a carved or grove channel that leads up to the "white entrance" in the side of the Pyramid.

Going in the other direction still on the channel or "road" leading away from the Pyramid I also see a round kind of roundabout?

It could be a landing pad, which makes sense as it needs a place so spacecrafts can land, right.

This is the best image out of the lot because this image shows every side and it shows the difference in shadow and light which in my mind settles this once and for all, it's real.


I honestly think that what we're seeing here and the lack of mainstream media attention proves beyond any doubt (in my mind at least) that we are witnessing some of an extraterrestrial nature because we never built it and I don't think we could even if we had every brain on it that ever existed.

It's hard not to notice it from this angle.

Asteroid with an Alien Black Pyramid on it called 1999 RQ36 or Bennu.

1999-RQ36 (renamed in a contest 101955 Bennu or Bennu for short) was discovered on September 11, 1999, by the Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) project.

It has a mean diameter of approximately 493 meters and is listed as a possible Earth impactor between 2169 and 2199.

The Origins Spectral Interpretation Resource Identification Security Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) spacecraft is scheduled to be launched in 2016, travel to the near-Earth asteroid for a landing in 2018 and return to Earth with a 2.1-ounce sample of its soil in 2023.

Here’s the official purpose of the trip from NASA:

The mission will help scientists investigate how planets formed and how life began, as well as improve our understanding of asteroids that could impact Earth.

NASA is sending a spacecraft to a nearby asteroid to bring back a rock sample or to check out a pyramid on its surface, what do you think?


Scott Waring from the awesome website UFO Sightings Daily (links below) has even emailed the ISRO and asked for comments and answers but he never got anywhere and judging that he's not updated the post it would suggest he didn't get a response which is kinda sad?

But I suppose that when the Space Agencies comment on this kind of explosive stuff anything they say could be misinterpreted?

They've pulled a NASA as one person commenting on Scott's post said, which made me chuckle.


So what about the pyramid?

Or the other rectangular objects on the asteroid?

NASA makes no mention of them, nor does ISRO say anything about them or the video on its web site.

No names or other specifics have been released.

Are they covering up a secret second purpose of the mission?

Some buzz on the Internet focuses on the pyramid being an alien mining project while others say its an alien space station.

Others think it might be remnants of a volcano.

The massive size of the pyramid in relation to the asteroid make some of these theories questionable.

  • Not to mention the lack on any details on the source of the video.
  • Was the video doctored?
  • Is it just a rock jutting out from Bennu?
  • Is the whole thing a hoax? What do you think?
  • One eagle eyed viewer actually said this:

Expand the viewer to full size and Look at it 1:05 thru 1:15.

It is a 4 legged hollow scaffold shaped like a pyramid.

Possibly a landing/docking pad or it has some kind of weapon on it.

This Asteroid anomaly makes me think about this Spaceship I saw on an comet called Comet 67P.

Check out that post here but first look at the image of it.


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Lots Of UFO Orbs Filmed Joining 2 Huge Holes In Clouds

UFOs eating or evaporating clouds but could be a cloaked Mothership.

Reading a comment on the video and someone pointed out that the cloud holes are called fallstreak. That maybe right and so, but two huge holes in the clouds right next to one another is not Fallstreaks! Absolutely not, no way. The views in this post are my own opinions and not fact! Without opinions we don't get anywhere.

UFOs eating or evaporating clouds but could be a cloaked Mothership.

UFOs eating or evaporating clouds but could be a cloaked Mothership.

I've never seen so many UFOs at once joining two huge "stealth" Motherships. These are fantastic, there's lots going on in the video. I don't know where to begin? The UFO Orbs are balls of white light, they've appeared out of thin air literally every complete revolution by one Orb that in turn makes another Orb appear from nowhere. I don't believe this is a hoax at all as I've seen this before (read on).

UFOs eating or evaporating clouds but could be a cloaked Mothership.

UFOs eating or evaporating clouds but could be a cloaked Mothership.

The new UFO (joined from a portal or Stargate maybe) that too joins the merry-go-round and it "helps" in turn to bring in another UFO Orb or it creates another white ball of light which is the most bizarre and unusual thing I've ever seen.

Then the UFO Orbs all begin another weird chase me dance or a game of tag, your it and around they go right round the perimeter of the cloaked Motherships.

UFOs eating or evaporating clouds but could be a cloaked Mothership.

I was of the opinion that the UFO Orbs were eating the clouds or some sort of vacuum was sucking up the clouds but then I noticed another "huge" void to the left which I presume is the same size, also the same thing is happening to this hole aswell (image below at bottom). This is a walk down Twilight Zone Avenue if I ever did see one.

I just remembered I've seen this kind of behaviour before! Or should I say activity. I remember seeing a cloud which was being slowly "evaporated" by a small Orb but I think it was metallic? I'm going to get that video or images for you and try to put it in this post as a comparison (I found the images at the bottom with link in sources Express Online)? But guys, all I can do is give you my thoughts on what I think is going on in the videos, the rest is up to you to figure this out?

I don't know if we'll ever get any answers but putting the same UFOs together and the same phenomena together surely proves consistency and that it's not a made up story or that it can't be so easily shrugged off, right? It means somebody somewhere must have to take notice! It's a crazy world so lets try to make sense, somehow. Maybe somebody has took notice as this could be man made.

Here's that awesome video of two huge holes or Motherships cloaked and lots of white Orb UFOs:

How the heck about that then? I reckon after watching it you need to watch it again, but keep an eye on the other void in the cloud to the left. It is an amazing video with lots of UFO phenomena going on. It's mind blowing stuff. Everytime I go to check out the "debunked" site about this it's not available surprise surprise. Just because someone says something is fake especially without producing any evidence does not mean it is! Whereas I've produced similar evidence to back up what I'm saying.

Two huge holes in clouds are attracting white UFO Orbs.

Remember, everyone is allowed an opinion and if it's doesn't align with your opinion then that's called a conversation, debate. It's not a cue to go irate or show a nasty side. Thanks, I put that because some seem to thrive off being nasty and I'm sure you've come across it on the net somewhere.

I knew I had seen a UFO eating clouds or evaporating clouds before.

I knew I had seen a UFO eating clouds or evaporating clouds before.

Source Physics & astronomy Zone Twitter.
Source Evaporating Clouds Express Online.
Source Fallstreak Wikipedia.

Military Forces Filmed Firing Heavy Artillery At Two UFOs - EPIC DISCOVERY

The military have used heavy artillery against UFOs and this proves it.

This is AN epic find! You know why you haven't seen this before, because nobody saw the white flashes of gun fire! If you look careful you can see the white flashes and they're letting loose on these two UFOs! I can't believe I spotted these? It's an epic find, well it is for me personally.

There's loads of rounds (god knows what) of probably all types of shells, bullets and I wonder if they was pursued in the air by Jets? This is a rare opportunity to see the "Government" actually firing upon a UFO instead of either been behind the wheel so-to-speak or in cahoots with said Aliens?

So it beg's the other question, what's going with the Alien - Government - NASA cosy relationship? Has things turned sour and if so what the hell does that mean? As of now I don't know where of which military this is firing at the two Unidentified Flying Objects, but I will keep on this to try and find out.

So here's what I spotted in the video:

The firing on to two UFOs from the side of a hill.

In the above image I spotted gun fire or heavy artillery coming from this part of the background. If you play the video and watch this area you'll see white flashes of light which is obviously humans firing upon the two UFOs. You can even see sparks coming off the UFO on the left! Wow, this is real in my view.

The firing on to two UFOs from the side of a hill.

Here's an image with a white flash of gun fire that I just managed to get a screen capture of. This is fantastic that it shows the rounds flying around instead of just hearing the artillery shots.

I managed to trace the fired rounds to the middle-ground and it makes me think that as the firing is coming from a few sources.

A close up of the right UFO clearly shows a Flying saucer shape.

It's also been filmed that the military knew these were either coming or that the two UFOs are extremely unlucky for wondering in to a military exercise. I wonder if the UFOs were caught spying on the military and they opened up on them?

White artillery gun flashes from when it's fired.

How about that then? I think I got the direction of the artillery round right? If this was a bullet we wouldn't be able to see it so this has to be a decent size round. Have any of you guys seen out like this before or can you tell what artillery piece is been used by the sound it makes because I know some people can tell just by the sound of things firing.

Here's the best UFO video.

Source evrenin.sirlarii Instagram.

Described As The Most Clear And Shocking UFO Video EVER

Described as the best UFO and most clearest Flying Saucer ever.

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has been sent a 19-second long clip said to have been filmed in Nairobi, Kenya, African, this month.

One of the biggest complaints about alleged UFO footage is that the clips are often blurred, out of focus, or filmed from too far away.

Described as the best UFO and most clearest Flying Saucer ever.

But in the video sent in to MUFON, there is bio mistaking the flying saucer that roars over the remote road. The footage, which has been branded a CGI hoax by many viewers, begins with someone seen filming in one of the the rear view mirrors of the vehicle. It is overcast and raining, and the quality of the recording itself is quite poor.

MUFON Flying Saucer seen in Africa.

Then a finger is seen to point out of the window and towards the top-right of the screen. Judging by what is implied is about to pass over head, the cameraman remains very calm and silent. At 11 seconds in an aeroplane-like noise is heard before a huge classic movie-style flying saucer flies over the road as if descending to land.

It goes out of view again beyond trees and undergrowth at 13 seconds, before the noise changes to an echoing boom before stopping. If it were not a fake, it would be the most sensational UFO video captured to date. The video is below I suggest you should watch it in full screen.

MUFON, based in the USA, is the world's largest organisation dedicated to the investigation of alien abductions and UFO sightings and footage. But the organisation has previously admitted that it does get inundated with hoax footage by pranksters and other individuals, which in some cases have to undergo initial assessment, tying up investigators. The organisation accepts that this is one of the pitfalls of being an organisation dedicated to such research.

MUFON case number 77230
But I don't know why it was actually submitted to MUFON twice and a month a part? Why do you think this happened? Is it because there was two eye witnesses?

Here's what the eye witness said:

It's a foggy morning in Kenya, Muranga County, me and a friend are driving down a Murram road video tapping the heavy fog that is falling making it hard to drive.

Its terrible weather for us but not for this UFO that took the chance to fly by unnoticed. There's still loads of information left on Express Online. Researching this UFO encounter is a great idea because it is a very fine line between good hoaxes and the real deal and I don't know if we'll ever determine if this is real or not.

MUFON Flying Saucer seen in Nairobi, Africa.

Source MUFON.
Source MUFON Case Number 77230 Video.
Source Express Online.

Black Triangle UFO Escorted By Jets It Is Fiction No More - Here Is The Patent

Here's the best image of a Triangle UFO.

TR-3B Black Triangle: Can It Be A Man Made Anti Gravity Craft Or Not? We've finally got all the answers for you. We found the evidence and we're backing it up with the actual submitted patent. The link to the Google Patent website and the specific page is linked at the bottom of this post.

As far back as the late 1980’s or early 1990’s there have been sightings of mysterious black triangle UFOs. Is it real, is it Alien or is it back engineered from a crashed UFO? Nobody knew, also nobody had any idea just what it was and what it was capable of doing.

Here's the best image of a Triangle UFO.

These type of craft are described as “large, silent, black triangular objects hovering or slowly cruising at low altitudes over cities and highways.” – Wikipedia Black triangle (UFO).  The description from an online video stated that the object was moving slowly through the night sky on a clear night near Paris at about 9:50 p.m.

TR3b seen hovering over Paris at night time with it's lights on.

Here is a little bit of what Wikipedia says are black triangles:

Black triangles are a class of unidentified flying object (UFO), with certain common features which have reportedly been observed during the 20th and 21st centuries. Media reports of black triangles originally came from the United States and United Kingdom.

The Black Triangle TR3b is in the Google Patents archives.

Reports generally describe this class of UFOs as large, silent, black triangular objects hovering or slowly cruising at low altitudes over cities and highways. Sightings usually take place at night. These objects are often described as having pulsing coloured lights that appear at each corner of the triangle. 

Two Jets escorting the Black Triangle TR3b probably back to base.

Now that's nearly exactly what we're seeing in the video? Except for the lights at each corner this is what Wikipedia is describing. It doesn't need it's lights on as it's been escorted. I don't know how these crafts are moved and what protocol is followed but I reckon if you look at this Google Patent for the TR3b you'll not have doubts about their existence again.

Wow, there it is the black Triangle Spacecraft. It cannot be denied by anyone ever again as far as i'm concerned this is legitimate:

Triangular spacecraft Abstract A spacecraft having a triangular hull with vertical electrostatic line charges on each corner that produce a horizontal electric field parallel to the sides of the hull. This field, interacting with a plane wave emitted by antennas on the side of the hull, generates a force per volume combining both lift and propulsion.

i think what we're seeing in the video is this Black Triangle that is referred to in Google Patents but in that it says it's abandoned? Are they trying to put anyone off by saying this or are they trying to put the image across that it was never made and they never took it up?> That's the kind of vibe I'm getting but yet there it is, in the video and in "countless" witness encounter photographs and videos. So who is lying? Well we've got evidence so I'm going with the evidence.

US Application

Inventor John St. Clair
Original Assignee St Clair John
Q Priority date 2004-12-20


This invention is a spacecraft having a triangular hull with vertical electrostatic line charges on each corner. The line charges create a horizontal electric field that, together with a plane wave emitted by antennas on the side of the hull, generates a force per volume providing a unique combination of both lift and propulsion.

I'm not going to write it all down as it will spoil it for you, just head on over to Google Patents website and check it out for yourself, this is one cool patent. All the information is there for you.

Source Google Patents.
Source TR3b Wikipedia.
Source Ufoi73 Instagram.
Source Express online.

Police Helicopter Checking Out A UFO For Real

The best Police helicopter UFO incident on record check this out.

Here's a UFO with a Police helicopter passing it by. The UFO Sphere definitely looks at the Police helicopter for sure. Check these images out then watch the video it's amazing.

There's another Police helicopter and UFO video which everyone knows about but this one is relatively unknown so I thought i'd bring this one to your attention as this is just fantastic.

The best Police helicopter UFO incident on record check this out.

UFO Captured over Los Angeles California San Gabriel Valley 08/28/2017. It was a UFO caught on camera last year and seems of faded from memory but everyone should know about this as it's stunning. This is very clear evidence that humans are been studied by Aliens.

I put two images of the same UFO in one image to show you that it is moving, looking observing and to show that there's no form of energy propulsion visible so this is legit, it's a real UFO in my book.

The best Police helicopter UFO incident on record check this out.

Now I've seen some amazing UFOs in my time and that's a lot but this one is the most convincing for me because it's turning slightly keeping an eye on the Police helicopter and there's no form of propulsion, nothing to propel it and it's just there. This is epic, how lucky to spot this and I do think it is Alien in origins and that we're been watched, studied and observed but for what who knows.

The best Police helicopter UFO incident on record check this out.

Here's the other Police helicopter and UFO post link so you can check that out aswell. In fact both of these UFO encounters happened in California which is unusual. Someone has posted a comment on the YouTube video saying that someone needs to get the video footage from the Police helicopter because it must exist?

That's a really good point, don't Police helicopters constantly record like the Police cars?

A Police helicopter checks out another UFO but this one is very different in shape.

Source Latest UFO Sighting.
Source Julian Lopez youTube.

Flying Saucer Looks Like It's Changing Shape And Colour Close Up

One of the best UFOs seen this side of the universe.

Here's a really good UFO caught on camera and what set's this aside from the others is that this is a UFO that is changing shape and colours? I'm not one hundred percent sure about it changing but it's definitely a UFO or Flying Saucer whichever way you say it is entirely up to you?

It's amazing though, it's the UFO footage that we love seeing and that we really enjoy sharing with you guys. Your an amazing group of guys with an excellent insight in to Ufology even if your not long in to Ufology (like us really) that's OK because everyone has to start somewhere and there's no way we can know everything.

The dome on the UFO (Flying Saucer) is more deeper and just totally different now? But it's still the exact same one. What's your thought's on this unusual anomaly. There was no time, date or place where this caught on camera, so all we have to go on is the video itself. if it's real or not is entirely up to you to decide and our opinion is this is real.

UFO Flying Saucer with a Jet in the background.

Learning about UFOs is what drives us but more specifically is learning about new UFOs never seen before like this one and why I say that is that this possibly changes shape and it's colour which is pretty cool and different. Have you heard of that before?

Oh and plus as an added extra benefit, there's a Jet in the background passing by and it gives the UFO (Flying Saucer) in the video another extra look that is out of this world, it's fast becoming one of my favourite UFO videos.

Shape shifting UFO and colour changing UFO.

Here's the video of the amazing UFO or Flying Saucer. I really think and believe that you'll enjoy this as it looks fantastic. My first impression on seeing this was omg, that's impressive.

The two UFOs below in the image are actually one and the same and that's my reasoning for saying that this UFO is changing shape and colour? But it could be the light, it could be the way it changes direction and as the sun is very bright well anything is possible. But what else makes me think this could be a shape shifting UFO is the "hump" or "dome" in the middle of the UFO?

Is it on the top or the bottom? Because with these well, quite frankly what looks like it's the top could well be their bottom? But from our perspective it's a dome on the top of the Flying Saucer.

Has the UFO actually changed it's shape and colour.

Source Sestelares Instagram.

Lots And Lots Of UFOs Videoed Crossing The Moon - Many

We counted at least 30 UFOs crossing the Moon.

This has got to be the most UFOs ever seen crossing the Moon (30 is what we counted)? There's lots and lots of the Unidentified Flying Objects and it makes me wonder how these wasn't picked up on by any agencies, or was they?

I reckon somebody somewhere had these on some sort of monitoring system what with all the massive telescopes around the world supposedly watching out for near Earth objects and what not?

We counted at least 30 UFOs crossing the Moon.

I've not seen this in any news outlets? Nobody has covered this and I only found this by chance on Instagram. But i'm glad I found it as it's one of the best Moon UFO videos I've seen in quite a while if not ever?

Some people on the Instagram post reckon that this is simply a flock of birds and the Moon is in the backdrop? I'm not so sure about that as the "birds" are just to graceful, there's a constant between the "UFOs" and i don't think birds can achieve this but I could be wrong?

We counted at least 30 UFOs crossing the Moon.

Seriously what's your thoughts on this guys lets share this and let's try to figure this out. What could this be other than UFOs or birds? Is this a group of satellites or is this space junk? I'm running out of things that this could be other than UFOs. It's still got to be a really good anomaly because I don't think we'll ever get to the bottom of this, do you.

We counted at least 30 UFOs crossing the Moon in the video, how many can you count in the UFO video below.

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