Meet Charles The Deep Sea Telescope Fish That Looks Like An Alien

Here's a proper weird one that reminds me of a muppet, it's a deep sea fish that looks like an Aliens pet or a very rare Elf from the film Legend with Tom Cruise!

I don't make them, I just give them a life force.


That's probably the quote God would say if someone asked him/her "what was you thinking"?

Creepy creatures like this haven't changed their look in forever and have been down there in the deepest part of the oceans without evolution having a look in.

Deep sea fish tgat looks like an Elf.

Credit: Pinterest.

God would probably turn around and say, I wasn't really thinking straight way back then and plus he'd say, how was I to know that humans were going to be able to go down that far to the bottom of the ocean. Nobody was supposed to see that.

Or, I was drunk with a large hangover so I did my best given that tools hadn't been invented yet. But seriously though, my reasoning for this post is that if living beings reflect their environment and the nature of their role like predator or prey then why does this look like it does?

More to it, what do Aliens look like and what would make an Alien Grey look like they do? What kind of environment do you think would make them look like they do?

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Or, are Alien Greys humans from the future...

YouTube video:

Credit: 64 Frend YouTube.

Wikipedia says:

Telescopefish are small, deep-sea aulopiform fish comprising the small family Giganturidae. The two known species are within the genus Gigantura. Though rarely captured, they are found in cold, deep tropical to subtropical waters worldwide.

The common name of these fish is related to their bizarre, tubular eyes. The genus name Gigantura refers to the Gigantes, a race of giants in Greek mythology - coupled with the suffix oura, meaning "tail", thus Gigantura refers to the greatly elongated, ribbon-like lower half of the tailfin that may comprise over half of the total body length.

“I'm not the voice of reason. I am the reason for the voice.”-TB

Credit: 64 Frend.

Credit: Iwastedsomuchtime.

The Craziest Looking UFO Filmed By Couple Over The US

This isn't the first UFO that looks real, recently there's been a massive increase in the number of people witnessing UFOs, what's going on.

To many people are witnesses to real looking UFOs and that's got to be a good thing especially for the people who are wanting the truth to come out? There's over 1,600 videos and UFO photos that I've alone posted on my Instagram channel. That's literally a drop in the ocean compared to the thousands of UFO channels on Instagram and that's not even mentioning YouTube which probably has millions of UFO channels "and counting".

This UFO video was recorded by a woman over California in the USA.

Credit: Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

It's not real, okay 👌 then so your going to go against all the UFO information gathered by researchers since the 1940's and that I've got to be honest with you takes some balls. Unless it's an ignorant comment by someone who just doesn't get it. About how big the UFO phenomenon is now in 2021?

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