The Craziest Looking UFO Filmed By Couple Over The US

This isn't the first UFO that looks real, recently there's been a massive increase in the number of people witnessing UFOs, what's going on.

To many people are witnesses to real looking UFOs and that's got to be a good thing especially for the people who are wanting the truth to come out? There's over 1,600 videos and UFO photos that I've alone posted on my Instagram channel. That's literally a drop in the ocean compared to the thousands of UFO channels on Instagram and that's not even mentioning YouTube which probably has millions of UFO channels "and counting".

This UFO video was recorded by a woman over California in the USA.

Credit: Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

It's not real, okay 👌 then so your going to go against all the UFO information gathered by researchers since the 1940's and that I've got to be honest with you takes some balls. Unless it's an ignorant comment by someone who just doesn't get it. About how big the UFO phenomenon is now in 2021?

Totally going off the subject, if your starting to wonder about just what is real, what's true and what part of history is real or not? If you can't tell what is eal anymore then you're not alobe... Take for instance this photo of a scale model of the Moon with a guy expertly recreating the Moons surface. Why.

A hoax or simulation of the Moon landing with the US flag.

In all seriousness and understanding, the fact that the Moon landing hoax persists and that it's still being covered and has not been put to bed so-to-speak yet, this speaks volumes about the whole conspiracy in my book. You'd think that it would have been easy to prove wouldn't you? But yet here we are still finding evidence or potentially evidence that says that the Moon landing was a hoax, that's insane!

Photo showing a model maker designing a scale replication of the Moon surface.

I just wanted to cover all of the open ended conspiracies surrounding the photos here which show that the Moon landing in a slightly different way. Model set designers with huge scale models of the Moon. Real studio sets with astronaut looking guys in spacesuits and a set that looks like the real Moon. It's all a bit strange if you ask me.

Here's a television camera in the same photo as the Moon landing.

Credit: NASA.

We've added this one tiny video to the massive avalanche of credible UFO testimonies and that's not even mentioned by the fact that the list of eye witnesses in ludes police, military, pilots, politicians, judges, presidents, religious leaders, firefighters, taxi drivers (Ubers included lol), CEO's, scientists, teachers, engineers...

Okay, I may as well list every single profession because that particular list is endless. And that's no joke! So, basically everything you can imagine from all walks of life has at some point in time come into contact with a UFO. That's maybe something that you might not have given any thought to in the past until now?

It's quite something when we analyse it and start to look at the UFO evidence in a different way.

Credit: Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

This particular UFO starts in the good old US of A and as you can hear from the video there's a woman who is giving us a running commentary on the flying anomaly which she's really seeing before her very eyes. She's cussing a bit but that's understanding because she is seeing a totally Alien thing (excuse the pun) and it's not like we have a innate way of dealing with the unknown in a calm manner.

Credit: Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.
Credit: NASA.

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