Scott Hanson of Quora | Are Trolls The Lowest Rancid Cheese On Earth

Scott Hanson of Quora is a troll so please beware. I'm in contact with Quora and I've sent them a 6 question email demanding them answer why they are allowing trolls to flourish.

This guy Scott Hanson acts like a cretin, he feels he's untouchable and he feels the need to troll every single person who asks a question about Ufology! I'm a UFOtard, I'm stupid, amongst other things that he thinks that I am for asking a legitimate question ie:

The government released 3 UFO videos. Does this mean that aliens are on Earth and are real?

This was my question (above) but I was absolutely puzzled when I was jumped on by this piece of nasty work...

This picture reminds me of Penfold from Dangermouse. 

Scott Hanson of Quora the troll.
This "handsome chappie lol is a horrible little troll" Scott Hanson of Quora.

This is not acceptable for people in this day and age to abuse the anonymity that the Internet provides because there's no way that it could possibly happen in reality. So, Quora, for allowing this horrible fecal matter to highjack people's post's and and continuing to get away with it, I am demanding answers from you Quora. He makes people feel uncomfortable with his unintelligent ranting and raving. You must address this troll as he continues to use your platform for his disgusting needs.

Scott Hanson of Quora the troll is fecal matter.

This is Scott Hansons profile description, he doesn't even hide it that he's a troll. Apparently he worked as a military Air force guy who takes away the chocks for airplanes just before they take off?

There's a difference between being blunt and being nasty and trolling. If you was intelligent enough yourself, you would know the difference so I'm stepping in to help people not be targeted by you.

I will be making a video for my 85K Instagram followers and I will definitely be making aware of your trolling to my two Facebook groups. One has 350K members and the other group with 150K members. I will also be making a YouTube video as I have the means to make people aware of your nasty messages and trolling.

Trolling is unacceptable Scott Hanson.

I've read his answers on Quora and all he does is troll everyone. It's not on, it's unacceptable that he can hide behind his keyboard and get away with making people feel horrible for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

I have the means to help people avoid this terrible person which he is a plaque on Quora. Shame on Quora for allowing trolling to take place and they do nothing. Well, he's trolled the wrong person in trolling me because I will demand a better standard of service from Quora and wherever else he plies his trade.

The Best Silver Flying Saucer Ever Caught on Camera

If you want to see a real Flying Saucer then you need not go any further than here.

To many times have people supposedly caught a real UFO on camera but it more than not turns out to be a real hoax. It's real okay, a real pain in the butt!

There's nothing else worse than a good, clear UFO video only for it to turn out to be a straight up faked video.

This is a Silver Flying Saucer that was caught on camera by an eye witness.

I don't like the word "hate" because it's way to negative. But for fake UFOs etc, I well and truly hate it.

I've written thousands of news articles, I've backed tons of UFO related reports. But statistics alone say that a proportion of those must be fake.

I don't like the idea of that at all, it makes a mockery of Ufology and, me.

Some of the videos like this one come across as a genuine UFO sighting. I have to give it the benefit of the doubt because if I don't then every time I come across a Flying Saucer I'll end up dismissing it.

“I'm not the voice of reason. I am the reason for the voice.”-TB

I've checked the video for stitched photos, a cut and pasted in Flying Saucer and I've checked it with multiple filters but it seems genuine.

I'm not saying that it is a phenomenal piece of history or a UFO potentially to change everything but what I am saying is that it looks good to me! The thing is though, I'm not an expert in computer graphics and the last time I got anything right was a long time ago - according to the wife!

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Smoke Stack Billowing Out Smoke - on The Moon

But she's bias and a couple of Soviet Russian hats short of a picnic. Believe me I want to get behind the UFO video here but from the past I have learnt a few lessons about "whole hearted UFO backing". It doesn't feel good to have so called proof only for it to be confirmed as fake.

A snapshot from the video showing us a Flying Saucer for real.

I'll wait to hear back from you guys about this before I get back on the Donkey so-to-speak. I have patience so I will wait for other excellent feedback and obviously I will have to either get behind it or not?

UFO News YouTube channel, video of Silver Flying Saucer:


I'm not married lol. I got carried away with the writing. 😋


UFO News YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/Ufosfootage.

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