Alien Spaceship Flying Over Rosetta Comet In Detail

This is a NASA image of the Alien Spaceship Flying Over Designated name The Rosetta Comet 67P.

Get a load of this amazing Alien Spaceship flying over the Rosetta Comet 67P at a distance of 81 km away from the actual comet. This is stunning video footage coming from NASA, and if you were not a believer before you saw this, then the odds are that you are now.

I don't do this to change people's beliefs, I do this for the love of Ufology, research, and just "pure intrigue." The craft is flying, it's got windows and it's got landing feet. But it looks very alien to me.

In this image we can clearly make out windows on the Alien Spaceship flying near NASA designated Comet 67P.

I'm curious about Alien's life. I'm curious about UFOs, and I love reading. Bring the two together, and I just post what I'm learning on this fine (like today) journey. Many, many years ago just even talking about aliens, you'd be carted off to the insane asylum. Talk about acceptance back into society of the "crazy," lol.

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The video here is stunning, I was lost for words when I saw the window. I was open-mouthed when I saw the Alien craft, then started to rotate. Then, I just had to pause the video because I realised this was a NASA video.

I tried to clean it up but I just left it, changing the contrast doesn't help.

I literally couldn't watch the video with my thoughts racing like they were! It's a fine video with no hints that it could be a fake, no hints at a hoax, and it has the hallmarks of being real. I can not find any indicators that would suggest this is a fake video. But, I'm not a professional graphics guy or an image analysis expert.

But what I have is common sense and even though that's screaming at me this is real, I still have the presence of mind to be real about this and yes I will just have to wait until this is verified, lol. By who, though?

Recently, we've been bringing you some fantastic videos with epic UFO encounters within them. Here is the link to another stunning UFO video with a helicopter checking it out. That's just one post from UFO Sightings Footage that will blow your mind in terms of unusual UFO encounters that have all the factors to say "that is real."

This has to be one of the best UFO videos ever from NASA.

We try our hardest to bring you a really good and "one-off" UFO sighting. We try our hardest to get you the most intriguing and interesting footage known to man. Our research is but one cog in the engine. The power or energy, if you will, comes from the amazing people who send us personal  UFO encounters. Thank you, guys, for sending us your amazing images and videos plus stories.

You guys rock.

Here is that amazing and jaw-dropping video from NASA:

I'm pretty sure that like I you were open-mouthed and probably saying something like, "What the hell is that?" Or it could be, Oh My God? Wow, that's another very, very fitting response. I'm so glad you liked it guys, cheers for stopping by and checking us out. Please share this post with your friends.


I knew I recognised this comet!

I did a post about this comet a while back now, and I found another Alien spaceship in it in OFFICIAL NASA IMAGES, which are still there, and you can check and verify them for yourselves. Wow, this comet is teaming with UFOs, Aliens, and I mean wow.

Here's the image I discovered on this comet showing us an Alien Spaceship:

Comet 67P strange anomalies and UFO.

If you zoom in on the comet "anomaly" this is what you will see guys, it's starting to blow my mind now because if you put this together with the other Alien Spaceship in the above video you start to think wow, this is something very historic.

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They are still on the NASA website. Go check this link.

Close up image of a UFO on the Rosetta Comet 67P.

I also have another post regarding a dome on this comet. Wow, this is a very, very interesting comet indeed, and it's teaming, and I mean it's teaming with strange anomalies.

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