UFO Shoots Off When Helicopter Checks It Out

Helicopter checking out a UFO or Flying Saucer.

Helicopter pilot moves in for a better look at a UFO or Flying saucer only for the UFO to literally get spooked and shoots off vertically like a Bat out of Hell and as if it's got somewhere to be, yesterday!

The information is sparse like always with alot of UFO encounters where the witnesses want to remain anonymous and that's their right.

Both the helicopter and the UFO closer together in comparison.

The actual UFO/Alien encounter video and subsequent footage of a UFO is very important and even though they want to remain anonymous (I presume) they still make sure it gets published and that's a good thing as alot of UFO encounters that people have didn't even want it (some do) - but still have  the presence of mind to know that it's very important for Ufology and researchers alike.

Plus places like MUFON need to have this in their archives to further their disclosure project, so thank you for publishing this.

Just the UFO or Flying Saucer (whichever you prefer) in a close up.

Here's the bit of information that came with the video, it's in Italian but this is the English translation:
UFO? Unidentified flying object, chased by a helicopter. 15/12/2018.
Below is the original Italian text that came with this amazing video:
Ufo? Oggetto volante non identificato, inseguito da un elicottero. 15/12/2018.
So we know the video was filmed on the 15th of December 2018. Not that long ago and I'm presuming that it was videoed in Italy although to throw people off it could of been filmed anywhere and translated in to Italian to look like it was filmed in Italy when really it could of been filmed anywhere?

Image of the helicopter from the UFO incident.

That doesn't matter because as long as it exists then it's there for people to compare it to other sightings around the world and this might not be the first time this particular UFO was spotted and filmed?

This is the point in the video where the UFO (Flying Saucer) shoots up in a vertical thrust.

I'm on the fence at the minuet but leaning towards it being real. The way it is filmed and then the helicopter enters the frame tells me that this is actually there and being filmed on sight.

It's still very convincing regardless and I'm sure someone will be able to give us a professional assessment of this amazing Ufology UFO footage.

What are your first thoughts on this video, the first impressions you get? Mine is that there could be much more to this than meets the eye.


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  1. Not to sure what to think actually? Initially I was up for giving this a good review like I have in the article I did... Time gives us all a new perspective and today been Sunday, I'm looking back on a couple of posts that I did to see what I think now as opposed to then? I'm really not to sure now about it.

  2. Yeah, why not keep filming the helicopter for awhile? Or try to follow the object with the camera? When this article is totally lacking in sentence structure and punctuation...the author betrays his or her low education and credibility.

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