Undeniable Proof of Alien Presence on Our Moon

This is the smoking gun in terms of the UFO footage that will vindicate a lot of people who have filmed UFOs on the Lunar surface.


This is probably one of the best UFO videos showing real crafts on the Moon in 2019 that there is. I'm always stunned at how real the UFOs look on the Lunar surface. This is but one of many UFO sightings on or above the Moon.

Number of UFOs on camera flying past the Moon.

Credit: Alien Planet YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Did you know that most were by accident with a new telescope and or a new high-powered camera?

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The video starts with a nighttime shot through a night vision camera which makes the screen green in parts and dark black overall. Nighttime seems to be the best time to find evidence of Extraterrestrial activity for some reason because we've all seen the videos showing the UFO Orbs passing by the Moon and while people are adamant that we're just seeing birds and or balloons released, a large proportion are saying that they are lanterns.

Sometimes we need to have blind faith in h something like Ufology. I choose to believe it because I base it on a ton of other related incidents and UFO events. Conspiracies and cover-ups including the Apollo program and NASA in general give me the edge I think when making a decision.

It does matter because there's a huge difference between balloons and birds plus lanterns. Listen, it's gonna become a bit clearer when people start to realise that the US Government has already made it clear that UFOs are real.

Here's the extraordinary YouTube video by Alien Planet above.

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Credit: Alien Planet YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.


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  1. Is it just me or are 99.9% of these pics/videos of alien craft............Blurry?

  2. Probably because they are a few thousand kilometers away!

  3. I paused video at the 2 second mark. There is a way to calculate the circumference of a circle if you know the chord length and the height - which I measured on my screen. These measurements are as accurate as I can make. On my screen I measured the chord length as 4.125" and the height of 0.4375". Using the online circular segment calculator to find the radius and from there the circumference(2πR)calculates out to 31.92in. Now we should be able to size ratio the Objects above the moon surface. The Moon circumference is approx. 10,920 Kms. The largest of the 4 measured is an approx. average of 0.125".
    Therefore (0.125 / 31.92) x 10,920 kms = approx. 42 to 43 Km's in length. The 3 smaller dots rough out to be:(.0625 / 31,92) x 10,920 = 21 to 22 Kms in length.

    Something to think about.

    1. i haven't got thru the trig made easy video yet....Is 21-22 kms big or small?

  4. Perhaps we are now returning to the moon after a long time . as we now have the permission of the aliens already there ,don't think we would risk it if we didnt ,as they could swat us like flies .

  5. The day someone take a clear pic,(not blurred), then I will believe) So far all I have seen in all different countries is just blurred footage. Please convince me. I hope it is all true but need clear pics as proof!!

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