PROOF OF LIFE? Skeleton of three-meter tall giant alien found on Mars

This giant Mars skeleton (if true) is another example of the most strangest, weirdest and beautifully crazy! This has to be the most tantalizing newest evidence that humans are not the only living things in the whole universe? Or at least there was once life in the close-to-earth space? Scott C. Warring is just a great guy. He find's history shaking "turned on it's head" stuff everyday, just before breakfast! That's how much he finds! He's been on most major websites and media outlets that there is. Basically he get's it done. Just like Secureteam on YouTube, he get's the message out there and he get's it right everytime, bang on! He isn't insane, he doesn't warble on and he know's his stuff. That's why I tend to see the "bigger picture" of what he point's out and I tend to believe in what he put's forward (sometimes) because it's mostly common sense. Please read more on Giant skeleton found on Mars, here...

Are Alien giants real? It sure looks like it because there's one here, BUT it's on frickin Mars! Giant Aliens are real folk's.

Is this proof of life on Mars and is this proof that giants once roamed the cosmos? This is a 2 for 1 conspiracy theory! Giants plus Alien life on Mars.

So let's figure this out and is it Anunnaki or is it Martians? The conspiracy theory here really does cross 2 paths and which one shall we tackle first? It has to be the giant skeleton, right?

Mars has a giant skeleton on it

YouTube channel ISS UFO Watch broadcast the video highlighting the alleged discovery of a "large humid skeleton" spotted in NASA images of the Red Planet taken by the Mars Curiosity rover.

The video shows what has been alleged is a large headless skeleton in a rocky hillside on the Red Planet. Scott C Waring, editor of UFO sightings daily, is amazed by the so-called discovery.

He blogged: "Wow, this is a great discovery by ISS UFO Watch of Youtube. "He found a bipedal skeleton on Mars and he has two sources as evidence.

"The skeleton is of a bipedal species like our own, having two legs, a rib cage and back bone. "The head and arms are gone, broken off from time. "A remarkable discovery.

The height of the alien would be about three meters tall when compared to the hillside it's on." The alleged skeleton is the latest in a string of alleged discoveries in NASA images of Mars.

There shave been dinosaur bones, live animals and even aliens apparently spotted in and among the Martian rocks. However, skeptics and NASA say nothing of the sort has actually been found by the rover, which is exploring the planet and sending back images which are uploaded online.

Instead, they say all the alleged finds are just rocks and the "discoverers" are experiencing pareidolia, when the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar objects and shapes in textures or patterns like clouds or the surface of a rock.