Woman with itchy nose horrified to find she had a COCKROACH living in her head!

This poor womand, lady had a terrible discovery when she found a COCKROACH had set up shop inside her NOSE! This is as you guessed it, just wrong on so many levels! Nostrils are for breathing and occasionally picking when no-one is looking! So to have a guest living inside it with a visa and the kids on the way from God knows where, well that's just gross! Read on for more terrifying recounts and testimonies to this horrific event!

DOCTORS have removed a live cockroach from a woman's SKULL. Just when you thought that irritating "itch" was pollen or your partners FEET?

It turn's out that it is a COCKROACH and it's hungry for more of your lovely nose goo! Please don't let this ever happen to me!

How the hell did a cockroach get in to this poor woman's nose in the first place? It must of been so traumatic when it was fished out? I wonder if she was under when it was taken out?

So, I found this amazing post on the old interweb and it's a nightmare scenario because the woman in question actually did not expect this to pop out of her nose? Imagine if it laid egg's? Would she be the momma? Can we expect to have her give them names? It doesn't bare thinking actually when I think about it, lol. Of course it had to be India didn't it? India is known for this type of stuff because of the climate.

Cockroach in a bag up a woman's nose  

A 42-year-old woman from Madras called Selvi, was fast asleep when she felt a tingling sensation in her nose. She said: "I couldn't explain the feeling but I was sure it was some insect. There was a tingling, crawling sensation. "Whenever it moved, it gave me a burning sensation in my eyes. I spent the entire night in discomfort."

Cockroach lying on its back looking all relaxed

Solve visited her local doctor who referred her to the Government Stanley Medical College Hospital the next morning, where doctors performed an emergency nasal endoscopy. They found the cockroach sitting on the skull base, between Selvi's eyes - and it was alive. "This is the first such case I have seen in my three decades of practice," said Dr M N Shankar, head, ENT department at the hospital.

Man with cockroach on his face

Recalling the hours of trauma, Selvi, a domestic worker living in Injambakkam, said her immediate reaction after feeling the crawling sensation in the right nostril was to brush it off in half sleep. But before she could do anything, it went inside. Even the doctors at Stanley Medical College Hospital, who have seen their share of maggots and houseflies in nostrils, were shocked to find a cockroach lodged inside the skull.

Woman looking disgusted

"It was sitting in the skull base, between the two eyes, close to the brain. If left inside, it would have died before long and the patient would have developed infection which would have spread to the brain," Dr Shankar added. The doctors removed the cockroach using clamps and sucker. Dr Shankar said: "It was difficult to remove it because of the place it was sitting in. I had to first drag it to a place from where I could pull it out. It was finally removed after 45 minutes."

As we all know hurting animals and insects goes against some peoples instincts and beliefs, BUT put yourself in this poor, poor ladies shoes and yes you guessed it! This is a no hold's barred punch up of the most cruelest because it would be a one sided fight all the way till December! I would not talk to it, I'd just punch it up in the mouth!