The CIA had proof of GIANT Aliens living on Mars going as far back as 1984 from a somewhat reliable source which turns out to be spot on with the locations on Mars, read on for the TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS provided in this post. This is the CIA probably at it's best or worst depending on which side of the fence you reside?

So you know that thing that you do, when you think something is to good to be true? You know, the thing with the eye roll's and the "whatever look", you know? BINGO! Well get a load of this...

CIA TOP SECRET documents purporting to say that in 1984 the CIA had a psychic do a remote viewing of Mars after been given coordinates to investigate and what he/she saw was what is really there according to Google Mars anyways?

THE CIA EXPLORED MARS AND DISCOVERED AN ANCIENT GIANT ALIEN RACE ON MAY 22, 1984. Read the following pages and tellme what you think in the comments, thanks.
Pyramids on Mars and conspiracy theories
The CIA would use psychics to focus on and describe a time and location inside a sealed envelope. They tried to trick a psychic by making the location Mars and the time a Million years ago. The Monitor gives such specific coordinates, sometimes changing them only slightly as if there was more than one thing in the area to check out. It sure seems like they already know where to look. This is the amazing result:
  • They are tall ancient people. They're dying, it's past their time or age. They're looking for a way to survive and they just can't.

The Mars coordinates the psychic is first asked to focus on are 40.89 degrees north, 9.55 degrees west. Here is what it looks like on Google Earth (Mars):

Here is the link to the original documents folks, please enjoy it at your leisurely pace, lol. P.S. Yes it is an official CIA pdf document.

Now here's a real image of a more recent face on Mars that actually I found. This is from SOL 137 from the front page of NASA's actual website, I couldn't believe my frickin luck finding this! I'll provide a link to that official image aswell:

This is where you'll find the face, sheltered from the storms, just gazing out like it was petrified like turned to stone in the harsh atmosphere? I do believe in my heart that this is a real Alien that once lived on or visited Mars and died there, ending up in the place it is now! You can't deny that this isn't real!

Original source: