Elongated Skull Head Binding Cannot Add Extra Mass Can It?

An elongated skull was discovered in Iran, Čoḡā Safid along with 5 others in this area alone indicating that another species similar to Humans was possibly roaming the Earth at the same time but isn't here now.

Frank Hole Iran elongated skull discovered in Čoḡā Safid.

That's what the discovery of all these many elongated skulls suggests to me personally. Image by Frank Hole.

Let's get into it.

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I understand that it's a massive claim by any stretch of the imagination but there's a big difference between an opinion claim or a suggested claim and looking down at the tangible evidence and speaking out loud about what it must mean, I'm only saying this because we have the evidence.


What is an elongated skull?

In the realm of archaeology, every unearthed artefact tells a story, shedding light on the mysteries of our ancient past. Recently, an extraordinary discovery in Iran's Čoḡā Safid has captivated researchers worldwide. The unearthing of around 6 elongated skulls has not only perplexed scientists but also raised intriguing questions about the existence of humanoid species that once roamed the Earth alongside our ancestors. I'm only focusing on the Čoḡā Safid region because at least 27 skulls are reliably defined as having been artificially modified and discovered in Iran. The image above is by Frank Hole.

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I'll start with a quick quote from Encyclopaedia Iran:

At nearby Čoḡā Safid, evidence for artificial cranial modification is present in at least six unsexed skulls, dating to around the 7th-6th millennia BCE.

The Astonishing Discovery:

Nestled deep within the ancient lands of Iran, archaeologists stumbled upon an astonishing find - a grave containing elongated skulls. Unlike the typical shape of a human skull, this artefact exhibited elongation, leaving researchers bewildered. It can't be head binding because no matter what process any kind of head goes through in head binding it doesn't add any extra mass. It can only deform what was going to grow or occur naturally throughout the person's lifespan. Binding a head with boards or the such is fine but it cannot add extra mass or weight or make it grow bigger. These skulls are at least a third bigger than a human being's skull and this is why I believe that the head binding theory falls way below the waistband. Okay, that's not going to be a popular theory because it doesn't align with mainstream science. But in layman's terms you can't add any mass or weight just by binding a head can you, it doesn't work like that. Radiocarbon dating techniques revealed that the remains date back thousands of years and we are talking about late neolithic times, indicating the presence of a humanoid species that coexisted but, for reasons unknown, is absent today. Check out the online encyclopaedia Iran here. The full story of how many, where specific and who is all there, it's a long read. I've had to narrow it down to the Čoḡā Safid area.

The Presence of an Unknown Species:

The existence of an unidentified humanoid species would be a fascinating proposition that would certainly challenge our understanding of human history. While the exact origins and nature of this species remain shrouded in mystery, clues can be gleaned from the anatomy of the elongated skull. Its unique features, such as an elongated cranium and flattened forehead, suggest a possibility of another species or type of being.

Unravelling the Enigma:

Various theories attempt to unravel the enigmatic presence of this humanoid species. Cranial deformation, a practice found in several ancient cultures, involved head-binding during infancy to produce a distinct skull shape. This intentional alteration could have been driven by cultural beliefs or societal norms prevalent at the time. Even artistic reasons could account for cranial deformations. Let's delve into this theory a bit more.

An alternative theory suggests that the elongated skull may represent artistic symbolism or a status symbol within ancient societies. Symbolic representation of major social figures or deities through elongated skulls has been observed in other archaeological finds around the world. Artistically I don't think it's attractive or a good thing if indeed that's what the majority of the world believes.

I don't prescribe to the world norm views on a lot of things from our origins and the fact that for decades UFO sightings have been dismissed by the US Government and now it's a fact that UFOs are real and not a figment of the imagination. So if even a deep, deep question like "Are Aliens Real" can be turned in its head then it's just a case of okay UAPs are real and of unknown origin so how long have they been hiding in plain sight? These are just some of the questions that go with UAP disclosure.

Another intriguing possibility is that the elongated skull represents a genetic variation within the human species. Evolutionary adaptations over time can lead to unique anatomical features. In the case of the Čoḡā Safid skull though, it wasn't an isolated occurrence as it was just one of many found in the Iranian grave. Also if it's a human mutation where are the modern-day genetic mutations, where are the elongated skulls near you working a 9 to 5 job? There isn't any so that means a grave with at least 4 elongated skulls is not from the Human side of the tree so-to-speak. Just highlighting genetic diversity that eventually disappeared over generations should be backed up with slightly smaller head deformations and sizes etc. Also if you believe in one way it must cancel out the other theory no matter what you cannot pick and choose and create or combine an amalgamation of truths of sorts.

Conclusively Supernatural?

While the discovery of the elongated skull in Iran's Čoḡā Safid certainly raises fascinating possibilities, attaching supernatural or extraterrestrial explanations would be speculative at best. It is essential to approach such discoveries with scientific scrutiny and an open mind, relying on rigorous research, comparative analysis, and expert consensus. So far we can safely say that it's not due to any supernatural issues or cause-and-effect speculation.

By embracing the intriguing mysteries of our past, we pave the way for discoveries. Uncovering the truth behind the elongated skulls of Čoḡā Safid alone brings us closer to understanding the complexity of our shared human history.

So far 27 elongated skulls have been recovered from Iran in certain areas. Čoḡā Safid is but one. You should check out the link here because all the relevant information is available there. It heavily depends on one thing though and that's the head-binding theory. They don't know what sex the skulls belonged to but they're sure it was head binding and I think that's because it's science and anything else outside of the explainable isn't even considered even though we now see a complete U-turn on the UFO disclosure or UAP disclosure whichever is your preferred information choice? Science isn't in the business of opinions or theories but we can and all of what I've written about could be correct but equally, it could be wrong and that's the beauty of going further into the past. We see the evidence and we debate about it. If it's not right then please share your thoughts on this.

Things change, ideas change, information changes and facts, especially in archaeology change. You'd be forgiven for thinking that facts in archaeology cannot change but yes indeed they do especially with the new advent of carbon dating. What was once considered to be a given has turned out to be untrue it's just the way it is. Or even outright or blatant man-made museum pieces have been discovered to be a hoax.

Conclusion: Unveiling Ancient Riddles

The discovery of the elongated skull in Čoḡā Safid, Iran, invites us to explore the enigmatic tapestry of our ancient past. As archaeologists delve deeper into this remarkable find so they should, we inch closer to untangling the mysteries of another possible humanoid species that possibly once coexisted with our ancestors which is a possibility. Yes, that's a lot of possibilities. There's a chance that it could be wrong, it could be an unknown disease that disfigured anyone afflicted by it with the result being an elongated skull. We just don't know as is the head binding theory but further testing and understanding will or at least should pour answers all over it that everyone can agree on. I do know that head binding should not add extra cranial mass, it can only deform what is going to be there. It doesn't add any extra mass but yet these skulls are a lot bigger.

While the exact nature and origin of this possible new species remain elusive, it is through the relentless pursuit of knowledge and scientific inquiry that we push the boundaries of our understanding and push the scientific community to investigate further. Embracing the mysteries of Čoḡā Safid's elongated skull allows us to connect with our ancient roots and encourages us to seek answers to the countless enigmas that continue to shape our human story.

If you've got any thoughts or opinions on this post please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers. And please don't forget to share this post, thank you.

Credit: Iran ICA Online/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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