The Most Bizarre Trumpet Sounds And Portal Opening On Camera

The eerie trumpet sounds are back and this time the place is Siberia. These trumpet sounds have been likened to the world apocalypse happening.

The internet has been filled with unsettling videos of trumpet sounds being heard all around the world for several years now.

Something is going on in the sky. Something is there, the people are all filming this happening.

Eerie trumpet sounds heard over Siberia with portal opening up.

Closer look at the white portal opening up over Siberia trumpet sounds.

Everyone there is filming this white portal as I say, it's opening up and it's a white formation so something is going on in the sky that's without a doubt, combined with the eerie trumpet sounds it's very strange and almost apocalyptic.


A recently surfaced video from over Siberia shows a trumpet sound that is accompanied by a bizarre and unexplainable event - the opening of what looks like a portal in the sky.

How else do we explain what looks like a white orb growing into a large white cloud? How do you explain the unfolding scene in front of you well this is how I'm explaining what I'm seeing here in this video and it's a truly bizarre-looking event.


In the video, which was reportedly shot in Siberia, a very loud almost eerie trumpet sound can be heard emanating from the sky. But suddenly, the sound seems to intensify, and a swirling type of white "something" appears in the sky above. It's hard to describe it so I'm going with it being a portal because it's the best way to describe it. Apparently the trumpet sounds began back in 2011 according to some YouTube videos that have done compilations on the eerie trumpet sounds heard around the world.

Some news outlets even started asking if it's part of the end times which nobody could predict that so they're way off the mark. Is it man-made like HAARP CERN the LHC or underground construction on top secret hidden away bases? These are more likely to be the culprits?

The portal seems to be made up of some kind of white, swirling energy field that's pulsating and shimmering as it hovers ominously in the air. Again it might be weather control which there is science and technology including factual information regarding this because mankind has manipulated the weather for decades.

There's no other way to describe it other than what I'm seeing occurring in this bizarre video. You try to explain what you're seeing in this video and you'll see that it's exactly what it is.

I'm specifically writing about this because it's baffling and I would like to be the first to answer this. People have been filming and recording this same apocalypse sound for years and nobody has ever been able to answer it bar a few educated guesses, let's just get to the nitty-gritty details and explain it to everyone, it is what it is, right?

A pulsating portal.

Or do you think it's way off the point of the subject and there's another explanation that we're all not seeing here or seeming to not get? If so let us all know what it is in the comments section below.

The person who took the video seems just as shocked as everyone else who's there and there are a lot of people there who are filming the event and pretty much the same video. They can be heard gasping as the mysterious portal continues to grow and pulsate.

  • What could be causing this strange phenomenon?
  • Is there something afoot here that's only obvious off camera maybe?
  • Is it a rift in time, space and or reality breaking down?

Many theories have been posited about the cause of trumpet sounds, ranging from the mundane (such as traffic or industrial noise to it being a hoax) to the fantastical (such as UFOs or the end of the world). But the opening of a white-coloured portal in the sky is a whole new level of strangeness.

It's a new precedent in bizarre.


Some have suggested that the portal could be a gateway to another dimension or even a parallel universe and why not what does that even look like? Others have suggested that it could be some kind of interdimensional rift, allowing matter and energy to flow between different parts of the universe.

It's all plausible by the way. Please don't just dismiss the fantastical because it's incomprehensible or just because we've not witnessed anything else like that before. This might be the very reason for the terminology of "a rift in time" existing!

Whatever the explanation, the Siberian trumpet sounds video is a fascinating and mysterious event that raises more questions than it answers. As paranormal phenomena continue to capture the public's imagination, we can only hope that more evidence comes to light to help us understand the nature of the universe around us.

We will always find new phenomena because we don't have the full handbook of life.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

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