Japanese Surveying Team Film Unidentified Submerged Object

In a video filmed by a Japanese surveying team on 3rd May 2002 using an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) at 421 Meters down an object unlike anything we've seen before has been spotted.

USO Unidentified Submerged Object off Sanriku coast Japan 2002.

Japan survey team film underwater creature USO 2002.

This unidentified submerged object (USO), was discovered just off Sanriku Japan and is a bizarre-looking, cigar-shaped object that is white and streamlined for speed.


The footage is so incredible that it defies both logic and reason. Just looking at this I thought that's gotta be a fish right because it's in the water. But there's no head and unless it's a mutated fish that doesn't need food or a mouth or nostrils and eyes come to think of it then this is your fish!

The video was only uploaded to YouTube 13 day's ago and it's already racked up 138K views and 4.9K likes. It happened in 2002 and it's as relevant then as it is now.

If it had no eyes and it is a fish then it eats through its behind quarters which is ludicrous so we've got to narrow down the culprit so-to-speak because it's something right?

At first glance, many thought this object could be a large fish. However, on closer inspection, it's clear that this is not the case. The object is completely headless, without any fins or body parts that would indicate it's an animal. Its odd shape, coupled with its white appearance and sleek design, suggests that this is not something found in nature.

  • In 2002, a Japanese surveying team filmed a video using an ROV.
  • The video showed an unidentified submerged object (USO) off Sanriku Japan.
  • The USO is a cigar-shaped object that is white and streamlined for speed.
  • The object is unlike anything seen before.

What is particularly fascinating about this USO sighting is that it appears to be streamlined for speed, like a torpedo yet without anything to propel it forward. This suggests that it's not just some random object floating around in the water but rather something that has been designed specifically for movement and the propulsion is new.

The best comment on this YouTube video which as of now 9:29 pm Friday 5th May 2023 has 711 comments, is one by Kaishi Assassin who says:

Regardless of what it is, the thing to note here is that most of the animals that we have seen at those depths are usually stationary or going with the flow of water, for something alive going at that speed at that depth is truly a first for me and gives credence that this may be something man-made.

The footage has baffled many experts in the field, and theories about what the object could be range from the mundane to the extraordinary. Don't forget that this was filmed 21 years ago! Oh believe me it doesn't feel like it's been 21 year's but that's a long time ago. Some have suggested that it could be an old piece of debris from a long-sunken ship. However, this theory is quickly dismissed due to the object's streamlined design and the lack of rust and corrosion present on the object.

Others speculate that it could be an undiscovered species of animal, but again, the object's lack of any distinguishable body parts makes this theory unlikely.

The most popular theory among those who have seen the footage is that it could be a man-made object, perhaps a type of secret unmanned submarine or even a secret military weapon. However, without more information, it's impossible to say for sure.

Whatever the object is, it's clear that this USO sighting is an incredible discovery that has left scientists and researchers alike pondering the mysteries of the deep. Only time will tell if we will ever unravel the secrets of this strange and fascinating object.

The YouTube video description states:

During a 2002 ROV expedition off Sanriku, Japan, a routine encounter with a squid shows something much more bizarre pass by in the background. It's not possible to tell whether this is a fast-moving animal or freaky fish with no head or some kind of manmade drone/USO (Unidentified Submerged Object).

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