The Best UFO Sightings Footage Ever Caught On Film Or Video

u/riangle UFO Sighting from a shocked eye witness, that is absolutely stunning to look at because of it's unusual looking shape.

I'm updating this post today on the 16th October, 2020. I think I've found probably the best TR3B (easily by far) just by looks alone. I did a fair bit of researching around - going from pillar to post, but in the end I happened upon or stumbled upon (should I say) this excellent TR3B or UFO. In fact it looks like a sci-fi spaceship of some description but, it really was photographed over Island Creek in Pikeville, KY, USA. 15/12/2019. Follow the link here to check it out on Reddit.

Credit u/theappraizer Reddit r/aliens.

As I checked out this video it dawned on me that there's no information at all with the video. I have searched everywhere and I cannot find it posted anywhere, this is why I think it's brand new.

That shouldn't stop us from posting though because as everyone knows, some people don't want to be associated with UFOs.


That's entirely up to them if they don't want to be associated with UFOs because I understand how it can effect your friendships with people and jobs, career prospects and a whole host of people looking at you funny!

But, I will say though that TR3B's are absolutely, definitely real. They was part of Government secret projects and given lots of code names like project Aurora was a definite code name.

Credit Hannah/The Daily Star

That one was a real program with many people believing that technology salvaged from crashed UFOs directly back engineered happened in this "secret program".

The laser, the integrated circuit, microchips, stealth technology to name but a few inventions directly associated with back engineering technology from recovered UFOs.

Although not we're not quitter's, we shall continue to grow this blog. Albeit harder.


Finding the right place to film a UFO is never really going to happen so when it happens you better be ready.

Here's another Triangle UFO which was caught by an onlooker who has been contacted by the Newspaper "The Daily Star":

Hannah is not her real name...

“I immediately got my phone out to take a video because it was unlike anything I had seen before. My initial instinct was that it was a drone. But it was much larger than any drone I have ever seen, around the size of a van.”

After recording the video, Hannah shared the footage with some UFO enthusiasts online. Some suggested that she might have captured a low-flying plane, but Hannah remains unconvinced.

It was recorded over Michigan. You can read that awesome story at the link provided below.

The Best UFO Sightings Footage Ever Caught On Film (in my own words). Triangle UFO spotted over urban area filmed by onlooker:

UFO Video 1 minuet from UFO Sightings Footage on Vimeo.
UFO Video of 1 minuet

Triangle shaped UFOs are always going to be a massive and exciting sight no matter when UFOs are disclosed (for real this time) or Aliens are admitted to because these Triangle shaped crafts look so futuristic and Star Trek like in their design.

The technology is probably back engineered by humans from crashed UFOs. We have the Tic Tac or tumbling UFOs which the US Navy has just admitted to on behalf of the Department of Defence (DoD).

Actually they have disclosed it to the public on behalf of the United States Government but that's just word play.

Source Reference The Daily Star - Hannah.


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  1. This message just said..."Sorry this does not exist". BUT THEY DO EXIST!!

  2. Hi, I am a Brit living in the south-east region of England. I always enjoy seeing photos of UFOs and reading about the circumstances in which they were taken. We too have UFOs on a regular basis, but with typical British reserve we tend not to even bother reporting them, or taking photos. Only occasionally do we get a bit excited if a sighting has been seen by many people...because that proves we are not mad!

    I live in a tiny rural village, six miles from Canterbury, our county town. We have almost no street lighting, so the night sky is always pitch black and ideal for sky watching.

    As my wife is not happy with me smoking indoors I usually walk the 20 yards or so to the open farmland on our doorstep. In the evenings of course the sky is totally black and I stand there mesmerized by planets, stars and the occasional satellite or meteor shower. Having done this for the past 40 years I have also seen many strange UFOs. The most exciting are the ones that travel at great speed, then suddenly change direction, sometimes more than once, without slowing down....absolutely amazing sight. Unfortunately they never come low enough for me to be able to see their size and shape.

    The only encounter I have had with one (if you could even call it an encounter) was on one occasion when I was playing with a new laser pen I had just bought. I was flashing it at some trees to see if I could scare any birds. The birds wouldn't take the bait, so I started waving it around at the sky...suddenly a very large bright red object appeared and then disappeared immediately. It gave me one hell of a fright. Don't know what it was, but I will certainly not be doing that again.

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  4. SO..where is this best ever ufo video??

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