The Endless Loop Of Evolution, Innate Knowledge And The Future

​If you wish to know what gods are, you must look to (our) life’s future; and feast your mind upon a cosmic - infinite - loop paradox. 

If you only look to the past for answers of our origins, you will only find a half - truth; the other rest's in destiny that is yet to unfold and reveal itself. 

If we had evolved by chance and then reorganised ourselves so as to decrease the chaos of chance by any and all means, which would lead us to then approximate a deterministic will out of our inherited innate instincts; this goes even further still until we (everyone), life as a whole, self - organise into a conscious Living whole, a creative superorganism, an actual self-awareness that is dispossessed of any animal body and repossessed in the very environment itself.

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The process of evolution continuously emerges itself such creationary mechanisms in which it eventually becomes the polar opposite to its simplistic and chance supposed origin — to find that life as a whole was its own god, in various stages of its own life cycle.

Life evolved to create, and it created the conditions in which life may yet evolve once more, endlessly cycling through infinity, one cosmos after the next – where did it begin, or did it ever? — Where does it end? Or is that too a paradox?

Human DNA being manipulated on a different level.

This is Eximian metatheism, a superior understanding than all existing religious hypotheses and taking full advantage of the gifts of knowledge granted by modern science.

Whilst we may not believe in any particular god per se, we can see a hypothetical avenue to their emergence from life given a favourable turn of events from the physical factors already in play and therefore does not need to trapeze with unnecessary theological meanderings – but leaving an open door nonetheless to the infinite, where such processes occur endlessly, again and again, overlapping with our cosmos, perhaps having even engendered creation of our cosmos itself; as we may do so in our ultimate destiny for a cosmos yet to be conceived.

This article was originally shared on the living consensus website. I have always had this thought inside my mind but couldn't put it in to words like this so I have added a bit of my understanding to this and what you see is my understanding of the infinite loop paradox! For me, this is thee only answer to everything.

Artist's impression of a black hole.

Black holes are another made from the ending of a race of peoples on a far off planet that was wiped out, died out or came to it's natural end and because there was no-one left to live, feel, see and or witness "their known universe", this in turn created a paradox and a black hole ensued. Here's the best analogy I can think of? If a tree falls in a forest and no-one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? The answer is, well no! It implodes and becomes a paradox which in turn creates a black hole!

An actual image of a real black hole.

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